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Colonial Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1167Saltillo Paddydinkas20068
2163Eastridge Rebels200413
3147Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies20073
4 (tie)145Birmingham Steelers200214
 145Pontotoc County Crusaders20027
6144Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies20021
7 (tie)140Birmingham Steelers200610
 140Deep South Devil Dogs200212
9138Bayou ThunderDawgs20126
10137Saltillo Paddydinkas20109
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
12Dallas Invaders20127
218Rankin County Rebels19996
3 (tie)20Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies201014
 20Pontotoc County Crusaders19996
5 (tie)21Briarwood Rampage200913
 21Briarwood Rampage20109
722Natchez Nasties20026
8 (tie)24Saltillo Paddydinkas20108
 24Eastridge Rebels200813
10 (tie)25Jackson Heights Tigers19996
 25Westwood Rampage201210
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
139Eastridge Rebels200812Birmingham Steelers (39-26)
241Pontotoc County Crusaders200610Brandon Bayou Bengals (41-37)
345Briarwood Rampage20104Brandon Bayou Bengals (45-43)
4 (tie)46Eastridge Rebels20126Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (46-42)
 46Rankin County Rebels200512Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (46-42)
647Brandon Bayou Bengals20047Bizean Cizounters (47-37)
7 (tie)48Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies19993Rankin County Rebels (48-47)
 48Pontotoc County Crusaders200710Brandon Bayou Bengals (48-43)
 48Port St. Joe Panthers19997Coast Rats (48-38)
 48Saltillo Stampede20034Coast Rats (48-44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1128Eastridge Rebels201010Rankin County Rebels (128-132)
2127Saltillo Paddydinkas200616Saltillo Stampede (127-133)
3126Natchez Nasties200412Saltillo Paddydinkas (126-132)
4 (tie)118Saltillo Paddydinkas20024Port St. Joe Panthers (118-125)
 118Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies200214Birmingham Steelers (118-145)
6 (tie)112Pontotoc County Crusaders199913Saltillo Paddydinkas (112-117)
 112Pontotoc County Crusaders200313Saltillo Paddydinkas (112-124)
 112Port St. Joe Panthers200210Jackson Heights Tigers (112-118)
9110Sevierville Tigers201215Birmingham Steelers (110-120)
10 (tie)109Saltillo Paddydinkas199916Birmingham Steelers (109-110)
 109Briarwood Rampage20034Pontotoc County Crusaders (109-115)
 109Briarwood Rampage20071Port St. Joe Panthers (109-126)
 109Coast Rats20048Dallas Invaders (109-114)
 109Port St. Joe Panthers20032Eastridge Rebels (109-111)
Most Combined Points
1263Birmingham Steelers vs Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (145-118)200214
2 (tie)260Rankin County Rebels vs Eastridge Rebels (132-128)201010
 260Saltillo Stampede vs Saltillo Paddydinkas (133-127)200616
4258Saltillo Paddydinkas vs Natchez Nasties (132-126)200412
5253Eastridge Rebels vs Dallas Invaders (163-90)200413
6249Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies vs Bizean Cizounters (144-105)20021
7246Saltillo Paddydinkas vs Brandon Bayou Bengals (167-79)20068
8 (tie)243Port St. Joe Panthers vs Saltillo Paddydinkas (125-118)20024
 243Saltillo Paddydinkas vs Port St. Joe Panthers (135-108)200314
10242Pontotoc County Crusaders vs Saltillo Paddydinkas (134-108)200413
Fewest Combined Points
165Eastridge Rebels vs Birmingham Steelers (39-26)200812
2 (tie)76Port St. Joe Panthers vs Pontotoc County Crusaders (56-20)19996
 76Birmingham Steelers vs Saltillo Stampede (50-26)200813
477Saltillo Stampede vs Rankin County Rebels (59-18)19996
578Pontotoc County Crusaders vs Brandon Bayou Bengals (41-37)200610
679Bizean Cizounters vs Briarwood Rampage (58-21)200913
780Coast Rats vs Eastridge Rebels (52-28)20006
882Dallas Invaders vs Eastridge Rebels (58-24)200813
983Brandon Bayou Bengals vs Jackson Heights Tigers (58-25)19996
1084Brandon Bayou Bengals vs Bizean Cizounters (47-37)20047
Victory Margin
1108Saltillo Stampede200210Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (135-27)
299Pontotoc County Crusaders20027Rankin County Rebels (145-46)
398Dallas Invaders200213Eastridge Rebels (131-33)
490Bayou ThunderDawgs20126Saltillo Paddydinkas (138-48)
588Saltillo Paddydinkas20068Brandon Bayou Bengals (167-79)
6 (tie)87Saltillo Paddydinkas20076Briarwood Rampage (133-46)
 87Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies20073Rankin County Rebels (147-60)
884Jackson Heights Tigers20007Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (114-30)
983Tunica River Kings20127Dallas Invaders (85-2)
10 (tie)80Saltillo Paddydinkas20109Natchez Nasties (137-57)
 80Pontotoc County Crusaders200912Dallas Invaders (108-28)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Saltillo Paddydinkas20034Port St. Joe Panthers (101-100)
 1Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies19993Rankin County Rebels (48-47)
 1Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies200013Coast Rats (74-73)
 1Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies20124Rankin County Rebels (75-74)
 1Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies20106Dallas Invaders (79-78)
 1Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies200810Saltillo Stampede (92-91)
 1Birmingham Steelers20036Bizean Cizounters (69-68)
 1Birmingham Steelers20044Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (70-69)
 1Birmingham Steelers200515Saltillo Stampede (94-93)
 1Birmingham Steelers199916Saltillo Paddydinkas (110-109)
 1Bizean Cizounters20106Birmingham Steelers (77-76)
 1Briarwood Rampage20083Deep South Devil Dogs (75-74)
 1Briarwood Rampage20031Port St. Joe Panthers (97-96)
 1Briarwood Rampage200811Bizean Cizounters (97-96)
 1Coast Rats200613Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (62-61)
 1Coast Rats201211Saltillo Stampede (76-75)
 1Deep South Devil Dogs200711Coast Rats (64-63)
 1Deep South Devil Dogs200111Coast Rats (82-81)
 1Eastridge Rebels20055Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (59-58)
 1Eastridge Rebels20109Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (63-62)
 1Eastridge Rebels20008Baton Rouge Bayou Bookies (73-72)
 1Eastridge Rebels20095Birmingham Steelers (75-74)
 1Eastridge Rebels20003Birmingham Steelers (83-82)
 1Jackson Heights Tigers20058Briarwood Rampage (93-92)
 1Pontotoc County Crusaders20061Natchez Nasties (88-87)
 1Port St. Joe Panthers20051Briarwood Rampage (98-97)
 1Rankin County Rebels201013Brandon Bayou Bengals (79-78)
 1Saltillo Stampede20021Eastridge Rebels (87-86)
 1Saltillo Stampede20105Bizean Cizounters (97-96)
 1Sevierville Tigers20121Bizean Cizounters (69-68)

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