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Scott Hanson Trophy 2022 Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)201Larkyderry Minghawks201313
 201Gilead Gunslingers20191
3193Hareleeshill Steelmen20124
4 (tie)189Charm City Hammerheids20186
 189GB Colts201811
6188Gods Cuntry Packers20112
7185St. Martinville Saints201712
8 (tie)184Laverock Risers20215
 184Paultimore Ravens20134
10182Charm City Hammerheids20153
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0New Scotland Pats20159
 0New Scotland Pats201610
317Charm City Hammerheids20223
4 (tie)23Portland X-Pats20205
 23MB Wild Dogs202012
624AtLarky Falcons202211
725Yabba's Turds202012
8 (tie)26Show Me The TDs201613
 26MB Wild Dogs202112
10 (tie)27The Purple Helmets20094
 27Hide And Zeke20218
 27Yabba's Turds202110
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)45Calderbrae Keendoggs20218Hide And Zeke (45-27)
 45Hareleeshill Steelmen201912AtLarky Falcons (45-34)
3 (tie)47Larkyderry Minghawks20173Airdrie Seahawks (47-45)
 47Tollcross Tigers202012Yabba's Turds (47-25)
548Airdrie Seahawks202110Paultimore Ravens (48-47)
649MB Wild Dogs20229Calderbrae Keendoggs (49-35)
752Yogi's Bears20222Portland X-Pats (52-46)
853The Nordbergs201710Tollcross Tigers (53-41)
954Hide And Zeke20206Cleland Hills Cougars (54-53)
10 (tie)55Tollcross Tigers201711Geed All Stars (55-52)
 55Tollcross Tigers20212AtLarky Falcons (55-43)
 55Gartcosh Gorillas20205Yabba's Turds (55-50)
 55Hetfield Hammetts20223Portland X-Pats (55-47)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1160Hareleeshill Steelmen20131Paultimore Ravens (160-173)
2152Hareleeshill Steelmen201314Paultimore Ravens (152-154)
3148Dallas Powboys20184Viewpark Hedge Trimmers (148-149)
4 (tie)144Laverock Risers20112Larkyderry Minghawks (144-175)
 144Cleland Hills Cougars20112AtLarky Falcons (144-154)
6143AtLarky Falcons20092The Purple Helmets (143-148)
7 (tie)140Cleland Hills Cougars201811St. Martinville Saints (140-151)
 140Petaluma Oddshoes20215Vanilla Joes (140-147)
9138Laverock Risers20114Paultimore Ravens (138-149)
10137St. Martinville Saints20139Larkyderry Minghawks (137-149)
Most Combined Points
1333Paultimore Ravens vs Hareleeshill Steelmen (173-160)20131
2319Larkyderry Minghawks vs Laverock Risers (175-144)20112
3317Hareleeshill Steelmen vs Gods Cuntry Packers (193-124)20124
4306Paultimore Ravens vs Hareleeshill Steelmen (154-152)201314
5300Cleland Hills Cougars vs Laverock Risers (166-134)201215
6 (tie)298AtLarky Falcons vs Cleland Hills Cougars (154-144)20112
 298Laverock Risers vs Hetfield Hammetts (170-128)20212
8297Viewpark Hedge Trimmers vs Dallas Powboys (149-148)20184
9 (tie)295Dallas Powboys vs Hareleeshill Steelmen (171-124)20148
 295Charm City Hammerheids vs AtLarky Falcons (189-106)20186
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)72Tollcross Tigers vs Yabba's Turds (47-25)202012
 72Calderbrae Keendoggs vs Hide And Zeke (45-27)20218
379Hareleeshill Steelmen vs AtLarky Falcons (45-34)201912
484MB Wild Dogs vs Calderbrae Keendoggs (49-35)20229
5 (tie)86St. Martinville Saints vs Yabba's Turds (59-27)202110
 86Show Me The TDs vs New Scotland Pats (86-0)20159
792Larkyderry Minghawks vs Airdrie Seahawks (47-45)20173
894The Nordbergs vs Tollcross Tigers (53-41)201710
995Airdrie Seahawks vs Paultimore Ravens (48-47)202110
1096Geed All Stars vs New Scotland Pats (96-0)201610
Victory Margin
1140Gilead Gunslingers20191The Nordbergs (201-61)
2132Charm City Hammerheids20153Portland X-Pats (182-50)
3 (tie)128Larkyderry Minghawks201313Cleland Hills Cougars (201-73)
 128GB Colts201811Larkyderry Minghawks (189-61)
5122Broomhill Gators20199AtLarky Falcons (173-51)
6121GB Colts20186Gods Cuntry Packers (173-52)
7115Gods Cuntry Packers20197Laverock Risers (165-50)
8 (tie)112St. Martinville Saints201712The Nordbergs (185-73)
 112Gilead Gunslingers20198Cleland Hills Cougars (177-65)
10110Charm City Hammerheids20186Broomhill Gators (189-79)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Airdrie Seahawks202110Paultimore Ravens (48-47)
 1Laverock Risers20125AtLarky Falcons (126-125)
 1Paultimore Ravens20177Geed All Stars (98-97)
 1Paultimore Ravens20156AtLarky Falcons (105-104)
 1Dallas Powboys20143Show Me The TDs (60-59)
 1Dallas Powboys20094Larkyderry Minghawks (67-66)
 1Geed All Stars20184The Nordbergs (90-89)
 1Geed All Stars20138Gods Cuntry Packers (117-116)
 1Cleland Hills Cougars201611Vanilla Joes (72-71)
 1Larkyderry Minghawks201710Airdrie Seahawks (73-72)
 1Larkyderry Minghawks201512Geed All Stars (87-86)
 1Larkyderry Minghawks201612Cleland Hills Cougars (96-95)
 1Larkyderry Minghawks20115Dallas Powboys (131-130)
 1Portland X-Pats20206Petaluma Oddshoes (63-62)
 1Charm City Hammerheids20163New Scotland Pats (77-76)
 1Charm City Hammerheids201814Geed All Stars (92-91)
 1Charm City Hammerheids202011Hide And Zeke (104-103)
 1Show Me The TDs20212Airdrie Seahawks (85-84)
 1Show Me The TDs20162Vanilla Joes (89-88)
 1Vanilla Joes20184Hareleeshill Steelmen (112-111)
 1Slick Quick Vick20091The Purple Helmets (81-80)
 1Slick Quick Vick20092Laverock Risers (94-93)
 1Broomhill Gators20227Hide And Zeke (64-63)
 1Gilead Gunslingers201812Charm City Hammerheids (112-111)
 1Hetfield Hammetts201812Vanilla Joes (102-101)
 1Hide And Zeke20206Cleland Hills Cougars (54-53)
 1MB Wild Dogs20205Cleland Hills Cougars (82-81)
 1MB Wild Dogs20211Gartcosh Gorillas (89-88)
 1Blackburn Blackhawks20218New Scotland Pats (95-94)
 1Petaluma Oddshoes20214Calderbrae Keendoggs (111-110)

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