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14 Tightends Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1223Crash N Burn201413
2220The Usual Suspects201812
3203Straight Bourbon201313
4200Christ Punchers20184
5199Rancid Rice20131
7191Christ Punchers20027
8 (tie)188The Usual Suspects20032
 188The Usual Suspects20066
10 (tie)186Christ Punchers20066
 186Fightin Burbillies 20149
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)1Cleveland Steamers199915
 1Rancid Rice199915
4 (tie)2Guppies 199915
 2Guppies 199916
723Straight Bourbon19983
824Fightin Burbillies 19998
928Rancid Rice199811
10 (tie)30Panty Droppers19997
 30Panty Droppers199910
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)2Guppies 199915Cleveland Steamers (2-1)
 2Guppies 199916Tallywhackers (2-1)
 2Tallywhackers199915Rancid Rice (2-1)
4 (tie)47Christ Punchers19999The Bulldogs (47-43)
 47Panty Droppers200811Fightin Burbillies (47-46)
6 (tie)48Straight Bourbon199912The Bulldogs (48-46)
 48Fightin Burbillies 19986Rancid Rice (48-42)
8 (tie)51The Usual Suspects20082Rambo (51-45)
 51Angry Clowns20003Rancid Rice (51-32)
10 (tie)54Panty Droppers20045Cleveland Steamers (54-46)
 54Tallywhackers19983Straight Bourbon (54-23)
 54The Bulldogs19988The Usual Suspects (54-36)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1163Fightin Burbillies 20148Rancid Rice (163-170)
2159Rancid Rice201313Straight Bourbon (159-203)
3155Crash N Burn20092Liquid Ass (155-179)
4154Tallywhackers20141Straight Bourbon (154-156)
5 (tie)153The Dead Rabbits20115Tallywhackers (153-157)
 153Fightin Burbillies 200711Panty Droppers (153-157)
7152Straight Bourbon20195Liquid Ass (152-184)
8150Rambo20115Panty Droppers (150-170)
9 (tie)149Panty Droppers20141Liquid Ass (149-152)
 149Crash N Burn201711Fightin Burbillies (149-183)
Most Combined Points
1362Straight Bourbon vs Rancid Rice (203-159)201313
2340Rancid Rice vs Rambo (199-141)20131
3339The Usual Suspects vs Rambo (220-119)201812
4336Liquid Ass vs Straight Bourbon (184-152)20195
5334Liquid Ass vs Crash N Burn (179-155)20092
6333Rancid Rice vs Fightin Burbillies (170-163)20148
7332Fightin Burbillies vs Crash N Burn (183-149)201711
8325The Usual Suspects vs Guppies (188-137)20032
9324Crash N Burn vs Panty Droppers (223-101)201413
10322Straight Bourbon vs Rancid Rice (177-145)20112
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)3Tallywhackers vs Rancid Rice (2-1)199915
 3Guppies vs Cleveland Steamers (2-1)199915
 3Guppies vs Tallywhackers (2-1)199916
477Tallywhackers vs Straight Bourbon (54-23)19983
583Angry Clowns vs Rancid Rice (51-32)20003
6 (tie)90Fightin Burbillies vs Rancid Rice (48-42)19986
 90The Bulldogs vs The Usual Suspects (54-36)19988
 90Christ Punchers vs The Bulldogs (47-43)19999
993Panty Droppers vs Fightin Burbillies (47-46)200811
1094Straight Bourbon vs The Bulldogs (48-46)199912
Victory Margin
1131Tallywhackers199910Panty Droppers (161-30)
2129Christ Punchers20027Angry Clowns (191-62)
3128Rambo200112Tallywhackers (184-56)
4123Guppies 20002Cleveland Steamers (161-38)
5122Crash N Burn201413Panty Droppers (223-101)
6 (tie)117Christ Punchers20025Rambo (172-55)
 117Christ Punchers20184Rancid Rice (200-83)
8116Fightin Burbillies 200412Crash N Burn (159-43)
9113The Usual Suspects201915Rambo (153-40)
10108The Usual Suspects20027The Dead Rabbits (141-33)

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