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Gentlemen's Organization of Dynasty Stalwarts Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1227.5Blackwood Brawlers201413
2195.3Smog City Grizzlies20142
3190.8Smog City Grizzlies201410
4184.15Smog City Grizzlies20144
5179.85Gayborhood Brown Bush20144
6171.8Blackwood Brawlers20143
7171.2Blackwood Brawlers20141
8169.5Blackwood Brawlers201414
9167Tree City Warhawks20149
10165.45Gayborhood Brown Bush20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
142.65Columbus Beasts20141
246.25Moorestown Quakes20147
348.6Voorhees Vanguard20147
456.5Francisville CFSODC20143
558.95Moorestown Quakes20149
659.8Columbus Beasts20143
762.25Main Line Mammoths201412
865.65Moorestown Quakes20143
967.4Main Line Mammoths20146
1068.2Clementon Bearded Clams201411
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
176.8Columbus Beasts20146Voorhees Vanguard (76.8-75.15)
280.4Voorhees Vanguard20145Main Line Mammoths (80.4-74.15)
384.4Rancocas Roos20144Moorestown Quakes (84.4-76.9)
490.8Rancocas Roos201416Blackwood Brawlers (90.8-89.55)
591.65Clementon Bearded Clams20149Smog City Grizzlies (91.65-85.95)
692.95Moorestown Quakes201412Main Line Mammoths (92.95-62.25)
793.35Main Line Mammoths20144Clementon Bearded Clams (93.35-83.75)
896.15Mullica Hill Esso Bees20143Columbus Beasts (96.15-59.8)
998.45Rancocas Roos201412Clementon Bearded Clams (98.45-84.65)
1098.55Rancocas Roos20143Main Line Mammoths (98.55-90.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1151.15Smog City Grizzlies201414Blackwood Brawlers (151.15-169.5)
2140.05Blackwood Brawlers201412Voorhees Vanguard (140.05-162.65)
3139.05Francisville CFSODC20145Tree City Warhawks (139.05-145.7)
4134.8Blackwood Brawlers20149Tree City Warhawks (134.8-167)
5130.75Mullica Hill Esso Bees20148Rancocas Roos (130.75-164.8)
6127.35Blackwood Brawlers20144Voorhees Vanguard (127.35-147.2)
7124.8Rancocas Roos20147Columbus Beasts (124.8-137.35)
8121.5Voorhees Vanguard201416Gayborhood Brown Bush (121.5-145.55)
9118.55Rancocas Roos20141Blackwood Brawlers (118.55-171.2)
10118.45Francisville CFSODC20142Smog City Grizzlies (118.45-195.3)
Most Combined Points
1320.65Blackwood Brawlers vs Smog City Grizzlies (169.5-151.15)201414
2313.75Smog City Grizzlies vs Francisville CFSODC (195.3-118.45)20142
3302.7Voorhees Vanguard vs Blackwood Brawlers (162.65-140.05)201412
4301.8Tree City Warhawks vs Blackwood Brawlers (167-134.8)20149
5301.15Blackwood Brawlers vs Moorestown Quakes (227.5-73.65)201413
6295.55Rancocas Roos vs Mullica Hill Esso Bees (164.8-130.75)20148
7289.75Blackwood Brawlers vs Rancocas Roos (171.2-118.55)20141
8284.75Tree City Warhawks vs Francisville CFSODC (145.7-139.05)20145
9282.55Gayborhood Brown Bush vs Blackwood Brawlers (165.45-117.1)20148
10274.55Voorhees Vanguard vs Blackwood Brawlers (147.2-127.35)20144
Fewest Combined Points
1150.35Tree City Warhawks vs Voorhees Vanguard (101.75-48.6)20147
2151.95Columbus Beasts vs Voorhees Vanguard (76.8-75.15)20146
3154.55Voorhees Vanguard vs Main Line Mammoths (80.4-74.15)20145
4155.2Moorestown Quakes vs Main Line Mammoths (92.95-62.25)201412
5155.95Mullica Hill Esso Bees vs Columbus Beasts (96.15-59.8)20143
6156.95Gayborhood Brown Bush vs Moorestown Quakes (110.7-46.25)20147
7161.3Rancocas Roos vs Moorestown Quakes (84.4-76.9)20144
8168.25Tree City Warhawks vs Columbus Beasts (125.6-42.65)20141
9174.65Tree City Warhawks vs Mullica Hill Esso Bees (102-72.65)20142
10177.1Main Line Mammoths vs Clementon Bearded Clams (93.35-83.75)20144
Victory Margin
1153.85Blackwood Brawlers201413Moorestown Quakes (227.5-73.65)
2108.6Smog City Grizzlies201410Moorestown Quakes (190.8-82.2)
396.85Smog City Grizzlies20144Mullica Hill Esso Bees (184.15-87.3)
492.45Gayborhood Brown Bush20144Tree City Warhawks (179.85-87.4)
590.8Blackwood Brawlers20143Clementon Bearded Clams (171.8-81)
684.45Smog City Grizzlies20146Main Line Mammoths (151.85-67.4)
782.95Tree City Warhawks20141Columbus Beasts (125.6-42.65)
880.95Tree City Warhawks201410Rancocas Roos (159.75-78.8)
980.75Columbus Beasts20148Moorestown Quakes (155.6-74.85)
1080.2Mullica Hill Esso Bees20149Moorestown Quakes (139.15-58.95)
Least Victory Margin
10.85Blackwood Brawlers20147Smog City Grizzlies (109.6-108.75)
21.25Rancocas Roos201416Blackwood Brawlers (90.8-89.55)
31.65Columbus Beasts20146Voorhees Vanguard (76.8-75.15)
42.95Voorhees Vanguard201411Mullica Hill Esso Bees (117.9-114.95)
54.10Rancocas Roos20145Clementon Bearded Clams (107.95-103.85)
65.40Main Line Mammoths201413Rancocas Roos (106.25-100.85)
75.70Clementon Bearded Clams20149Smog City Grizzlies (91.65-85.95)
86.25Voorhees Vanguard20145Main Line Mammoths (80.4-74.15)
96.65Tree City Warhawks20145Francisville CFSODC (145.7-139.05)
107.50Rancocas Roos20144Moorestown Quakes (84.4-76.9)

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