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Martin Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1177.5Niner's Neon Nemesis201010
2169Film's Fanatics201414
3159.5Blake Nation201217
4159Ron's Rebels201413
5158.5Blake Nation20159
6157.5Brad's Boozers20148
7154.5Silver Bullets20112
8152.5Brad's Boozers20139
9151Ron's Rebels201110
10149Kardiac Kids20129
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Silver Bullets200913
214Silver Bullets20086
317Chris's Big Johnsons200914
423Weber's Wildboys200813
5 (tie)24Niner's Neon Nemesis20081
 24Blake Nation20077
724.5Film's Fanatics20135
825Ron's Rebels20089
9 (tie)26Chris's Big Johnsons200811
 26Silver Bullets20156
 26Martin's Marauders20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10Blake Nation20131Kardiac Kids (0-0) TB
233Weber's Wildboys20074Martin's Marauders (33-30)
337Ankle Biters200810Brad's Boozers (37-34)
4 (tie)38Mike's Maulers20075Pedal Heads (38-34)
 38Silver Bullets20075Martin's Marauders (38-26)
639Ankle Biters20081Pedal Heads (39-28)
740Film's Fanatics20083Brad's Boozers (40-27)
843Bob's Bulldogs200813Film's Fanatics (43-33)
9 (tie)44Bob's Bulldogs200710Niner's Neon Nemesis (44-39)
 44Silver Bullets20088Pedal Heads (44-40)
 44Martin's Marauders20079The Dukes (44-27)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1 (tie)128.5Ron's Rebels201217Blake Nation (128.5-159.5)
 128.5Brad's Boozers20112Silver Bullets (128.5-154.5)
3116Bernie's Boyz20159Niner's Neon Nemesis (116-117)
4115Bernie's Boyz201316Brad's Boozers (115-116)
5114Silver Bullets201212Niner's Neon Nemesis (114-114.5)
6 (tie)113Mike's Maulers20109Weber's Wildboys (113-122.5)
 113Bob's Bulldogs20139Weber's Wildboys (113-140.5)
8 (tie)110.5Blake Nation201412Niner's Neon Nemesis (110.5-139.5)
 110.5Blake Nation20153Niner's Neon Nemesis (110.5-140)
10110Niner's Neon Nemesis201211Kardiac Kids (110-124.5)
Most Combined Points
1288Blake Nation vs Ron's Rebels (159.5-128.5)201217
2283Silver Bullets vs Brad's Boozers (154.5-128.5)20112
3261Niner's Neon Nemesis vs Silver Bullets (177.5-83.5)201010
4253.5Weber's Wildboys vs Bob's Bulldogs (140.5-113)20139
5252Ron's Rebels vs Ankle Biters (151-101)201110
6 (tie)250.5Niner's Neon Nemesis vs Blake Nation (140-110.5)20153
 250.5Ankle Biters vs Niner's Neon Nemesis (145.5-105)201115
8250Niner's Neon Nemesis vs Blake Nation (139.5-110.5)201412
9249Brad's Boozers vs Niner's Neon Nemesis (157.5-91.5)20148
10248Film's Fanatics vs Blake Nation (169-79)201414
Fewest Combined Points
163Weber's Wildboys vs Martin's Marauders (33-30)20074
264Silver Bullets vs Martin's Marauders (38-26)20075
3 (tie)67Ankle Biters vs Pedal Heads (39-28)20081
 67Film's Fanatics vs Brad's Boozers (40-27)20083
569Chris's Big Johnsons vs Weber's Wildboys (46-23)200813
6 (tie)71Ankle Biters vs Brad's Boozers (37-34)200810
 71Martin's Marauders vs The Dukes (44-27)20079
8 (tie)72Mike's Maulers vs The Dukes (45-27)200710
 72Mike's Maulers vs Pedal Heads (38-34)20075
10 (tie)75Mike's Maulers vs Silver Bullets (61-14)20086
 75Ankle Biters vs Silver Bullets (75-0)200913
 75The Dukes vs Blake Nation (51-24)20077
Victory Margin
1100.5Weber's Wildboys20156Silver Bullets (126.5-26)
298.5Brad's Boozers20139Kardiac Kids (152.5-54)
3 (tie)94.5Ron's Rebels201413Bernie's Boyz (159-64.5)
 94.5Niner's Neon Nemesis201012Weber's Wildboys (147-52.5)
594Niner's Neon Nemesis201010Silver Bullets (177.5-83.5)
690Film's Fanatics201414Blake Nation (169-79)
781.5Ron's Rebels20106Bob's Bulldogs (141.5-60)
877Blake Nation20138Kardiac Kids (118-41)
976Niner's Neon Nemesis20102Ankle Biters (139.5-63.5)
10 (tie)75.5Bob's Bulldogs20126Chris's Big Johnsons (120-44.5)
 75.5Ankle Biters201017Pedal Heads (126.5-51)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50Mike's Maulers20127Kardiac Kids (81-80.5)
 0.50Bob's Bulldogs20114Pedal Heads (109-108.5)
 0.50Niner's Neon Nemesis201214Spongebob's Bombers (91-90.5)
 0.50Niner's Neon Nemesis201212Silver Bullets (114.5-114)
 0.50Blake Nation20139Mike's Maulers (75-74.5)
 0.50Ankle Biters20104Brad's Boozers (90-89.5)
 0.50Film's Fanatics20109Bob's Bulldogs (55-54.5)
 0.50Film's Fanatics201514Blake Nation (105.5-105)
 0.50Weber's Wildboys20138Ron's Rebels (102.5-102)
 0.50Brad's Boozers20156Bob's Bulldogs (88-87.5)

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