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Jackals Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1199.1Fazmanian Devils20148
2196.66Axis Of Ignorance201414
3190.93Fazmanian Devils20153
4189.39Kiss My Anthia201513
5187.81Kiss My Anthia201615
6185.91Kiss My Anthia20166
9 (tie)177.73Juggernauts201515
 177.73Axis Of Ignorance20144
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
117.6N.B. Bruisers20137
339.22Big Macs20139
439.79Fazmanian Devils20117
540.11Fighting Moose Knuckles20104
640.18Utah Ski Jumpers20108
741.7Axis Of Ignorance201712
8 (tie)44Axis Of Ignorance20094
 44Big Macs20096
1044.42Fighting Moose Knuckles201014
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
150.34Zoom20109Utah Ski Jumpers (50.34-49.16)
258.94Kiss My Anthia201211Skinny Guineas (58.94-46.12)
362Child Please20091Big Macs (62-51)
466.01Savages20175Team Lionheart (66.01-54.99)
566.92Mr. Nice Guy201610Kielbasa Posse (66.92-63.88)
668.82Big Macs20108Zoom (68.82-50.32)
769.79Fighting Moose Knuckles20101Invisible Swordsmen (69.79-46.5)
871.35Juggernauts20104Fighting Moose Knuckles (71.35-40.11)
972.6Kielbasa Posse20175Eskimo Bro's (72.6-63.6)
1072.61Utah Ski Jumpers201012Big Macs (72.61-44.55)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1154.15Kiss My Anthia201515Juggernauts (154.15-177.73)
2150.13Camp Jersey 33201715Fighting Moose Knuckles (150.13-158.72)
3143.35Kiss My Anthia20148Fazmanian Devils (143.35-199.1)
4143.27Fighting Moose Knuckles20114Zoom (143.27-170.05)
5141.13Mr. Nice Guy20111Kiss My Anthia (141.13-157.04)
6139.88Big Macs20112Fighting Moose Knuckles (139.88-161.94)
7137.78Big Macs20151Badass Beardies (137.78-144.38)
8136.97Fighting Moose Knuckles201412Fazmanian Devils (136.97-137.05)
9134.89Juggernauts201211Axis Of Ignorance (134.89-137.04)
10134.57Mr. Nice Guy20131Kiss My Anthia (134.57-144.05)
Most Combined Points
1342.45Fazmanian Devils vs Kiss My Anthia (199.1-143.35)20148
2331.88Juggernauts vs Kiss My Anthia (177.73-154.15)201515
3313.32Zoom vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (170.05-143.27)20114
4313.02Fazmanian Devils vs Axis Of Ignorance (190.93-122.09)20153
5310.11Kiss My Anthia vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (189.39-120.72)201513
6308.85Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Camp Jersey 33 (158.72-150.13)201715
7306.02Fazmanian Devils vs Mr. Nice Guy (199.1-106.92)20148
8303.76Axis Of Ignorance vs Kielbasa Posse (196.66-107.1)201414
9301.82Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Big Macs (161.94-139.88)20112
10301Kiss My Anthia vs Mr. Nice Guy (167-134)20096
Fewest Combined Points
199.5Zoom vs Utah Ski Jumpers (50.34-49.16)20109
2100.35Mr. Nice Guy vs N.B. Bruisers (82.75-17.6)20137
3105.06Kiss My Anthia vs Skinny Guineas (58.94-46.12)201211
4111.46Juggernauts vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (71.35-40.11)20104
5113Child Please vs Big Macs (62-51)20091
6116.29Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Invisible Swordsmen (69.79-46.5)20101
7117.16Utah Ski Jumpers vs Big Macs (72.61-44.55)201012
8118.37Skinny Guineas vs Fazmanian Devils (78.58-39.79)20117
9119.14Big Macs vs Zoom (68.82-50.32)20108
10121Savages vs Team Lionheart (66.01-54.99)20175
Victory Margin
1128.22Kiss My Anthia20166Kielbasa Posse (185.91-57.69)
2123.85Savages20139Big Macs (163.07-39.22)
3104.17Zoom201711Juggernauts (185.33-81.16)
4101.47Big Macs20122Fighting Moose Knuckles (162.63-61.16)
598.6Zoom201712Savages (167.46-68.86)
698.48Fighting Moose Knuckles20137N.B. Bruisers (116.08-17.6)
798.11Blue Giants20115Big Macs (153.72-55.61)
898.03Kiss My Anthia20143Kielbasa Posse (148.99-50.96)
997.36Kiss My Anthia201615Axis Of Ignorance (187.81-90.45)
1092.59Fazmanian Devils201713Eskimo Bro's (154-61.41)
Least Victory Margin
10.03nUmBeR wOn201614Camp Jersey 33 (105.56-105.53)
20.06Fighting Moose Knuckles20152Clam Baggers (82.45-82.39)
30.08Fazmanian Devils201412Fighting Moose Knuckles (137.05-136.97)
40.10Kiss My Anthia20107Zoom (87.09-86.99)
50.11Fighting Moose Knuckles20111Invisible Swordsmen (99.16-99.05)
60.13Juggernauts20176Kielbasa Posse (90.77-90.64)
70.16Savages201212Fighting Moose Knuckles (109.78-109.62)
80.18Fazmanian Devils20154Zoom (91.11-90.93)
90.23Mr. Nice Guy20154Axis Of Ignorance (98.23-98)
100.25Fighting Moose Knuckles20105Big Macs (103.74-103.49)

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