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Sizzle's Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1190.5Hoosier Daddy20193
2 (tie)185.55Hoosier Daddy20174
 185.55Funky Tit Monsters20188
4177.1TD's N Beer20193
5176.5Chazy Choppers20188
7173Why So Serious20196
9171.3Hoosier Daddy201712
10169.95Chazy Choppers20181
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
15Your Mom's Pool Boy20076
27Why So Serious200812
38The Big Red One20078
48.75TD's N Beer20139
5 (tie)9TD's N Beer200713
 9TD's N Beer200812
79.5Why So Serious20104
8 (tie)10The RAGE20071
 10TD's N Beer20078
10 (tie)11The RAGE20137
 11TD's N Beer20075
 11Your Mom's Pool Boy20077
 11Illegal Aliens200715
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
114Death Row Inmates20074Your Mom's Pool Boy (14-13)
216Absolute Zero20106Why So Serious (16-13)
317V-Rods200715Illegal Aliens (17-11)
4 (tie)18Absolute Zero20096Why So Serious (18-15)
 18Death Row Inmates20087Absolute Zero (18-15)
 18TD's N Beer20088V-Rods (18-13)
 18Suicide Squad20166Lost in Place (18-17.75)
8 (tie)19Junkyard Dogs200811Illegal Aliens (19-14)
 19Chazy Choppers200710V-Rods (19-17)
10 (tie)20TD's N Beer20079Junkyard Dogs (20-16)
 20Chazy Choppers20085Your Mom's Pool Boy (20-16)
 20Sofa-King Money20073The Big Red One (20-19)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1177.1TD's N Beer20193Hoosier Daddy (177.1-190.5)
2146.3Sizzle20184Why So Serious (146.3-158.1)
3146.05Why So Serious201714VikingQuest (146.05-166.7)
4145.9Why So Serious20182Funky Tit Monsters (145.9-157.35)
5144.3Sizzle201715VikingQuest (144.3-161.4)
6144.1The Squathounds20187Sizzle (144.1-173.65)
7141.6Hoosier Daddy201814In Beer We Trust (141.6-152.4)
8140.55The RAGE20198Chazy Choppers (140.55-147.95)
9140.5Pouncing Pumas20186In Beer We Trust (140.5-141.35)
10140.2Sizzle20195Lost in Place (140.2-154.4)
Most Combined Points
1367.6Hoosier Daddy vs TD's N Beer (190.5-177.1)20193
2317.75Sizzle vs The Squathounds (173.65-144.1)20187
3312.75VikingQuest vs Why So Serious (166.7-146.05)201714
4305.7VikingQuest vs Sizzle (161.4-144.3)201715
5304.4Why So Serious vs Sizzle (158.1-146.3)20184
6 (tie)303.25Chazy Choppers vs Lost in Place (169.95-133.3)20181
 303.25Funky Tit Monsters vs Why So Serious (157.35-145.9)20182
8299.05Hoosier Daddy vs In Beer We Trust (185.55-113.5)20174
9298.2Why So Serious vs Chazy Choppers (173-125.2)20196
10296.55Sizzle vs VikingQuest (158.45-138.1)20191
Fewest Combined Points
127Death Row Inmates vs Your Mom's Pool Boy (14-13)20074
228V-Rods vs Illegal Aliens (17-11)200715
329Absolute Zero vs Why So Serious (16-13)20106
430V-Rods vs Your Mom's Pool Boy (25-5)20076
531TD's N Beer vs V-Rods (18-13)20088
6 (tie)33V-Rods vs TD's N Beer (24-9)200713
 33Absolute Zero vs Why So Serious (18-15)20096
 33Junkyard Dogs vs Illegal Aliens (19-14)200811
 33Death Row Inmates vs Absolute Zero (18-15)20087
1033.25Junkyard Dogs vs TD's N Beer (24.5-8.75)20139
Victory Margin
1109.2Hoosier Daddy201712The RAGE (171.3-62.1)
2107.75Why So Serious201815Pouncing Pumas (162.25-54.5)
395.2Lost in Place20189The RAGE (153.8-58.6)
494.2Chazy Choppers20188The RAGE (176.5-82.3)
593.3Why So Serious20175Junkyard Dogs (159.2-65.9)
690.9Funky Tit Monsters20188TEXAS BULLS (185.55-94.65)
784.9Red Army20191Pouncing Pumas (155.7-70.8)
884.15Why So Serious201811VikingQuest (165.05-80.9)
983.1Chazy Choppers20199Hoosier Daddy (163.15-80.05)
1077.1Chazy Choppers201914Hoosier Daddy (164.5-87.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.05TD's N Beer20178In Beer We Trust (95.05-95)
20.15Funky Tit Monsters20189Why So Serious (135.55-135.4)
30.20TEXAS BULLS201910Pouncing Pumas (122.9-122.7)
4 (tie)0.25Sizzle20116V-Rods (32.5-32.25)
 0.25The Squathounds20154Hernandez's Posse (27.25-27)
 0.25The Squathounds201010Air McNairs (34.75-34.5)
 0.25Chazy Choppers201412Hernandez's Posse (49.75-49.5)
 0.25Sofa-King Money20101Death Row Inmates (20.5-20.25)
 0.25Sofa-King Money20134The Warriors (30.25-30)
 0.25Schindlers Fist20102VikingQuest (22.5-22.25)
 0.25Schindlers Fist201011Death Row Inmates (35-34.75)
 0.25Why So Serious20158Smash Mouth (38.75-38.5)
 0.25VikingQuest20103Sofa-King Money (41.5-41.25)
 0.25The Warriors20121Red Army (33.75-33.5)
 0.25Smash Mouth201510VikingQuest (42.5-42.25)
 0.25Suicide Squad20166Lost in Place (18-17.75)
 0.25Funky Tit Monsters20185Junkyard Dogs (117.45-117.2)
 0.25Pouncing Pumas201612Red Army (43.75-43.5)

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