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BLOFF Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1184Intl House of Pain200110
2177Dome Crushers200315
3163Monkey Time200314
4158Tyrants of Fear200413
5154Monkey Time200410
6150Intl House of Pain20027
7145Dome Crushers20037
8144Team D20072
9143Monkey Time20019
11 (tie)140Monkey Time20068
 140Dome Crushers20023
13 (tie)139Team D200714
 139Monkey Time200416
16137Tyrants of Fear20052
17 (tie)136Monkey Time200713
 136Dome Crushers20027
19 (tie)135Team D200212
 135Monkey Time200711
21 (tie)134Team D200712
 134Tyrants of Fear20053
 134Cash is King200214
24 (tie)132Tyrants of Fear20007
 132Monkey Time200310
 132Ramrods of Death200410
27 (tie)131Tyrants of Fear200311
 131Monkey Time20067
29 (tie)130Team D20073
 130Tyrants of Fear20064
 130Monkey Time20069
32 (tie)129Team D20008
 129Monkey Time200313
34128Ramrods of Death20047
35 (tie)127Monkey Time20054
 127Monkey Time20076
 127Intl House of Pain20072
38 (tie)126Team D20017
 126Monkey Time20024
40125Monkey Time20058
41 (tie)124Farside Superior200210
 124Ramrods of Death200412
43 (tie)123Raccoondogs20066
 123Monkey Time20066
 123Intl House of Pain200015
 123Ramrods of Death20073
47 (tie)122Fightin Squirrels200414
 122Monkey Time200014
 122Cash is King20007
 122Cash is King20049
51121Team D20004
52 (tie)120Tyrants of Fear200313
 120Monkey Time20037
 120Monkey Time20041
 120Intl House of Pain20019
 120Moon Crickets20068
 120Dome Crushers20048
 120Dome Crushers200511
59 (tie)119Gamecocks200011
 119Monkey Time200315
 119Monkey Time20071
 119Cash is King200011
 119Intl House of Pain20002
 119Intl House of Pain200112
 119Ramrods of Death200413
 119Moon Crickets20064
69 (tie)118Team D20025
 118Tyrants of Fear20021
71 (tie)117Tyrants of Fear200510
 117Monkey Time200413
 117Monkey Time200516
 117Dome Crushers200112
 117Old Fashioned20007
 117Whoop Ass20038
77 (tie)116Gamecocks20025
 116Tyrants of Fear20011
 116Monkey Time200412
 116Whoop Ass20034
82 (tie)115Gamecocks200314
 115Monkey Time20007
 115Monkey Time20046
 115Monkey Time20056
 115Cash is King20035
 115Cash is King20054
 115Intl House of Pain200115
89 (tie)114Team D20071
 114Cash is King20018
 114Dome Crushers20042
 114Dome Crushers200710
94 (tie)113Team D200511
 113Fightin Squirrels200413
 113Fightin Squirrels200712
 113Monkey Time20038
 113Moon Crickets200514
 113Dome Crushers20031
100 (tie)112Tyrants of Fear20025
 112Tyrants of Fear200411
 112Monkey Time20039
 112Monkey Time20043
 112Monkey Time200415
 112Dome Crushers20026
 112Dome Crushers200212
 112Dome Crushers200213
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
126Moon Crickets200212
2 (tie)28Cash is King20078
 28Intl House of Pain200311
4 (tie)30Moon Crickets20037
631Dome Crushers20012
733The Manatees200114
8 (tie)34Farside Superior20052
 34Tyrants of Fear20026
 34Ramrods of Death200710
11 (tie)35Farside Superior200012
 35Farside Superior200310
 35Farside Superior200413
 35Old Fashioned20031
 35The Manatees200210
16 (tie)36Farside Superior20017
 36Cash is King20068
 36Moon Crickets200012
 36Old Fashioned20037
21 (tie)37Farside Superior200716
 37Moon Crickets200013
23 (tie)38Fightin Squirrels20041
 38Farside Superior20063
 38Moon Crickets20013
 38Moon Crickets20018
 38Dome Crushers20065
28 (tie)39Gamecocks20072
 39Farside Superior20038
 39Moon Crickets20014
 39Moon Crickets200211
 39Dome Crushers20066
33 (tie)40Fightin Squirrels20043
 40Intl House of Pain20078
 40Moon Crickets20006
 40The Manatees200014
3741Intl House of Pain20074
38 (tie)42Farside Superior20003
 42Farside Superior20071
 42Tyrants of Fear20046
 42Cash is King20044
 42Intl House of Pain20065
 42The Manatees20009
44 (tie)43Raccoondogs20049
 43Farside Superior200110
 43Old Fashioned20013
 43The Manatees20028
48 (tie)44Farside Superior200414
 44Dome Crushers20011
 44Old Fashioned20001
 44Old Fashioned200110
 44Old Fashioned20022
53 (tie)45Gamecocks20047
 45Farside Superior20007
 45Intl House of Pain20036
 45Old Fashioned200012
 45Old Fashioned20034
60 (tie)46Team D20031
 46Farside Superior20029
 46Intl House of Pain20033
 46Moon Crickets20053
 46Dome Crushers200011
 46Dome Crushers20063
 46Dome Crushers200614
 46Old Fashioned20024
 46The Manatees200011
 46The Manatees20014
71 (tie)47Raccoondogs200611
 47Farside Superior200113
 47Farside Superior200314
 47Farside Superior20041
 47Cash is King20076
 47Intl House of Pain20038
 47Dome Crushers20006
78 (tie)48Fightin Squirrels200511
 48Intl House of Pain20017
 48Ramrods of Death200713
 48Moon Crickets200614
 48Dome Crushers200610
 48Old Fashioned200112
86 (tie)49Gamecocks20029
 49Fightin Squirrels20051
 49Farside Superior200011
 49Farside Superior20027
 49Farside Superior200513
 49Cash is King20065
 49Cash is King20066
 49Ramrods of Death200510
 49Moon Crickets20033
 49Moon Crickets20063
 49Old Fashioned200314
 49The Manatees20001
99 (tie)50Team D20016
 50Fightin Squirrels200312
 50Fightin Squirrels20044
 50Farside Superior20016
 50Farside Superior20055
 50Cash is King200713
 50Ramrods of Death20061
 50Ramrods of Death20077
 50Moon Crickets200114
 50Moon Crickets20039
 50Moon Crickets20043
 50Moon Crickets20054
 50The Manatees20005
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1139Team D200714Raccoondogs (139-141)
2115Cash is King20054Monkey Time (115-127)
3114Team D20071Raccoondogs (114-119)
4112Tyrants of Fear20025Team D (112-118)
5 (tie)111Gamecocks200712Team D (111-134)
 111Tyrants of Fear20008Team D (111-129)
7110Dome Crushers200413Ramrods of Death (110-119)
8 (tie)109Gamecocks20056Monkey Time (109-115)
 109Dome Crushers200411Tyrants of Fear (109-112)
10 (tie)107Gamecocks200212Team D (107-135)
 107Cash is King200315Monkey Time (107-119)
 107Ramrods of Death20069Monkey Time (107-130)
13106Dome Crushers20053Monkey Time (106-110)
14 (tie)103Raccoondogs200413Gamecocks (103-139)
 103Farside Superior200112Dome Crushers (103-117)
 103Farside Superior20066Ramrods of Death (103-107)
17 (tie)102Team D20038Dome Crushers (102-107)
 102Team D200516Monkey Time (102-117)
 102Intl House of Pain20007Cash is King (102-122)
 102Intl House of Pain20022Moon Crickets (102-107)
 102Dome Crushers20055Fightin Squirrels (102-111)
22 (tie)101Cash is King200313Tyrants of Fear (101-120)
 101Zoe20002Cash is King (101-105)
24 (tie)100Team D20011Gamecocks (100-103)
 100Whoop Ass200313Dome Crushers (100-109)
26 (tie)99Team D200210Farside Superior (99-124)
 99Team D20048Dome Crushers (99-120)
 99Cash is King200012Tyrants of Fear (99-102)
 99Cash is King20037Tyrants of Fear (99-100)
 99Ramrods of Death200612Intl House of Pain (99-100)
31 (tie)98Farside Superior20023Moon Crickets (98-110)
 98Moon Crickets200512Dome Crushers (98-100)
33 (tie)97Raccoondogs20063Intl House of Pain (97-99)
 97Farside Superior20067Monkey Time (97-131)
 97Tyrants of Fear20049Fightin Squirrels (97-98)
 97Monkey Time200211Gamecocks (97-103)
37 (tie)96Gamecocks200614Fightin Squirrels (96-101)
 96Tyrants of Fear200410Moon Crickets (96-97)
 96Dome Crushers20047Ramrods of Death (96-128)
40 (tie)95Gamecocks20035Cash is King (95-115)
 95Farside Superior200213Dome Crushers (95-112)
 95Cash is King20048Ramrods of Death (95-105)
 95Intl House of Pain20049Cash is King (95-122)
 95Moon Crickets200414Ramrods of Death (95-108)
45 (tie)94Raccoondogs200610Monkey Time (94-101)
 94Raccoondogs20079Farside Superior (94-101)
 94Tyrants of Fear200314Monkey Time (94-163)
 94Intl House of Pain20041Dome Crushers (94-104)
49 (tie)93Gamecocks20052Tyrants of Fear (93-137)
 93Fightin Squirrels200711Monkey Time (93-135)
 93Monkey Time200212Tyrants of Fear (93-99)
 93Dome Crushers20025Cash is King (93-106)
 93Dome Crushers200311Tyrants of Fear (93-131)
54 (tie)92Team D20026Dome Crushers (92-112)
 92Fightin Squirrels200612Raccoondogs (92-103)
 92Farside Superior200710Dome Crushers (92-114)
 92Monkey Time200615Moon Crickets (92-97)
 92Cash is King200215Gamecocks (92-105)
59 (tie)91Gamecocks200016Intl House of Pain (91-107)
 91Raccoondogs200614Team D (91-105)
 91Tyrants of Fear200211Dome Crushers (91-109)
 91Monkey Time20006Intl House of Pain (91-96)
 91Monkey Time20031Tyrants of Fear (91-94)
 91Monkey Time200316Dome Crushers (91-96)
 91Cash is King20042Dome Crushers (91-114)
 91Cash is King200512Monkey Time (91-105)
 91Intl House of Pain20044Ramrods of Death (91-92)
 91Dome Crushers200416Monkey Time (91-139)
69 (tie)90Team D20024Monkey Time (90-126)
 90Gamecocks200612Team D (90-91)
 90Old Fashioned20017Cash is King (90-91)
72 (tie)89Team D200214Old Fashioned (89-94)
 89Cash is King20038Whoop Ass (89-117)
 89Moon Crickets20008Zoe (89-110)
 89Moon Crickets20031Whoop Ass (89-96)
 89Dome Crushers20045Fightin Squirrels (89-95)
77 (tie)88Team D200015Intl House of Pain (88-123)
 88Fightin Squirrels200411Monkey Time (88-99)
 88Fightin Squirrels20077Team D (88-108)
 88Raccoondogs20058Tyrants of Fear (88-100)
 88Farside Superior20054Tyrants of Fear (88-106)
 88Tyrants of Fear20019Intl House of Pain (88-120)
 88Tyrants of Fear20062Gamecocks (88-104)
 88Cash is King20022Tyrants of Fear (88-99)
 88Intl House of Pain20015Team D (88-104)
 88Intl House of Pain200412Ramrods of Death (88-124)
 88Old Fashioned20005Intl House of Pain (88-104)
 88The Manatees20007Monkey Time (88-115)
89 (tie)87Team D200410Ramrods of Death (87-132)
 87Raccoondogs20043Intl House of Pain (87-90)
 87Raccoondogs200712Fightin Squirrels (87-113)
 87Farside Superior20021Intl House of Pain (87-90)
 87Farside Superior20028Monkey Time (87-97)
 87Tyrants of Fear200515Team D (87-96)
 87Monkey Time20004Team D (87-121)
 87Monkey Time20048Intl House of Pain (87-102)
 87Cash is King200712Monkey Time (87-92)
 87Dome Crushers200115Team D (87-98)
99 (tie)86Team D200116Intl House of Pain (86-98)
 86Team D200413Fightin Squirrels (86-113)
 86Gamecocks20038Moon Crickets (86-90)
 86Gamecocks200411Ramrods of Death (86-96)
 86Fightin Squirrels20047Team D (86-107)
 86Ramrods of Death200513Dome Crushers (86-96)
 86Moon Crickets20021Dome Crushers (86-106)
 86Dome Crushers200216Gamecocks (86-102)
 86Dome Crushers20068Team D (86-95)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146Team D20031Old Fashioned (46-35)
249The Manatees20001Old Fashioned (49-44)
350Fightin Squirrels20044Raccoondogs (50-48)
451Old Fashioned20018Moon Crickets (51-38)
554Monkey Time20063Dome Crushers (54-46)
655Tyrants of Fear20036Intl House of Pain (55-45)
7 (tie)56Ramrods of Death20068Cash is King (56-36)
 56Moon Crickets20027Team D (56-53)
9 (tie)57Intl House of Pain20012Dome Crushers (57-31)
 57Dome Crushers20014The Manatees (57-46)
 57The Manatees20029Zoe (57-56)
1258Tyrants of Fear20029Farside Superior (58-46)
13 (tie)59Gamecocks20041Fightin Squirrels (59-38)
 59Cash is King200411Raccoondogs (59-54)
 59Old Fashioned200210Zoe (59-45)
16 (tie)60Gamecocks200716Farside Superior (60-37)
 60Tyrants of Fear200611Dome Crushers (60-58)
 60Dome Crushers200013Farside Superior (60-52)
19 (tie)61Tyrants of Fear200713Cash is King (61-50)
 61Cash is King200611Raccoondogs (61-47)
 61Old Fashioned20033Intl House of Pain (61-46)
 61Zoe20017Farside Superior (61-36)
23 (tie)62Team D200113The Manatees (62-51)
 62Team D20021Gamecocks (62-56)
 62Team D20058Dome Crushers (62-60)
 62Tyrants of Fear20069Fightin Squirrels (62-57)
 62Intl House of Pain200713Moon Crickets (62-57)
 62Dome Crushers20061Intl House of Pain (62-60)
 62Old Fashioned20029Moon Crickets (62-60)
 62Old Fashioned200312Fightin Squirrels (62-50)
31 (tie)63Team D200411Intl House of Pain (63-51)
 63Farside Superior20065Intl House of Pain (63-42)
 63Intl House of Pain20037Moon Crickets (63-30)
 63Moon Crickets200014Farside Superior (63-51)
 63Old Fashioned20019Farside Superior (63-55)
 63The Manatees200012Old Fashioned (63-45)
37 (tie)64Team D200314Old Fashioned (64-49)
 64Team D200513Fightin Squirrels (64-57)
 64The Manatees20013Gamecocks (64-55)
40 (tie)65Gamecocks20037Old Fashioned (65-36)
 65Gamecocks200313Old Fashioned (65-60)
 65Fightin Squirrels20038Farside Superior (65-39)
 65Tyrants of Fear20016Old Fashioned (65-62)
 65Monkey Time20035Team D (65-64)
45 (tie)66Fightin Squirrels20056Moon Crickets (66-58)
 66Raccoondogs200512Fightin Squirrels (66-55)
 66Monkey Time20017Intl House of Pain (66-48)
 66Monkey Time20036Gamecocks (66-50)
 66Ramrods of Death20075Tyrants of Fear (66-53)
 66Dome Crushers200114Moon Crickets (66-50)
 66Old Fashioned20012Gamecocks (66-53)
 66The Manatees20021Old Fashioned (66-58)
53 (tie)67Team D20074Gamecocks (67-60)
 67Gamecocks20027Farside Superior (67-49)
 67Fightin Squirrels20031Gamecocks (67-57)
 67Farside Superior20006Tyrants of Fear (67-64)
 67Intl House of Pain200013Moon Crickets (67-37)
 67Moon Crickets20001Dome Crushers (67-60)
59 (tie)68Team D20044Gamecocks (68-64)
 68Gamecocks20023The Manatees (68-54)
 68Tyrants of Fear20013Zoe (68-46)
 68Moon Crickets20071Ramrods of Death (68-61)
63 (tie)69Gamecocks20042Tyrants of Fear (69-52)
 69Gamecocks20063Farside Superior (69-38)
 69Intl House of Pain20047Moon Crickets (69-65)
 69Ramrods of Death20052Raccoondogs (69-52)
 69Dome Crushers20016Team D (69-50)
68 (tie)70Team D20013Old Fashioned (70-43)
 70Farside Superior200211The Manatees (70-62)
 70Intl House of Pain20001Farside Superior (70-61)
 70Intl House of Pain20024Zoe (70-49)
 70Dome Crushers20002Farside Superior (70-61)
 70Old Fashioned200011Farside Superior (70-49)
 70Old Fashioned200111Zoe (70-36)
75 (tie)71Fightin Squirrels20048Farside Superior (71-69)
 71Farside Superior200214Moon Crickets (71-67)
 71Cash is King20053Moon Crickets (71-46)
 71Moon Crickets20035Old Fashioned (71-51)
 71The Manatees20015Tyrants of Fear (71-66)
80 (tie)72Team D20033Tyrants of Fear (72-62)
 72Team D200510Ramrods of Death (72-49)
 72Gamecocks200114The Manatees (72-33)
 72Gamecocks20054Team D (72-57)
 72Tyrants of Fear20072Gamecocks (72-39)
 72Cash is King200414Farside Superior (72-44)
 72Cash is King20058Ramrods of Death (72-70)
 72Ramrods of Death20055Tyrants of Fear (72-67)
 72Moon Crickets20046Fightin Squirrels (72-64)
89 (tie)73Team D20064Gamecocks (73-58)
 73Gamecocks200412Team D (73-64)
 73Fightin Squirrels20032Intl House of Pain (73-68)
 73Farside Superior20059Raccoondogs (73-69)
 73Tyrants of Fear200513Cash is King (73-54)
 73Monkey Time20016Farside Superior (73-50)
 73Ramrods of Death20078Cash is King (73-28)
 73Dome Crushers20079Gamecocks (73-72)
 73The Manatees20016Cash is King (73-66)
98 (tie)74Farside Superior20034Tyrants of Fear (74-72)
 74Farside Superior20073Gamecocks (74-60)
 74Tyrants of Fear20014Farside Superior (74-69)
 74Cash is King20071Farside Superior (74-42)
 74Intl House of Pain20054Ramrods of Death (74-62)
 74Dome Crushers20039Gamecocks (74-66)
 74Zoe20005Team D (74-68)
Victory Margin
1103Dome Crushers200315Team D (177-74)
2102Intl House of Pain200110Cash is King (184-82)
3 (tie)98Tyrants of Fear200413Cash is King (158-60)
 98Monkey Time200410Raccoondogs (154-56)
588Dome Crushers20037Whoop Ass (145-57)
686Dome Crushers200212Moon Crickets (112-26)
784Raccoondogs20066Dome Crushers (123-39)
883Intl House of Pain20027Cash is King (150-67)
982Monkey Time200413Farside Superior (117-35)
1076Tyrants of Fear20064Farside Superior (130-54)
1175Intl House of Pain200012Farside Superior (110-35)
12 (tie)74Team D200710Ramrods of Death (108-34)
 74Monkey Time200310Old Fashioned (132-58)
 74Dome Crushers20023Intl House of Pain (140-66)
15 (tie)73Cash is King200011The Manatees (119-46)
 73Dome Crushers20027Zoe (136-63)
1769Monkey Time200314Tyrants of Fear (163-94)
1868Intl House of Pain20072Fightin Squirrels (127-59)
1967The Manatees200110Zoe (97-30)
20 (tie)66Monkey Time20038Intl House of Pain (113-47)
 66Monkey Time20037Farside Superior (120-54)
 66Monkey Time20076Gamecocks (127-61)
 66Cash is King20014Moon Crickets (105-39)
 66Dome Crushers20076Raccoondogs (111-45)
25 (tie)63Team D200311Intl House of Pain (91-28)
 63Fightin Squirrels20065Dome Crushers (101-38)
 63Tyrants of Fear20007Dome Crushers (132-69)
28 (tie)62Team D20066Cash is King (111-49)
 62Team D20072Farside Superior (144-82)
 62Monkey Time20019The Manatees (143-81)
 62Cash is King200314Farside Superior (109-47)
 62Cash is King200214Monkey Time (134-72)
3360Team D20076Cash is King (107-47)
34 (tie)59Team D20073Tyrants of Fear (130-71)
 59Monkey Time200313Farside Superior (129-70)
 59Monkey Time20068Intl House of Pain (140-81)
 59Intl House of Pain200112Moon Crickets (119-60)
38 (tie)58Ramrods of Death20073Fightin Squirrels (123-65)
 58Old Fashioned20007Zoe (117-59)
40 (tie)57Raccoondogs20054Fightin Squirrels (110-53)
 57Monkey Time20071Tyrants of Fear (119-62)
42 (tie)56Gamecocks20007Farside Superior (101-45)
 56Monkey Time200713Farside Superior (136-80)
 56Moon Crickets20068Gamecocks (120-64)
45 (tie)55Gamecocks20006Moon Crickets (95-40)
 55Monkey Time200511Fightin Squirrels (103-48)
 55Cash is King20041Farside Superior (102-47)
48 (tie)54Team D200110Farside Superior (97-43)
 54Gamecocks200711Ramrods of Death (116-62)
50 (tie)53Monkey Time20041Tyrants of Fear (120-67)
 53Dome Crushers200012Moon Crickets (89-36)
5252Gamecocks20022Old Fashioned (96-44)
53 (tie)51Team D20006Dome Crushers (98-47)
 51Raccoondogs20064Fightin Squirrels (105-54)
 51Raccoondogs20078Tyrants of Fear (119-68)
 51Monkey Time20044Cash is King (93-42)
 51Cash is King20043Moon Crickets (101-50)
 51Zoe200211Moon Crickets (90-39)
59 (tie)50Fightin Squirrels20034Old Fashioned (95-45)
 50Farside Superior20049Raccoondogs (93-43)
 50Old Fashioned20026Tyrants of Fear (84-34)
62 (tie)49Tyrants of Fear20047Cash is King (100-51)
 49Tyrants of Fear20053Team D (134-85)
 49Monkey Time200210The Manatees (84-35)
 49Cash is King20001Tyrants of Fear (108-59)
66 (tie)48Tyrants of Fear200512Farside Superior (103-55)
 48Monkey Time200412Cash is King (116-68)
 48Monkey Time20066Gamecocks (123-75)
 48Monkey Time200416Dome Crushers (139-91)
70 (tie)47Monkey Time20009Dome Crushers (102-55)
 47Monkey Time20059Ramrods of Death (107-60)
 47Cash is King20004Farside Superior (99-52)
 47Intl House of Pain20055Farside Superior (97-50)
 47Intl House of Pain20002Moon Crickets (119-72)
 47Ramrods of Death20043Fightin Squirrels (87-40)
 47Moon Crickets20064Dome Crushers (119-72)
 47Dome Crushers20028The Manatees (90-43)
 47Dome Crushers20024Old Fashioned (93-46)
 47Dome Crushers200511Tyrants of Fear (120-73)
80 (tie)46Team D200014The Manatees (86-40)
 46Team D20017Tyrants of Fear (126-80)
 46Gamecocks200314Fightin Squirrels (115-69)
 46Tyrants of Fear200510Moon Crickets (117-71)
 46Monkey Time20012Zoe (110-64)
 46Cash is King200010Moon Crickets (111-65)
86 (tie)45Gamecocks200011Monkey Time (119-74)
 45Fightin Squirrels200414Gamecocks (122-77)
 45Raccoondogs20047Gamecocks (90-45)
 45Farside Superior20011Dome Crushers (89-44)
 45Tyrants of Fear200312Farside Superior (104-59)
 45Monkey Time20042Moon Crickets (100-55)
 45Monkey Time20045Team D (102-57)
 45Ramrods of Death20078Cash is King (73-28)
 45Ramrods of Death200410Team D (132-87)
 45Moon Crickets200113Farside Superior (92-47)
 45Moon Crickets200710Tyrants of Fear (102-57)
 45Dome Crushers200714Intl House of Pain (98-53)
98 (tie)44Tyrants of Fear20052Gamecocks (137-93)
 44Monkey Time200014Cash is King (122-78)
 44Monkey Time20058Intl House of Pain (125-81)
 44Old Fashioned20008Dome Crushers (104-60)
Most Combined Points
1280Raccoondogs vs Team D (141-139)200714
2266Intl House of Pain vs Cash is King (184-82)200110
3257Monkey Time vs Tyrants of Fear (163-94)200314
4251Dome Crushers vs Team D (177-74)200315
5245Team D vs Gamecocks (134-111)200712
6 (tie)242Team D vs Gamecocks (135-107)200212
 242Gamecocks vs Raccoondogs (139-103)200413
 242Monkey Time vs Cash is King (127-115)20054
9240Team D vs Tyrants of Fear (129-111)20008
10237Monkey Time vs Ramrods of Death (130-107)20069
11233Raccoondogs vs Team D (119-114)20071
12 (tie)230Monkey Time vs Dome Crushers (139-91)200416
 230Team D vs Tyrants of Fear (118-112)20025
 230Tyrants of Fear vs Gamecocks (137-93)20052
15229Ramrods of Death vs Dome Crushers (119-110)200413
16 (tie)228Monkey Time vs Fightin Squirrels (135-93)200711
 228Monkey Time vs Farside Superior (131-97)20067
18 (tie)226Monkey Time vs Cash is King (119-107)200315
 226Team D vs Farside Superior (144-82)20072
20 (tie)224Tyrants of Fear vs Dome Crushers (131-93)200311
 224Ramrods of Death vs Dome Crushers (128-96)20047
 224Cash is King vs Intl House of Pain (122-102)20007
 224Monkey Time vs Gamecocks (115-109)20056
 224Monkey Time vs The Manatees (143-81)20019
25223Farside Superior vs Team D (124-99)200210
26 (tie)221Monkey Time vs Intl House of Pain (140-81)20068
 221Tyrants of Fear vs Cash is King (120-101)200313
 221Tyrants of Fear vs Dome Crushers (112-109)200411
29220Dome Crushers vs Farside Superior (117-103)200112
30 (tie)219Tyrants of Fear vs Team D (134-85)20053
 219Monkey Time vs Team D (117-102)200516
 219Ramrods of Death vs Team D (132-87)200410
 219Dome Crushers vs Team D (120-99)20048
34218Tyrants of Fear vs Cash is King (158-60)200413
35 (tie)217Cash is King vs Intl House of Pain (122-95)20049
 217Intl House of Pain vs Cash is King (150-67)20027
37 (tie)216Monkey Time vs Team D (126-90)20024
 216Monkey Time vs Dome Crushers (110-106)20053
 216Monkey Time vs Farside Superior (136-80)200713
40213Fightin Squirrels vs Dome Crushers (111-102)20055
41212Ramrods of Death vs Intl House of Pain (124-88)200412
42211Intl House of Pain vs Team D (123-88)200015
43 (tie)210Monkey Time vs Raccoondogs (154-56)200410
 210Cash is King vs Gamecocks (115-95)20035
 210Ramrods of Death vs Farside Superior (107-103)20066
 210Team D vs Dome Crushers (105-105)20078
47 (tie)209Dome Crushers vs Whoop Ass (109-100)200313
 209Dome Crushers vs Team D (107-102)20038
 209Moon Crickets vs Intl House of Pain (107-102)20022
50 (tie)208Moon Crickets vs Farside Superior (110-98)20023
 208Intl House of Pain vs Tyrants of Fear (120-88)20019
 208Team D vs Monkey Time (121-87)20004
53207Dome Crushers vs Farside Superior (112-95)200213
54 (tie)206Cash is King vs Monkey Time (134-72)200214
 206Dome Crushers vs Intl House of Pain (140-66)20023
 206Monkey Time vs Intl House of Pain (125-81)20058
 206Team D vs Tyrants of Fear (126-80)20017
 206Dome Crushers vs Farside Superior (114-92)200710
 206Cash is King vs Zoe (105-101)20002
 206Whoop Ass vs Cash is King (117-89)20038
61205Dome Crushers vs Cash is King (114-91)20042
62204Dome Crushers vs Team D (112-92)20026
63 (tie)203Monkey Time vs The Manatees (115-88)20007
 203Ramrods of Death vs Moon Crickets (108-95)200414
 203Gamecocks vs Team D (103-100)20011
66202Dome Crushers vs Whoop Ass (145-57)20037
67 (tie)201Tyrants of Fear vs Dome Crushers (132-69)20007
 201Team D vs Tyrants of Fear (130-71)20073
 201Tyrants of Fear vs Cash is King (102-99)200012
70 (tie)200Gamecocks vs Monkey Time (103-97)200211
 200Ramrods of Death vs Cash is King (105-95)20048
 200Monkey Time vs Cash is King (122-78)200014
 200Fightin Squirrels vs Raccoondogs (113-87)200712
 200Dome Crushers vs Tyrants of Fear (109-91)200211
 200Monkey Time vs Gamecocks (115-85)20046
76 (tie)199Intl House of Pain vs Monkey Time (115-84)200115
 199Zoe vs Moon Crickets (110-89)20008
 199Intl House of Pain vs Ramrods of Death (100-99)200612
 199Monkey Time vs Farside Superior (129-70)200313
 199Cash is King vs Dome Crushers (106-93)20025
 199Tyrants of Fear vs Cash is King (100-99)20037
 199Dome Crushers vs Zoe (136-63)20027
 199Fightin Squirrels vs Team D (113-86)200413
 199Fightin Squirrels vs Gamecocks (122-77)200414
85 (tie)198Monkey Time vs Gamecocks (123-75)20066
 198Tyrants of Fear vs Monkey Time (116-82)20011
 198Dome Crushers vs Intl House of Pain (104-94)20041
 198Intl House of Pain vs Gamecocks (107-91)200016
 198Tyrants of Fear vs Monkey Time (118-80)20021
 198Dome Crushers vs Moon Crickets (100-98)200512
91 (tie)197Gamecocks vs Cash is King (105-92)200215
 197Fightin Squirrels vs Gamecocks (101-96)200614
93 (tie)196Intl House of Pain vs Raccoondogs (99-97)20063
 196Team D vs Raccoondogs (105-91)200614
 196Monkey Time vs Cash is King (105-91)200512
 196Team D vs Fightin Squirrels (108-88)20077
97 (tie)195Monkey Time vs Raccoondogs (101-94)200610
 195Raccoondogs vs Fightin Squirrels (103-92)200612
 195Farside Superior vs Raccoondogs (101-94)20079
 195Fightin Squirrels vs Tyrants of Fear (98-97)20049
 195Cash is King vs Moon Crickets (111-84)200210
Fewest Combined Points
181Team D vs Old Fashioned (46-35)20031
288Intl House of Pain vs Dome Crushers (57-31)20012
389Old Fashioned vs Moon Crickets (51-38)20018
492Ramrods of Death vs Cash is King (56-36)20068
5 (tie)93The Manatees vs Old Fashioned (49-44)20001
 93Intl House of Pain vs Moon Crickets (63-30)20037
7 (tie)97Zoe vs Farside Superior (61-36)20017
 97Gamecocks vs Fightin Squirrels (59-38)20041
 97Gamecocks vs Farside Superior (60-37)200716
1098Fightin Squirrels vs Raccoondogs (50-48)20044
11 (tie)100Monkey Time vs Dome Crushers (54-46)20063
 100Tyrants of Fear vs Intl House of Pain (55-45)20036
13 (tie)101Ramrods of Death vs Cash is King (73-28)20078
 101Gamecocks vs Old Fashioned (65-36)20037
15103Dome Crushers vs The Manatees (57-46)20014
16 (tie)104Fightin Squirrels vs Farside Superior (65-39)20038
 104Old Fashioned vs Zoe (59-45)200210
 104Intl House of Pain vs Moon Crickets (67-37)200013
 104Tyrants of Fear vs Farside Superior (58-46)20029
20 (tie)105Farside Superior vs Intl House of Pain (63-42)20065
 105Gamecocks vs The Manatees (72-33)200114
22106Old Fashioned vs Zoe (70-36)200111
23 (tie)107Old Fashioned vs Intl House of Pain (61-46)20033
 107Gamecocks vs Farside Superior (69-38)20063
25 (tie)108Cash is King vs Raccoondogs (61-47)200611
 108The Manatees vs Old Fashioned (63-45)200012
27109Moon Crickets vs Team D (56-53)20027
28110Dome Crushers vs Farside Superior (75-35)200310
29 (tie)111Team D vs Farside Superior (77-34)20052
 111Tyrants of Fear vs Cash is King (61-50)200713
 111Tyrants of Fear vs Gamecocks (72-39)20072
32 (tie)112Dome Crushers vs Farside Superior (60-52)200013
 112Old Fashioned vs Fightin Squirrels (62-50)200312
34 (tie)113Team D vs Old Fashioned (64-49)200314
 113The Manatees vs Zoe (57-56)20029
 113Team D vs The Manatees (62-51)200113
 113Team D vs Old Fashioned (70-43)20013
 113Cash is King vs Raccoondogs (59-54)200411
39 (tie)114Team D vs Intl House of Pain (63-51)200411
 114Moon Crickets vs Farside Superior (63-51)200014
 114Monkey Time vs Intl House of Pain (66-48)20017
 114Tyrants of Fear vs Zoe (68-46)20013
43115Dome Crushers vs Moon Crickets (77-38)20013
44 (tie)116Dome Crushers vs Moon Crickets (66-50)200114
 116Gamecocks vs Farside Superior (67-49)20027
 116Monkey Time vs Gamecocks (66-50)20036
 116Cash is King vs Farside Superior (74-42)20071
 116Cash is King vs Farside Superior (72-44)200414
49 (tie)117Cash is King vs Moon Crickets (71-46)20053
 117Ramrods of Death vs Intl House of Pain (76-41)20074
51 (tie)118Monkey Time vs Intl House of Pain (78-40)20078
 118Old Fashioned vs Farside Superior (63-55)20019
 118Tyrants of Fear vs Dome Crushers (60-58)200611
 118Team D vs Gamecocks (62-56)20021
 118Old Fashioned vs Tyrants of Fear (84-34)20026
56 (tie)119Team D vs Intl House of Pain (91-28)200311
 119Tyrants of Fear vs Fightin Squirrels (62-57)20069
 119Old Fashioned vs Farside Superior (70-49)200011
 119Ramrods of Death vs Tyrants of Fear (66-53)20075
 119Monkey Time vs The Manatees (84-35)200210
 119The Manatees vs Gamecocks (64-55)20013
 119Intl House of Pain vs Moon Crickets (62-57)200713
 119Intl House of Pain vs Zoe (70-49)20024
 119Dome Crushers vs Team D (69-50)20016
 119Old Fashioned vs Gamecocks (66-53)20012
66 (tie)120Dome Crushers vs Ramrods of Death (60-60)200613
 120Moon Crickets vs The Manatees (78-42)20009
68 (tie)121Raccoondogs vs Fightin Squirrels (66-55)200512
 121Gamecocks vs Tyrants of Fear (69-52)20042
 121Team D vs Ramrods of Death (72-49)200510
 121Team D vs Fightin Squirrels (64-57)200513
 121Ramrods of Death vs Raccoondogs (69-52)20052
73 (tie)122Moon Crickets vs Farside Superior (80-42)20003
 122Gamecocks vs The Manatees (68-54)20023
 122Moon Crickets vs Old Fashioned (71-51)20035
 122Team D vs Dome Crushers (62-60)20058
 122Dome Crushers vs Intl House of Pain (62-60)20061
 122Old Fashioned vs Moon Crickets (62-60)20029
79 (tie)123Monkey Time vs Farside Superior (73-50)20016
 123Intl House of Pain vs Dome Crushers (77-46)200614
 123Monkey Time vs Old Fashioned (79-44)200110
82 (tie)124Ramrods of Death vs Moon Crickets (76-48)200614
 124The Manatees vs Old Fashioned (66-58)20021
 124Fightin Squirrels vs Moon Crickets (66-58)20056
 124Fightin Squirrels vs Gamecocks (67-57)20031
86 (tie)125Dome Crushers vs Moon Crickets (89-36)200012
 125Gamecocks vs Old Fashioned (65-60)200313
 125Intl House of Pain vs Tyrants of Fear (83-42)20046
89 (tie)126Cash is King vs Moon Crickets (77-49)20033
 126Gamecocks vs Ramrods of Death (63-63)200511
 126Dome Crushers vs Ramrods of Death (76-50)20077
 126Gamecocks vs Cash is King (77-49)20065
 126Team D vs The Manatees (86-40)200014
94 (tie)127Zoe vs Dome Crushers (81-46)200011
 127Tyrants of Fear vs Old Fashioned (65-62)20016
 127Ramrods of Death vs Fightin Squirrels (87-40)20043
 127Team D vs Gamecocks (67-60)20074
 127Tyrants of Fear vs Cash is King (73-54)200513
 127The Manatees vs Zoe (97-30)200110
 127Moon Crickets vs Dome Crushers (67-60)20001
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Team D200612Gamecocks (91-90)
 1Fightin Squirrels20039Tyrants of Fear (79-78)
 1Fightin Squirrels20049Tyrants of Fear (98-97)
 1Tyrants of Fear20037Cash is King (100-99)
 1Monkey Time20035Team D (65-64)
 1Cash is King200211Old Fashioned (78-77)
 1Cash is King20017Old Fashioned (91-90)
 1Intl House of Pain20059Cash is King (77-76)
 1Intl House of Pain200612Ramrods of Death (100-99)
 1Ramrods of Death20044Intl House of Pain (92-91)
 1Moon Crickets200410Tyrants of Fear (97-96)
 1Dome Crushers20079Gamecocks (73-72)
 1The Manatees20029Zoe (57-56)
14 (tie)2Team D20058Dome Crushers (62-60)
 2Team D20049Moon Crickets (76-74)
 2Fightin Squirrels20044Raccoondogs (50-48)
 2Fightin Squirrels20048Farside Superior (71-69)
 2Raccoondogs200714Team D (141-139)
 2Farside Superior20034Tyrants of Fear (74-72)
 2Farside Superior20045Intl House of Pain (75-73)
 2Farside Superior20015Cash is King (85-83)
 2Farside Superior20013Intl House of Pain (87-85)
 2Tyrants of Fear200611Dome Crushers (60-58)
 2Tyrants of Fear20012Cash is King (85-83)
 2Cash is King20058Ramrods of Death (72-70)
 2Cash is King20061Farside Superior (76-74)
 2Intl House of Pain20063Raccoondogs (99-97)
 2Moon Crickets20004Old Fashioned (77-75)
 2Moon Crickets20078Gamecocks (80-78)
 2Dome Crushers20061Intl House of Pain (62-60)
 2Dome Crushers20074Moon Crickets (81-79)
 2Dome Crushers200512Moon Crickets (100-98)
 2Old Fashioned20029Moon Crickets (62-60)
 2Old Fashioned20039Farside Superior (75-73)
 2Whoop Ass200312Intl House of Pain (80-78)
36 (tie)3Gamecocks20011Team D (103-100)
 3Farside Superior20006Tyrants of Fear (67-64)
 3Farside Superior20058Fightin Squirrels (86-83)
 3Tyrants of Fear20016Old Fashioned (65-62)
 3Tyrants of Fear200615Team D (77-74)
 3Tyrants of Fear20031Monkey Time (94-91)
 3Tyrants of Fear200012Cash is King (102-99)
 3Tyrants of Fear200411Dome Crushers (112-109)
 3Intl House of Pain200716Moon Crickets (76-73)
 3Intl House of Pain20021Farside Superior (90-87)
 3Intl House of Pain20043Raccoondogs (90-87)
 3Moon Crickets20027Team D (56-53)
48 (tie)4Team D20044Gamecocks (68-64)
 4Farside Superior200214Moon Crickets (71-67)
 4Farside Superior20059Raccoondogs (73-69)
 4Farside Superior20022Dome Crushers (76-72)
 4Monkey Time20053Dome Crushers (110-106)
 4Cash is King20002Zoe (105-101)
 4Intl House of Pain20047Moon Crickets (69-65)
 4Ramrods of Death20064Intl House of Pain (81-77)
 4Ramrods of Death20066Farside Superior (107-103)
 4Moon Crickets20038Gamecocks (90-86)
 4Dome Crushers20059Gamecocks (83-79)
59 (tie)5Team D200114Old Fashioned (77-72)
 5Team D20036Cash is King (77-72)
 5Team D200414Raccoondogs (85-80)
 5Gamecocks200313Old Fashioned (65-60)
 5Gamecocks200311Whoop Ass (76-71)
 5Gamecocks20061Fightin Squirrels (76-71)
 5Fightin Squirrels20032Intl House of Pain (73-68)
 5Fightin Squirrels200614Gamecocks (101-96)
 5Raccoondogs20075Moon Crickets (84-79)
 5Raccoondogs20071Team D (119-114)
 5Tyrants of Fear20069Fightin Squirrels (62-57)
 5Tyrants of Fear20014Farside Superior (74-69)
 5Tyrants of Fear20077Cash is King (89-84)
 5Monkey Time200414Tyrants of Fear (75-70)
 5Monkey Time20025Moon Crickets (80-75)
 5Monkey Time20075Team D (84-79)
 5Monkey Time200712Cash is King (92-87)
 5Cash is King200411Raccoondogs (59-54)
 5Intl House of Pain200713Moon Crickets (62-57)
 5Intl House of Pain20053Raccoondogs (84-79)
 5Intl House of Pain20006Monkey Time (96-91)
 5Ramrods of Death20055Tyrants of Fear (72-67)
 5Moon Crickets20028Tyrants of Fear (88-83)
 5Moon Crickets200615Monkey Time (97-92)
 5Moon Crickets20022Intl House of Pain (107-102)
 5Dome Crushers200316Monkey Time (96-91)
 5Dome Crushers20038Team D (107-102)
 5Old Fashioned20023Team D (77-72)
 5Old Fashioned20028Intl House of Pain (90-85)
 5Old Fashioned200214Team D (94-89)
 5The Manatees20001Old Fashioned (49-44)
 5The Manatees20015Tyrants of Fear (71-66)
91 (tie)6Team D20021Gamecocks (62-56)
 6Team D20046Cash is King (90-84)
 6Team D20025Tyrants of Fear (118-112)
 6Gamecocks200211Monkey Time (103-97)
 6Fightin Squirrels20045Dome Crushers (95-89)
 6Tyrants of Fear200212Monkey Time (99-93)
 6Monkey Time200710Raccoondogs (84-78)
 6Monkey Time20056Gamecocks (115-109)
 6Cash is King200510Fightin Squirrels (83-77)
 6Moon Crickets20048Gamecocks (84-78)
 6Dome Crushers20062Cash is King (76-70)
 6Zoe20005Team D (74-68)

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