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Elite League of the BFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1167Troy Road Dogs20053
2162Dayton Road Dogs20114
3161San Diego Seadogs201114
4152Troy Road Dogs20082
5150Motor City Mafioso20092
6149San Antonio Scorpions200413
7146San Antonio Scorpions20098
8144Milwaukee Madmen20043
9143San Antonio Scorpions20092
10 (tie)142Troy Road Dogs20072
 142Motor City Mafioso201010
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)-15Austin Outlaws20089
 -15San Diego Seadogs20098
3 (tie)0Richmond Texicans20051
 0Austin Outlaws200513
 0Milwaukee Madmen20052
 0Milwaukee Madmen20057
 0Milwaukee Madmen200512
 0Milwaukee Madmen200513
 0Texas Cavalry200910
108South Korea Dragon Kings20037
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)38Houma Hawks200510Austin Outlaws (38-25)
 38Houma Sugarwood Shakers20066San Antonio Scorpions (38-37)
341Texas Tornadoes20016Corpus Christi Sharks (41-38)
442San Antonio Scorpions200312Austin Outlaws (42-41)
543Swamp City Citrus O's20033South Korea Dragon Kings (43-26)
6 (tie)45San Antonio Scorpions200113New York Legends (45-37)
 45New York Reiters200312Austin Outlaws (45-41)
 45Corpus Christi Sharks200113Richmond Texicans (45-38)
 45Swamp City Citrus O's20044San Diego Seadogs (45-35)
1047Texas Bushmasters200912Washington Womprats (47-46)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1122Richmond Texicans201114San Diego Seadogs (122-161)
2117Washington Womprats20107Michigan Militia (117-121)
3115Texas Bushmasters201112Houma Sugarwood Shakers (115-120)
4110Texas Bushmasters201015Motor City Mafioso (110-117)
5 (tie)109Troy Road Dogs20066Washington Womprats (109-114)
 109Texas Bushmasters20066San Diego Seadogs (109-133)
7 (tie)107Troy Road Dogs200812Texas Cavalry (107-114)
 107San Antonio Scorpions20124Motor City Mafioso (107-108)
9105Richmond Texicans200914San Antonio Scorpions (105-122)
10 (tie)104Texas Cavalry20076Washington Womprats (104-114)
 104San Jose Mudskippers201011Houma Hawks (104-133)
Most Combined Points
1283San Diego Seadogs vs Richmond Texicans (161-122)201114
2253Troy Road Dogs vs Texas Cavalry (152-101)20082
3 (tie)242San Diego Seadogs vs Texas Bushmasters (133-109)20066
 242Washington Womprats vs Swamp City Citrus O's (141-101)200313
5240San Antonio Scorpions vs Motor City Mafioso (140-100)200915
6238Michigan Militia vs Washington Womprats (121-117)20107
7237Houma Hawks vs San Jose Mudskippers (133-104)201011
8236Milwaukee Madmen vs Troy Road Dogs (144-92)20043
9235Houma Sugarwood Shakers vs Texas Bushmasters (120-115)201112
10 (tie)233San Antonio Scorpions vs Austin Outlaws (149-84)200413
 233Philadelphia Fusion vs Texas Bushmasters (138-95)20129
Fewest Combined Points
134Seoul Xtreme vs Austin Outlaws (49--15)20089
248San Diego Seadogs vs Austin Outlaws (48-0)200513
357Houma Hawks vs San Diego Seadogs (72--15)20098
462Texas Bushmasters vs Texas Cavalry (62-0)200910
563Houma Hawks vs Austin Outlaws (38-25)200510
669Swamp City Citrus O's vs South Korea Dragon Kings (43-26)20033
773San Antonio Scorpions vs Milwaukee Madmen (73-0)200513
875Houma Sugarwood Shakers vs San Antonio Scorpions (38-37)20066
976Richmond Texicans vs Coastal Georgia Rat Bastards (57-19)20065
1078New York Reiters vs Austin Outlaws (53-25)20029
Victory Margin
1128Lorn Cows200513Milwaukee Madmen (128-0)
2126Troy Road Dogs20053Milwaukee Madmen (167-41)
3105Motor City Mafioso20114San Diego Seadogs (141-36)
4103Dayton Road Dogs20114West Chester Bandits (162-59)
597Washington Womprats200313South Texas Javelinas (141-44)
695Richmond Texicans200512Milwaukee Madmen (95-0)
794Cleveland White Russians200513Austin Outlaws (94-0)
8 (tie)92Troy Road Dogs200711Texas Cavalry (135-43)
 92Cleveland White Russians20052Milwaukee Madmen (92-0)
1090Washington Womprats20049Northern Kentucky Rat Bastards (125-35)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Troy Road Dogs20024Houma Dead Drunks (64-63)
 1Troy Road Dogs20089San Antonio Scorpions (82-81)
 1Philadelphia Fusion20027New York Reiters (64-63)
 1Philadelphia Fusion20052Washington Womprats (70-69)
 1Houma Hawks20065Lorn Cows (50-49)
 1Houma Hawks201213West Chester Bandits (94-93)
 1West Chester Bandits20059Richmond Texicans (48-47)
 1West Chester Bandits20126Lorn Cows (73-72)
 1West Chester Bandits20057Lorn Cows (85-84)
 1San Jose Mudskippers20049Houma Hawks (64-63)
 1Motor City Mafioso20124San Antonio Scorpions (108-107)
 1Houma Sugarwood Shakers20066San Antonio Scorpions (38-37)
 1Houma Sugarwood Shakers20076Richmond Texicans (61-60)
 1Houma Sugarwood Shakers20067San Diego Seadogs (69-68)
 1Houma Sugarwood Shakers20065Austin Outlaws (70-69)
 1Richmond Texicans20038Philadelphia Fusion (70-69)
 1Austin Outlaws20027Swamp City Citrus O's (68-67)
 1Austin Outlaws201012Washington Womprats (70-69)
 1Austin Outlaws200313Troy Road Dogs (78-77)
 1San Antonio Scorpions200312Austin Outlaws (42-41)
 1San Antonio Scorpions20063Austin Outlaws (79-78)
 1San Diego Seadogs20077San Jose Mudskippers (64-63)
 1San Diego Seadogs200312Cleveland White Russians (69-68)
 1San Diego Seadogs200812West Chester Bandits (78-77)
 1Coastal Georgia Rat Bastards20061San Jose Mudskippers (80-79)
 1Northern Kentucky Rat Bastards200411Swamp City Citrus O's (57-56)
 1Milwaukee Madmen200510San Jose Mudskippers (64-63)
 1Milwaukee Madmen200313Cleveland White Russians (70-69)
 1Milwaukee Madmen200413Northern Kentucky Rat Bastards (74-73)
 1Tulsa Tyrants200214Richmond Texicans (57-56)

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