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Twelve Angry Men Fantasy League (12AM-2) Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1187.95Broadway Fries200711
2177.85Broadway Fries20073
3171.83Philly Poolboys201414
4165.55Team ArSeNaL20077
6158.1Mangy Moose Jr.200711
7155.4Team Bottles20159
9153.5Broadway Fries20076
10153.22Guido Allstars200915
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Cox Suckers20078
233Hebrew Hammers201015
338Philly Poolboys201312
441.7Texas Rangers20094
541.77Arners Army201416
643Team Bottles201010
743.34Texas Rangers20109
846.06Mangy Moose Jr.20125
946.24Philly Poolboys201013
1046.78Mangy Moose Sr.20115
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
164.27Chill20158Danomites (64.27-62.43)
265.48Mangy Moose Jr.20128Danomites (65.48-59.18)
367.1Cox Suckers20145Arners Army (67.1-56.07)
467.4Texas Rangers201312Philly Poolboys (67.4-38)
567.86Mangy Moose Sr.20118Cox Suckers (67.86-56.34)
669.8Chill20127Texas Rangers (69.8-61.56)
770Mangy Moose Jr.20136Philly Poolboys (70-69.37)
870.03Mangy Moose Jr.20144Mangy Moose Sr. (70.03-49.1)
970.2Danomites201312Mangy Moose Jr. (70.2-68.43)
1071.4Cox Suckers201416Arners Army (71.4-41.77)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1141.65Mangy Moose Jr.200712Dem Birds (141.65-152.8)
2139.45Cox Suckers20073Team ArSeNaL (139.45-149.45)
3138.43Danomites20159Team Bottles (138.43-155.4)
4132.47North Dallas Forte201312Arners Army (132.47-138.73)
5131.65Mangy Moose Jr.20076Team Bottles (131.65-141.2)
6131.56Chill20126Arners Army (131.56-139.72)
7130.75Matthew Stade Meyer's Team20072Cox Suckers (130.75-134.2)
8130.4Team Bottles20148Chill (130.4-154.7)
9126.5Philly Poolboys20072Team Bottles (126.5-131.85)
10125.25Mangy Moose Jr.200710Cox Suckers (125.25-138.65)
Most Combined Points
1294.45Dem Birds vs Mangy Moose Jr. (152.8-141.65)200712
2293.83Team Bottles vs Danomites (155.4-138.43)20159
3288.9Team ArSeNaL vs Cox Suckers (149.45-139.45)20073
4285.1Chill vs Team Bottles (154.7-130.4)20148
5279.75Broadway Fries vs Matthew Stade Meyer's Team (177.85-101.9)20073
6278.35Mangy Moose Jr. vs Texas Rangers (158.1-120.25)200711
7277.5Team ArSeNaL vs Team Bottles (165.55-111.95)20077
8272.85Team Bottles vs Mangy Moose Jr. (141.2-131.65)20076
9271.28Arners Army vs Chill (139.72-131.56)20126
10 (tie)271.2Arners Army vs North Dallas Forte (138.73-132.47)201312
 271.2Broadway Fries vs Texas Rangers (149.75-121.45)20072
Fewest Combined Points
1105.4Texas Rangers vs Philly Poolboys (67.4-38)201312
2113.17Cox Suckers vs Arners Army (71.4-41.77)201416
3119.13Mangy Moose Jr. vs Mangy Moose Sr. (70.03-49.1)20144
4119.74North Dallas Forte vs North Dallas Forte (59.87-59.87)201316
5122.74Mangy Moose Jr. vs Cox Suckers (72.17-50.57)201310
6122.8Broadway Fries vs Cox Suckers (122.8-0)20078
7123.17Cox Suckers vs Arners Army (67.1-56.07)20145
8124.2Mangy Moose Sr. vs Cox Suckers (67.86-56.34)20118
9124.27Team Bottles vs Mangy Moose Sr. (75.87-48.4)201415
10124.66Mangy Moose Jr. vs Danomites (65.48-59.18)20128
Victory Margin
1122.8Broadway Fries20078Cox Suckers (122.8-0)
2119.16Philly Poolboys201414Arners Army (171.83-52.67)
3114.05Broadway Fries200711Dem Birds (187.95-73.9)
498.04North Dallas Forte20101Arners Army (150.02-51.98)
592.88Texas Rangers201014Hebrew Hammers (140.72-47.84)
692.66Danomites20126North Dallas Forte (161.38-68.72)
792.16Philly Poolboys201015Hebrew Hammers (125.16-33)
883.24Chill20133Philly Poolboys (143.07-59.83)
983.16Philly Poolboys200912Guido Allstars (143.96-60.8)
1076.28Chill20097Cox Suckers (143.12-66.84)
Least Victory Margin
10.14Texas Rangers20091Broadway Fries (99.26-99.12)
20.30Mangy Moose Sr.201314Danomites (107.53-107.23)
30.43Arners Army20137Cox Suckers (85.73-85.3)
40.63Mangy Moose Jr.20136Philly Poolboys (70-69.37)
50.64Arners Army201315Mangy Moose Sr. (102.67-102.03)
60.70North Dallas Forte20119Texas Rangers (95.86-95.16)
70.80North Dallas Forte201413Chill (83.57-82.77)
80.83Mangy Moose Sr.20147North Dallas Forte (116.63-115.8)
91.03Team Bottles20135Danomites (77.5-76.47)
101.18Arners Army201012Franchise Playa (122.72-121.54)

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