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Oregon Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1197Trailer Park Xpress201010
2195Texas Tornadoes20112
3192Miami Sharks201313
4182Old Mac Mules200611
5 (tie)181Miami Sharks201314
 181Trailer Park Cowboys20067
7179Trailer Park Xpress200914
8177Little Pine Loons200116
9 (tie)172Carolina Waverunners20131
 172Miami Sharks20118
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
12Miami Sharks199610
25Hicksville Hobos199615
3 (tie)6Texas Tornadoes19968
 6Miami Sharks19963
59Toadhollar Terrors19964
611Rio Thunderbolts199610
712Toadhollar Terrors199612
813Notre Dame Bulldogs199612
914Hicksville Hobos19961
10 (tie)15Rio Thunderbolts199611
 15Jerusalem Overcomers19966
 15Mound City Professors199811
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
117Rio Thunderbolts19964Jerusalem Overcomers (17-16)
2 (tie)21Rio Thunderbolts19968Texas Tornadoes (21-6)
 21Jerusalem Overcomers19961Hicksville Hobos (21-14)
422Maryville Studs199612Hicksville Hobos (22-21)
525Catonsville Tigers199616Jerusalem Overcomers (25-18)
6 (tie)26Toadhollar Terrors199611Texas Tornadoes (26-23)
 26Maryville Studs199613Jerusalem Overcomers (26-17)
8 (tie)27Miami Sharks199612Rio Thunderbolts (27-26)
 27Hicksville Hobos199613Notre Dame Bulldogs (27-23)
1029Notre Dame Bulldogs19968Curzon Cougars (29-23)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1145Salem Juggernauts201216Texas Tornadoes (145-149)
2144Carolina Waverunners20125Philly Phantoms (144-157)
3132Oklahoma Outlaws20131Carolina Waverunners (132-172)
4131Jerusalem Overcomers200613Four Aces (131-133)
5130Miami Sharks20112Raging Divas (130-134)
6129Oklahoma Outlaws20139Gotham Ghouls (129-131)
7128Oklahoma Outlaws200914Trailer Park Xpress (128-179)
8 (tie)125Texas Tornadoes201116Salem Juggernauts (125-126)
 125KC Freight Trains200910Oklahoma Outlaws (125-130)
 125Trailer Park Cowboys20041Bakersfield Bandits (125-134)
 125Catonsville Tigers201314Miami Sharks (125-181)
 125Blitzburgh Penguins20124Missouri Wildcats (125-128)
 125Oklahoma Outlaws20114KC Freight Trains (125-158)
Most Combined Points
1308Texas Tornadoes vs Salem Juggernauts (195-113)20112
2307Trailer Park Xpress vs Oklahoma Outlaws (179-128)200914
3306Miami Sharks vs Catonsville Tigers (181-125)201314
4304Carolina Waverunners vs Oklahoma Outlaws (172-132)20131
5302Trailer Park Xpress vs Blitzburgh Penguins (197-105)201010
6301Philly Phantoms vs Carolina Waverunners (157-144)20125
7298Miami Sharks vs Gotham Ghouls (192-106)201313
8294Texas Tornadoes vs Salem Juggernauts (149-145)201216
9286Old Mac Mules vs Oregon Panthers (182-104)200611
10283KC Freight Trains vs Oklahoma Outlaws (158-125)20114
Fewest Combined Points
127Rio Thunderbolts vs Texas Tornadoes (21-6)19968
233Rio Thunderbolts vs Jerusalem Overcomers (17-16)19964
335Jerusalem Overcomers vs Hicksville Hobos (21-14)19961
4 (tie)43Maryville Studs vs Hicksville Hobos (22-21)199612
 43Maryville Studs vs Jerusalem Overcomers (26-17)199613
 43Catonsville Tigers vs Jerusalem Overcomers (25-18)199616
744Jerusalem Overcomers vs Hicksville Hobos (39-5)199615
846Catonsville Tigers vs Toadhollar Terrors (34-12)199612
948Texas Tornadoes vs Notre Dame Bulldogs (35-13)199612
1049Toadhollar Terrors vs Texas Tornadoes (26-23)199611
Victory Margin
1119Little Pine Loons200116KC Freight Trains (177-58)
2107Trailer Park Cowboys20053Oregon Panthers (171-64)
3105Texas Tornadoes20034Miami Sharks (126-21)
4 (tie)103Texas Tornadoes20012Forest City Bobcats (134-31)
 103Old Mac Mules200513South Washington Sentinels (136-33)
 103KC Freight Trains200511South Washington Sentinels (153-50)
797Oregon Panthers20066Carolina Waverunners (156-59)
896Little Pine Loons200015Texas Tornadoes (142-46)
9 (tie)92KC Freight Trains200714Four Aces (161-69)
 92Trailer Park Xpress201010Blitzburgh Penguins (197-105)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Old Mac Mules20058KC Freight Trains (58-57)
 1Four Aces20077Oregon Panthers (74-73)
 1Four Aces20058Miami Sharks (80-79)
 1Four Aces20063Jerusalem Overcomers (85-84)
 1Miami Sharks199612Rio Thunderbolts (27-26)
 1Miami Sharks19962Curzon Cougars (56-55)
 1Miami Sharks200912South Washington Sentinels (86-85)
 1Miami Sharks20021Trailer Park Cowboys (93-92)
 1KC Freight Trains200314Jerusalem Overcomers (95-94)
 1Oregon Panthers200510Four Aces (64-63)
 1Oregon Panthers20064Texas Tornadoes (85-84)
 1Oregon Panthers20079Carolina Waverunners (95-94)
 1Oregon Panthers200110Trailer Park Cowboys (100-99)
 1Rio Thunderbolts19964Jerusalem Overcomers (17-16)
 1Rio Thunderbolts200414Trailer Park Cowboys (76-75)
 1Rio Thunderbolts20022Parsons Powderpuffs (83-82)
 1Rio Thunderbolts20011Little Pine Loons (91-90)
 1Curzon Cougars199613Toadhollar Terrors (36-35)
 1Curzon Cougars19997Texas Tornadoes (67-66)
 1Jerusalem Overcomers19972Miami Sharks (48-47)
 1Jerusalem Overcomers20018Forest City Bobcats (86-85)
 1Catonsville Tigers20126Gotham Ghouls (87-86)
 1Maryville Studs199612Hicksville Hobos (22-21)
 1Meadows Muffins199911Miami Sharks (96-95)
 1Philly Phantoms201210Oklahoma Outlaws (114-113)
 1Philly Phantoms201012Missouri Wildcats (116-115)
 1Raging Divas20128Salem Juggernauts (84-83)
 1Blitzburgh Penguins20114Philly Phantoms (103-102)
 1Salem Juggernauts201116Texas Tornadoes (126-125)
 1Oklahoma Outlaws20136Miami Sharks (118-117)

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