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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1291.6Guido's Boys20201
2288.7Kardiac Kids20192
3286Dawg Pound200315
4275.975Dawg Pound201414
5275Popop's Warriors200412
6269.05Guido's Boys20207
8267Dawg Pound200213
9266.75Gio's Hawgs201616
10 (tie)265Rabid Dawgs20184
 265RED CUPS200210
12262.075Rabid Dawgs20202
13261.275Dawg Pound201315
14261Rabid Dawgs200415
15259.05Dawg Pound202015
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Gio's Hawgs20211
235.45Guido's Boys20096
355.4RED CUPS20082
456.95Dawg Pound20089
559.77Gio's Hawgs20057
665.125Gio's Hawgs200712
765.85BJ's Warriors20118
866.95Gio's Hawgs200910
967Gio's Hawgs20097
1067.6Gio's Hawgs200813
1168.525Gio's Hawgs201013
1269.95Popop's Warriors200811
1371.975Dawg Pound201011
1472.8Gio's Hawgs20179
1572.95Gio's Hawgs202114
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
191.56Kardiac Kids20087Dawg Pound (91.56-85.92)
294.65RED CUPS200810Dawg Pound (94.65-80.15)
396.35Gio's Hawgs20084Kordelz Boyz (96.35-74.88)
497.95RED CUPS20081Dawg Pound (97.95-97.6)
599.65Big Slickers201013Guido's Boys (99.65-91.375)
6100.25Gio's Hawgs201012Dawg Pound (100.25-98.375)
7100.43Kordelz Boyz20086RED CUPS (100.43-98.28)
8100.45Dawg Pound200813Gio's Hawgs (100.45-67.6)
9101.025Kardiac Kids201010Dawg Pound (101.025-76.15)
10101.7Dawg Pound20083RED CUPS (101.7-93.98)
11102.45Guido's Boys200811Popop's Warriors (102.45-69.95)
12103.55BJ's Warriors20097Gio's Hawgs (103.55-67)
13104.05Brownies20083Gio's Hawgs (104.05-99.23)
14104.675Maniacs201112Guido's Boys (104.675-94.425)
15104.85RED CUPS20101Dawg Pound (104.85-86.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1249.1JP's Warriors20207Guido's Boys (249.1-269.05)
2240.8Guido's Boys202016Rabid Dawgs (240.8-251.075)
3234.35JP's Warriors20204Dawg Pound (234.35-240.45)
4232.775Guido's Boys20209Dawg Pound (232.775-251.475)
5 (tie)232.375Kardiac Kids202013Dawg Pound (232.375-236.625)
 232.375Fabulous Baker Boys20202Rabid Dawgs (232.375-262.075)
7230.775Guido's Boys202112Kardiac Kids (230.775-255.625)
8229.7Dawg Pound20216Kardiac Kids (229.7-234.7)
9229.375Steel City Maulers20222Fabulous Baker Boys (229.375-243.775)
10226.425Steel City Maulers20205Gio's Hawgs (226.425-235.425)
11226.4Rabid Dawgs202015Dawg Pound (226.4-259.05)
12225.675Guido's Boys20204Steel City Maulers (225.675-236.9)
13 (tie)223Kardiac Kids200210RED CUPS (223-265)
 223Steel City Maulers200314Brownies (223-224)
15222RED CUPS20022Steel City Maulers (222-227)
Most Combined Points
1518.15Guido's Boys vs JP's Warriors (269.05-249.1)20207
2494.45Rabid Dawgs vs Fabulous Baker Boys (262.075-232.375)20202
3491.88Rabid Dawgs vs Guido's Boys (251.075-240.8)202016
4488.15Gio's Hawgs vs FUBAR (266.75-221.4)201616
5488RED CUPS vs Kardiac Kids (265-223)200210
6486.4Kardiac Kids vs Guido's Boys (255.625-230.775)202112
7485.45Dawg Pound vs Rabid Dawgs (259.05-226.4)202015
8484.25Dawg Pound vs Guido's Boys (251.475-232.775)20209
9483.78Guido's Boys vs Rabid Dawgs (291.6-192.175)20201
10478.4Dawg Pound vs FUBAR (275.975-202.425)201414
11476.48Dawg Pound vs Gio's Hawgs (275.975-200.5)201414
12474.8Dawg Pound vs JP's Warriors (240.45-234.35)20204
13474.65Guido's Boys vs JP's Warriors (291.6-183.05)20201
14473.15Fabulous Baker Boys vs Steel City Maulers (243.775-229.375)20222
15472Popop's Warriors vs Brownies (275-197)200412
Fewest Combined Points
1164.14Guido's Boys vs Dawg Pound (107.19-56.95)20089
2165.77Kardiac Kids vs RED CUPS (110.37-55.4)20082
3168.05Dawg Pound vs Gio's Hawgs (100.45-67.6)200813
4170.55BJ's Warriors vs Gio's Hawgs (103.55-67)20097
5171.23Gio's Hawgs vs Kordelz Boyz (96.35-74.88)20084
6172.4Guido's Boys vs Popop's Warriors (102.45-69.95)200811
7174.8RED CUPS vs Dawg Pound (94.65-80.15)200810
8175.65Kordelz Boyz vs Gio's Hawgs (108.05-67.6)200813
9176.83Rabid Dawgs vs Guido's Boys (141.375-35.45)20096
10177.18Kardiac Kids vs Dawg Pound (101.025-76.15)201010
11177.28RED CUPS vs Gio's Hawgs (108.75-68.525)201013
12177.48Kardiac Kids vs Dawg Pound (91.56-85.92)20087
13184.85Kordelz Boyz vs Guido's Boys (149.4-35.45)20096
14186.02Kordelz Boyz vs Dawg Pound (105.87-80.15)200810
15188Dawg Pound vs Gio's Hawgs (188-0)20211
Victory Margin
1220.55Kardiac Kids20211Gio's Hawgs (220.55-0)
2188Dawg Pound20211Gio's Hawgs (188-0)
3179.68Dawg Pound202114Gio's Hawgs (252.625-72.95)
4168.15Kardiac Kids20192Steel City Maulers (288.7-120.55)
5155Dawg Pound200315Guido's Boys (286-131)
6153.48Kardiac Kids202114Gio's Hawgs (226.425-72.95)
7150RED CUPS200116Brownies (256-106)
8136.55Gio's Hawgs20175Rabid Dawgs (246.05-109.5)
9131.45Kardiac Kids20075RED CUPS (241.625-110.175)
10124.23Kardiac Kids20192Dawg Pound (288.7-164.475)
11124Rabid Dawgs20047Steel City Maulers (221-97)
12123.28Rabid Dawgs200712Gio's Hawgs (188.4-65.125)
13123Dawg Pound200314Popop's Warriors (242-119)
14121Steel City Maulers20013Kardiac Kids (220-99)
15120.38Brownies20078Gio's Hawgs (237.875-117.5)
Least Victory Margin
10.07Guido's Boys20196Gio's Hawgs (168.125-168.05)
20.10Steel City Maulers20074Gio's Hawgs (116.3-116.2)
3 (tie)0.13Rabid Dawgs20114Dawg Pound (163.5-163.375)
 0.13Rabid Dawgs20112BJ's Warriors (183.45-183.325)
5 (tie)0.15Rabid Dawgs20133Kardiac Kids (191.25-191.1)
 0.15Kardiac Kids201114Maniacs (163.15-163)
7 (tie)0.17Gio's Hawgs201312Steel City Maulers (171.725-171.55)
 0.17Guido's Boys20036Kardiac Kids (171.48-171.31)
 0.17FUBAR20145JP's Warriors (187.475-187.3)
100.20Rabid Dawgs20117Guido's Boys (117.625-117.425)
110.28Gio's Hawgs201411FUBAR (169.625-169.35)
120.30Guido's Boys20058Rabid Dawgs (135.3-135)
13 (tie)0.35RED CUPS20081Dawg Pound (97.95-97.6)
 0.35Guido's Boys20064Kardiac Kids (143.18-142.83)
150.38FUBAR20146Rabid Dawgs (168.25-167.875)

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