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Most Points Scored, One Game
1159Albany Thunder201113
2156New York Spartans20126
3144Detroit Rock City20114
4141Detroit Rock City201113
5140Sligo Shamrocks201212
6 (tie)139Detroit Rock City20119
 139Muskogee Okies201211
 139Mexico Locos201216
9138Dayton Bulldogs20112
10137Las Vegas Kings201211
11135Dallas Texans20111
12134Seneca Falls Ruggers201210
13133Las Vegas Kings20127
14 (tie)132Detroit Rock City20111
 132Dallas Texans20114
16 (tie)131Virginia Leather Necks20118
 131Sligo Shamrocks201216
 131Buffalo Bulldogs20122
 131Buffalo Bulldogs201216
20130New York Spartans201116
Fewest Points Scored, One Game
156Mexico Locos201210
258Mexico Locos201211
361Las Vegas Kings20125
4 (tie)63Sligo Shamrocks20118
 63West Coast Gold Rush20129
6 (tie)64Las Vegas Kings20114
 64Muskogee Okies201212
8 (tie)65Rhode Island Sea Wolves201110
 65Mexico Locos20128
 65Mexico Locos20129
11 (tie)66Pittsburgh Punishers20117
 66Camden Cannibals201211
13 (tie)67Pittsburgh Punishers20113
 67Texas Tornadoes20119
1568Camden Cannibals20125
16 (tie)69Texas Tornadoes20117
 69Texas Tornadoes201214
 69Miami Tides201211
19 (tie)70Rhode Island Sea Wolves201112
 70Albany Thunder20114
 70Camden Cannibals201213
 70Seneca Falls Ruggers201215
Fewest Points Scored In A Win
169Texas Tornadoes20117Pittsburgh Punishers (69-66)
274Dayton Bulldogs20117Rhode Island Sea Wolves (74-71)
3 (tie)77Albany Thunder20119Texas Tornadoes (77-67)
 77Pittsburgh Punishers20114Albany Thunder (77-70)
578Miami Tides20125Las Vegas Kings (78-61)
6 (tie)83Dallas Outlaws201215West Coast Gold Rush (83-75)
 83West Coast Gold Rush201212Muskogee Okies (83-64)
 83Mexico Locos201215Seneca Falls Ruggers (83-70)
985Pittsburgh Punishers20119Muskogee Okies (85-78)
10 (tie)86New York Spartans20119Rhode Island Sea Wolves (86-86) TB
 86New York Spartans201112Dayton Bulldogs (86-80)
 86Dallas Outlaws20129West Coast Gold Rush (86-63)
 86Miami Tides201210Muskogee Okies (86-77)
14 (tie)87Dayton Bulldogs20115Las Vegas Kings (87-84)
 87Albany Thunder20116Sligo Shamrocks (87-87) TB
 87West Coast Gold Rush201211Seneca Falls Ruggers (87-80)
1788Muskogee Okies20125Camden Cannibals (88-68)
18 (tie)89Dallas Texans20117Virginia Leather Necks (89-88)
 89Sligo Shamrocks201112Rhode Island Sea Wolves (89-70)
20 (tie)90West Coast Gold Rush20122Camden Cannibals (90-76)
 90Mexico Locos201213Miami Tides (90-87)
Most Points Scored In A Loss
1132Detroit Rock City20111Dallas Texans (132-135)
2121Dallas Texans20119Detroit Rock City (121-139)
3120Dallas Outlaws20124Texas Tornadoes (120-128)
4118New York Spartans201110Virginia Leather Necks (118-124)
5117Buffalo Bulldogs20125Texas Tornadoes (117-117) TB
6 (tie)115Sligo Shamrocks20112Detroit Rock City (115-121)
 115Dallas Outlaws20126New York Spartans (115-156)
8114New York Spartans20125Sligo Shamrocks (114-123)
9 (tie)113Las Vegas Kings201215Sligo Shamrocks (113-119)
 113Dayton Bulldogs20114New York Spartans (113-117)
 113Texas Tornadoes20116Virginia Leather Necks (113-116)
12112Detroit Rock City201116New York Spartans (112-130)
13111Seneca Falls Ruggers20121New York Spartans (111-117)
14 (tie)110Las Vegas Kings20124Muskogee Okies (110-118)
 110New York Spartans201216Sligo Shamrocks (110-131)
 110Dallas Outlaws201210Sligo Shamrocks (110-129)
17 (tie)109Virginia Leather Necks201112Detroit Rock City (109-126)
 109Albany Thunder20111Texas Tornadoes (109-118)
 109Seneca Falls Ruggers20124New York Spartans (109-120)
 109Miami Tides201212Sligo Shamrocks (109-140)
Biggest Shootouts
1271New York Spartans vs Dallas Outlaws (156-115)20126
2267Dallas Texans vs Detroit Rock City (135-132)20111
3260Detroit Rock City vs Dallas Texans (139-121)20119
4249Sligo Shamrocks vs Miami Tides (140-109)201212
5248Texas Tornadoes vs Dallas Outlaws (128-120)20124
6 (tie)244Detroit Rock City vs Virginia Leather Necks (144-100)20114
 244Albany Thunder vs Muskogee Okies (159-85)201113
8 (tie)242Virginia Leather Necks vs New York Spartans (124-118)201110
 242New York Spartans vs Detroit Rock City (130-112)201116
10241Sligo Shamrocks vs New York Spartans (131-110)201216
11239Sligo Shamrocks vs Dallas Outlaws (129-110)201210
12 (tie)237Mexico Locos vs Dallas Outlaws (139-98)201216
 237Sligo Shamrocks vs New York Spartans (123-114)20125
14236Detroit Rock City vs Sligo Shamrocks (121-115)20112
15 (tie)235Detroit Rock City vs Virginia Leather Necks (126-109)201112
 235Detroit Rock City vs Las Vegas Kings (141-94)201113
17234Buffalo Bulldogs vs Texas Tornadoes (117-117)20125
18233Las Vegas Kings vs Texas Tornadoes (133-100)20127
19232Sligo Shamrocks vs Las Vegas Kings (119-113)201215
20230New York Spartans vs Dayton Bulldogs (117-113)20114
Biggest Yawners
1135Texas Tornadoes vs Pittsburgh Punishers (69-66)20117
2139Miami Tides vs Las Vegas Kings (78-61)20125
3144Albany Thunder vs Texas Tornadoes (77-67)20119
4145Dayton Bulldogs vs Rhode Island Sea Wolves (74-71)20117
5 (tie)147West Coast Gold Rush vs Muskogee Okies (83-64)201212
 147Pittsburgh Punishers vs Albany Thunder (77-70)20114
7149Dallas Outlaws vs West Coast Gold Rush (86-63)20129
8153Mexico Locos vs Seneca Falls Ruggers (83-70)201215
9156Muskogee Okies vs Camden Cannibals (88-68)20125
10158Dallas Outlaws vs West Coast Gold Rush (83-75)201215
11159Sligo Shamrocks vs Rhode Island Sea Wolves (89-70)201112
12161Texas Tornadoes vs Miami Tides (92-69)201211
13 (tie)163Pittsburgh Punishers vs Muskogee Okies (85-78)20119
 163Miami Tides vs Muskogee Okies (86-77)201210
15164Dallas Outlaws vs Camden Cannibals (98-66)201211
16 (tie)166New York Spartans vs Dayton Bulldogs (86-80)201112
 166West Coast Gold Rush vs Camden Cannibals (90-76)20122
18167West Coast Gold Rush vs Seneca Falls Ruggers (87-80)201211
19169New York Spartans vs Mexico Locos (104-65)20128
20170Sligo Shamrocks vs New York Spartans (98-72)201211
Biggest Blowouts
181Muskogee Okies201211Mexico Locos (139-58)
274Albany Thunder201113Muskogee Okies (159-85)
3 (tie)68Dallas Texans20114Las Vegas Kings (132-64)
 68Virginia Leather Necks20118Sligo Shamrocks (131-63)
 68Texas Tornadoes201210Mexico Locos (124-56)
659Dayton Bulldogs20112Pittsburgh Punishers (138-79)
755Seneca Falls Ruggers201210Las Vegas Kings (134-79)
853Las Vegas Kings201211Buffalo Bulldogs (137-84)
9 (tie)50New York Spartans201214Texas Tornadoes (119-69)
 50Buffalo Bulldogs201216Las Vegas Kings (131-81)
1149Buffalo Bulldogs20121Dallas Outlaws (122-73)
1248Albany Thunder201111Las Vegas Kings (124-76)
13 (tie)47Detroit Rock City201113Las Vegas Kings (141-94)
 47Virginia Leather Necks20115Pittsburgh Punishers (124-77)
1546Albany Thunder201110Rhode Island Sea Wolves (111-65)
16 (tie)45Sligo Shamrocks20129Mexico Locos (110-65)
 45Buffalo Bulldogs20124Mexico Locos (122-77)
18 (tie)44Detroit Rock City20114Virginia Leather Necks (144-100)
 44Texas Tornadoes20118Las Vegas Kings (129-85)
 44Buffalo Bulldogs201213Camden Cannibals (114-70)
Closest Squeakers
1 (tie)1Dallas Texans20117Virginia Leather Necks (89-88)
 1New York Spartans20116Muskogee Okies (96-95)
 1Pittsburgh Punishers201110Las Vegas Kings (100-99)
4 (tie)2Dayton Bulldogs201111Dallas Texans (110-108)
 2Muskogee Okies20121Miami Tides (109-107)
6 (tie)3Dallas Texans20116Pittsburgh Punishers (94-91)
 3Dallas Texans20111Detroit Rock City (135-132)
 3Virginia Leather Necks20116Texas Tornadoes (116-113)
 3Dayton Bulldogs20117Rhode Island Sea Wolves (74-71)
 3Dayton Bulldogs20115Las Vegas Kings (87-84)
 3Texas Tornadoes20117Pittsburgh Punishers (69-66)
 3Mexico Locos201213Miami Tides (90-87)
13 (tie)4Dallas Texans201110Sligo Shamrocks (105-101)
 4New York Spartans20114Dayton Bulldogs (117-113)
15 (tie)5Seneca Falls Ruggers20129Miami Tides (94-89)
 5Miami Tides20126Texas Tornadoes (95-90)
17 (tie)6Detroit Rock City20112Sligo Shamrocks (121-115)
 6Virginia Leather Necks20111Las Vegas Kings (108-102)
 6Virginia Leather Necks201110New York Spartans (124-118)
 6New York Spartans201112Dayton Bulldogs (86-80)
 6New York Spartans201213West Coast Gold Rush (98-92)
 6New York Spartans20121Seneca Falls Ruggers (117-111)
 6Sligo Shamrocks201215Las Vegas Kings (119-113)

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