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Erie League 7 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1179.75*Tennessee Whiskey200413
2174.55*Tennessee Whiskey200711
4161.6*The Brown Dog200512
5161*Bishops Bookies20068
7 (tie)157.25*The Brown Dog20053
9155.5*Crush III20043
10152.4*Crush III200410
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
129.15*The Brown Dog200412
235.65*Tennessee Whiskey20075
340*BrownsROCK E720052
440.7*The Space Cowboys200410
641.1*The Space Cowboys200411
741.85*The Brown Dog200413
945*The Space Cowboys20048
1045.15*BrownsROCK E720057
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
149.7*Crush III20075*Tennessee Whiskey (49.7-35.65)
256.2*Panther Skinner20052*BrownsROCK E7 (56.2-40)
357.65*BrownsROCK E7200411*The Space Cowboys (57.65-41.1)
460.05*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20067*BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (60.05-56.55)
563.75*HutHut20079*Crush III (63.75-55.4)
668.35*Dick20088*Crush III (68.35-61.05)
769.65*Peyton's Place20078*Tennessee Whiskey (69.65-57.3)
871.85*HutHut20077*Newcastle United (71.85-62.3)
971.9*Joshua Few20055*Panther Skinner (71.9-57.5)
10 (tie)72.4*Peyton's Place20083*MUSCLEHEDZ (72.4-58.4)
 72.4*Dick200810*Eagle eye #7 (72.4-54.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1145.85*gang green200410*Panther Skinner (145.85-149.3)
2138.65*Oregon Gold200810*Peyton's Place (138.65-148.9)
3136.05*Panther Skinner200413*Jaws (136.05-169.5)
4130.9*The Brown Dog20076*Jaws (130.9-134.5)
5130.65*Eagle eye #7200714*The Brown Dog (130.65-134.65)
6130.5*Drunken Leprechauns200511*The Space Cowboys (130.5-141.45)
7125.75*Dick20073*Kokanee Gold (125.75-129.85)
8124.55*The Brown Dog200711*Eagle eye #7 (124.55-126.35)
9123.55*Oregon Gold200816*MUSCLEHEDZ (123.55-143.65)
10123.45*Tennessee Whiskey20088*MUSCLEHEDZ (123.45-123.95)
Most Combined Points
1305.55*Jaws vs *Panther Skinner (169.5-136.05)200413
2295.15*Panther Skinner vs *gang green (149.3-145.85)200410
3287.55*Peyton's Place vs *Oregon Gold (148.9-138.65)200810
4271.95*The Space Cowboys vs *Drunken Leprechauns (141.45-130.5)200511
5271.9*Crush III vs *Tennessee Whiskey (155.5-116.4)20043
6270.1*Tennessee Whiskey vs *Newcastle United (179.75-90.35)200413
7267.2*MUSCLEHEDZ vs *Oregon Gold (143.65-123.55)200816
8266.15*The Brown Dog vs *BrownsROCK E7 (161.6-104.55)200512
9265.4*Jaws vs *The Brown Dog (134.5-130.9)20076
10265.3*The Brown Dog vs *Eagle eye #7 (134.65-130.65)200714
Fewest Combined Points
185.35*Crush III vs *Tennessee Whiskey (49.7-35.65)20075
296.2*Panther Skinner vs *BrownsROCK E7 (56.2-40)20052
398.75*BrownsROCK E7 vs *The Space Cowboys (57.65-41.1)200411
4116.6*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs *BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (60.05-56.55)20067
5119.15*HutHut vs *Crush III (63.75-55.4)20079
6123.5*The Trading Post vs *HutHut (80.35-43.15)20076
7123.7*MUSCLEHEDZ vs *Crush III (76.9-46.8)20086
8126.9*Dick vs *Eagle eye #7 (72.4-54.5)200810
9126.95*Peyton's Place vs *Tennessee Whiskey (69.65-57.3)20078
10128.75*gang green vs *The Brown Dog (99.6-29.15)200412
Victory Margin
195.05*Fantastic One20068*BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (151.95-56.9)
293.4*Tennessee Whiskey200711*Newcastle United (174.55-81.15)
389.4*Tennessee Whiskey200413*Newcastle United (179.75-90.35)
487.7*The Trading Post20078*Crush III (150.3-62.6)
585.85*Newcastle United20048*The Space Cowboys (130.85-45)
682.4*The Space Cowboys20054*Jaws (150.6-68.2)
779.6*Jaws20058*gang green (131.75-52.15)
877*Tennessee Whiskey200410*The Space Cowboys (117.7-40.7)
976.5*Panther Skinner20058*Newcastle United (149.55-73.05)
1076.05*Panther Skinner200411*Tennessee Whiskey (141.95-65.9)
Least Victory Margin
10.25*Bishops Bookies20062*Crush III (100.3-100.05)
20.30*The Brown Dog200813*Dick (115.2-114.9)
3 (tie)0.50*Tennessee Whiskey20074*Jaws (84.85-84.35)
 0.50*MUSCLEHEDZ20088*Tennessee Whiskey (123.95-123.45)
50.65*Bandits20085*The Brown Dog (86.75-86.1)
60.70*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20062*Drunken Leprechauns (91.35-90.65)
71*Dick200814*Pony Express (85.45-84.45)
81.30*gang green200416*Crush III (110.65-109.35)
91.55*Panther Skinner20042*The Space Cowboys (87.7-86.15)
10 (tie)1.65*Bishops Bookies20065*Tennessee Whiskey (84-82.35)
 1.65*Bishops Bookies200514*Jaws (110.95-109.3)

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