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The Bar Stool Quarterbacks FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1302.35The Marauders20204
2286.6Taking Care of My Chicken20215
3278.8The Scorpions20211
4275.4The Scorpions20214
5269.6The Landsharks20189
7266.05NorCal Broncos200610
8265.95Jalapeno Poppers201812
9265.55Stiff Sock20147
10265.2Stay Thirsty!201414
11262.75The Reapers20071
12261.45The Scorpions20153
13260.95Stiff Sock201811
14260.45Stay Thirsty!20184
15258.7Mann of Steel20199
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
162.9The Reapers20081
263.5Natural Porn Hustla20075
364.05Charred Walls of the Damned20063
464.15The Hitmen200910
564.4Cheech & Chong20102
669.3Natural Porn Hustla200615
770.4Charred Walls of the Damned200710
871.65The Scorpions200716
972.05Natural Porn Hustla200617
1072.35Riders on the Storm20096
1173.95The Hitmen20176
1275.95King's Marine Sucks!20117
1378.7Charred Walls of the Damned200917
1478.8The Landsharks201316
1579.1Charred Walls of the Damned20086
Most Combined Points
1506.9The Bristol Bloods vs The Scorpions (255.05-251.85)201414
2496.25The Marauders vs BuckShots (302.35-193.9)20204
3472.55Mann of Steel vs Stay Thirsty! (258.7-213.85)20199
4472.4Jalapeno Poppers vs BuckShots (265.95-206.45)201812
5471.15Stiff Sock vs The Scorpions (265.55-205.6)20147
6470.1Stay Thirsty! vs Stiff Sock (265.2-204.9)201414
7467.2Stay Thirsty! vs BuckShots (245.15-222.05)201515
8462.55BuckShots vs The Scorpions (268.3-194.25)20215
9458.2The Landsharks vs Mann of Steel (244.55-213.65)201811
10456.75BuckShots vs Stay Thirsty! (231-225.75)201216
11452.6Stay Thirsty! vs The Hitmen (246.7-205.9)20201
12447.85The Marauders vs BuckShots (257.15-190.7)20212
13446.7Stiff Sock vs The Reapers (227-219.7)20184
14444.7BuckShots vs The Marauders (232.65-212.05)201911
15444.15Jalapeno Poppers vs Stiff Sock (237.7-206.45)201914
Victory Margin
1162.25Taking Care of My Chicken20215The Hitmen (286.6-124.35)
2160.05NorCal Broncos200610Stiff Sock (266.05-106)
3157.85The Scorpions20214Natural Porn Hustla (275.4-117.55)
4153.65The Landsharks20189The Hitmen (269.6-115.95)
5146.05Natural Porn Hustla201714The Hitmen (225.35-79.3)
6 (tie)132.75The Reapers20071Riders on the Storm (262.75-130)
 132.75The Scorpions20211The Hitmen (278.8-146.05)
8129.35The Scorpions20153The Bristol Bloods (261.45-132.1)
9128.95NorCal Broncos20096The Scorpions (233.9-104.95)
10126.1The Reapers200615Natural Porn Hustla (195.4-69.3)
11119.55Jalapeno Poppers20207The Marauders (200.05-80.5)
12115.5Stiff Sock201311The Scorpions (215.25-99.75)
13115.45The Landsharks20131Stay Thirsty! (233.6-118.15)
14114.2BuckShots20129The Reapers (245-130.8)
15112.95The Scorpions20144The Bristol Bloods (208.2-95.25)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
192.9NorCal Broncos20075Riders on the Storm (92.9-83)
2103.65Natural Porn Hustla201014The Reapers (103.65-99.7)
3105.35Stay Thirsty!201016King's Marine Sucks! (105.35-82.85)
4106.1The Reapers20065Riders on the Storm (106.1-99)
5109.9Natural Porn Hustla20107Stiff Sock (109.9-101.25)
6110.55Natural Porn Hustla20089Charred Walls of the Damned (110.55-88.2)
7110.8Stiff Sock20074NorCal Broncos (110.8-109.8)
8112.85Natural Porn Hustla200816Stiff Sock (112.85-111.8)
9113.15Riders on the Storm200817NorCal Broncos (113.15-112.05)
10114.65Ebonics200914Riders on the Storm (114.65-107.45)
11114.85Stiff Sock20068Natural Porn Hustla (114.85-101.75)
12115.6The Scorpions200817The Hitmen (115.6-112.85)
13116.75Charred Walls of the Damned20084The Hitmen (116.75-99.15)
14118.4NorCal Broncos201012King's Marine Sucks! (118.4-108.9)
15118.45The Landsharks20175The Hitmen (118.45-110.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1251.85The Scorpions201414The Bristol Bloods (251.85-255.05)
2225.75Stay Thirsty!201216BuckShots (225.75-231)
3222.05BuckShots201515Stay Thirsty! (222.05-245.15)
4220.55The Landsharks202114Stiff Sock (220.55-221.15)
5219.7The Reapers20184Stiff Sock (219.7-227)
6213.85Stay Thirsty!20199Mann of Steel (213.85-258.7)
7213.65Mann of Steel201811The Landsharks (213.65-244.55)
8212.05The Marauders201911BuckShots (212.05-232.65)
9209.75Stay Thirsty!20159The Bristol Bloods (209.75-221.25)
10209.3Natural Porn Hustla201410Stay Thirsty! (209.3-212.95)
11207.15Stiff Sock20207The Landsharks (207.15-216.5)
12207The Landsharks20182Stiff Sock (207-218.85)
13206.65Natural Porn Hustla20189Jalapeno Poppers (206.65-209.3)
14 (tie)206.45Stiff Sock201914Jalapeno Poppers (206.45-237.7)
 206.45BuckShots201812Jalapeno Poppers (206.45-265.95)
Fewest Combined Points
1175.9NorCal Broncos vs Riders on the Storm (92.9-83)20075
2188.2Stay Thirsty! vs King's Marine Sucks! (105.35-82.85)201016
3192.3Stiff Sock vs The Scorpions (120.65-71.65)200716
4194.4The Hitmen vs Natural Porn Hustla (122.35-72.05)200617
5195.8The Scorpions vs Charred Walls of the Damned (125.4-70.4)200710
6196.25Stay Thirsty! vs Cheech & Chong (131.85-64.4)20102
7198.75Natural Porn Hustla vs Charred Walls of the Damned (110.55-88.2)20089
8201The Scorpions vs The Landsharks (122.2-78.8)201316
9201.55Riders on the Storm vs The Reapers (138.65-62.9)20081
10203.35Natural Porn Hustla vs The Reapers (103.65-99.7)201014
11204.05The Scorpions vs Natural Porn Hustla (140.55-63.5)20075
12205.1The Reapers vs Riders on the Storm (106.1-99)20065
13210.75The Hitmen vs Riders on the Storm (127.85-82.9)200717
14211.15Natural Porn Hustla vs Stiff Sock (109.9-101.25)20107
15211.2The Scorpions vs The Reapers (120.75-90.45)20061
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Mann of Steel20076The Reapers (178-177.9)
 0.10Cheech & Chong20147The Bristol Bloods (130.75-130.65)
3 (tie)0.20Mann of Steel201412Stay Thirsty! (161.45-161.25)
 0.20The Landsharks202115BuckShots (150.2-150)
50.25The Scorpions20087Stiff Sock (132.85-132.6)
6 (tie)0.35The Hitmen20076Riders on the Storm (132.55-132.2)
 0.35BuckShots20216The Landsharks (157.75-157.4)
80.40The Hitmen201914The Scorpions (180.7-180.3)
90.45BuckShots201510Stiff Sock (157.95-157.5)
100.55BuckShots20189The Reapers (174.75-174.2)
11 (tie)0.60Stiff Sock202114The Landsharks (221.15-220.55)
 0.60The Scorpions201614Stay Thirsty! (161.55-160.95)
 0.60Ebonics20069The Reapers (157.85-157.25)
140.65Natural Porn Hustla201513The Reapers (196.25-195.6)
15 (tie)0.75The Scorpions200815The Reapers (135.5-134.75)
 0.75The Scorpions200916Natural Porn Hustla (145.6-144.85)

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