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John Madden's Illegitimate Kids Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1231.2Watt the F***201916
2227.8Prestige Worldwide20184
3226.1Harambe's Heroes20195
4222.6Steal City Phantoms20193
5221.1Dicken's Cider20194
6217Hicktown Rednecks20153
7 (tie)215Hicktown Rednecks201816
 215Junk Yard Dogs201712
9214.9Space Force20192
10213.5Steal City Phantoms20153
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)46.5Spunky Monkeys20149
 46.5Harambe's Heroes201711
361.5Harambe's Heroes201712
465.5Harambe's Heroes20154
567Prestige Worldwide20175
668.5Harambe's Heroes20155
770Morning Woodhead201613
9 (tie)72.5Tittsburgh Feelers20171
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)0Prestige Worldwide20191Space Force (0-0) TB
 0Watt the F***20191Dicken's Cider (0-0) TB
395.5Spunky Monkeys201710Tittsburgh Feelers (95.5-92.5)
496.5Hicktown Rednecks201611Morning Woodhead (96.5-91)
597.5The Turkinators201614Morning Woodhead (97.5-84)
6100Harambe's Heroes20153Prestige Worldwide (100-92)
7100.5Steal City Phantoms201511Dicken's Cider (100.5-75)
8101.5Spunky Monkeys201712Harambe's Heroes (101.5-61.5)
9102Hicktown Rednecks201411The Big Ben Theory (102-99.5)
10103The Big Ben Theory20142The Turkinators (103-91.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1185.1Junk Yard Dogs201810Prestige Worldwide (185.1-195.6)
2182.7Tittsburgh Feelers20193Space Force (182.7-194.7)
3178.5Hicktown Rednecks20158Prestige Worldwide (178.5-209)
4177.7Tittsburgh Feelers20184Morning Woodhead (177.7-183)
5176.9Spunky Monkeys20198Steal City Phantoms (176.9-210.7)
6 (tie)175.1Murder Boners20182Prestige Worldwide (175.1-187.6)
 175.1Murder Boners20182Prestige Worldwide (175.1-187.6)
8173.8Watt the F***20196Morning Woodhead (173.8-180)
9173.3Junk Yard Dogs20199Prestige Worldwide (173.3-173.6)
10172.5Dicken's Cider20148The Turkinators (172.5-174)
Most Combined Points
1398.7Prestige Worldwide vs Spunky Monkeys (227.8-170.9)20184
2387.6Steal City Phantoms vs Spunky Monkeys (210.7-176.9)20198
3387.5Prestige Worldwide vs Hicktown Rednecks (209-178.5)20158
4385.4Space Force vs Junk Yard Dogs (214.9-170.5)20192
5382Junk Yard Dogs vs Spunky Monkeys (212.5-169.5)201515
6381.4Harambe's Heroes vs Prestige Worldwide (226.1-155.3)20195
7380.7Prestige Worldwide vs Junk Yard Dogs (195.6-185.1)201810
8377.4Space Force vs Tittsburgh Feelers (194.7-182.7)20193
9375.7Space Force vs Prestige Worldwide (205.5-170.2)201812
10373.2Steal City Phantoms vs Prestige Worldwide (222.6-150.6)20193
Fewest Combined Points
1163Spunky Monkeys vs Harambe's Heroes (101.5-61.5)201712
2171Prestige Worldwide vs Spunky Monkeys (124.5-46.5)20149
3175.5Steal City Phantoms vs Dicken's Cider (100.5-75)201511
4176Tittsburgh Feelers vs Harambe's Heroes (129.5-46.5)201711
5179.5Hicktown Rednecks vs Harambe's Heroes (114-65.5)20154
6181.5The Turkinators vs Morning Woodhead (97.5-84)201614
7185.5Junk Yard Dogs vs All the Queen's Men (106-79.5)201416
8187.5Hicktown Rednecks vs Morning Woodhead (96.5-91)201611
9188Spunky Monkeys vs Tittsburgh Feelers (95.5-92.5)201710
10188.5Junk Yard Dogs vs Space Force (105.5-83)20143
Victory Margin
1135.7Dicken's Cider20194Junk Yard Dogs (221.1-85.4)
2102.5Junk Yard Dogs201712Hicktown Rednecks (215-112.5)
3 (tie)101.8Spunky Monkeys201812Murder Boners (179.9-78.1)
 101.8Spunky Monkeys201812Murder Boners (179.9-78.1)
599.6Watt the F***201916Morning Woodhead (231.2-131.6)
695.5Junk Yard Dogs20174Turkinators (168-72.5)
791Hicktown Rednecks20175Prestige Worldwide (158-67)
890Junk Yard Dogs201410All the Queen's Men (191-101)
985.9The Big Ben Theory20195Spunky Monkeys (187.2-101.3)
1084.7Dicken's Cider20193The Big Ben Theory (213.3-128.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Prestige Worldwide20199Junk Yard Dogs (173.6-173.3)
2 (tie)0.50Prestige Worldwide201814Watt the F*** (134.9-134.4)
 0.50The Big Ben Theory20158Spunky Monkeys (146-145.5)
 0.50Tittsburgh Feelers20173The Big Ben Theory (108.5-108)
 0.50Tittsburgh Feelers201714Watt the F*** (127-126.5)
60.70Dicken's Cider201910Steal City Phantoms (135.9-135.2)
7 (tie)0.80Murder Boners20187Harambe's Heroes (153.7-152.9)
 0.80Murder Boners20187Harambe's Heroes (153.7-152.9)
9 (tie)1Space Force20174Harambe's Heroes (126-125)
 1Harambe's Heroes20156The Big Ben Theory (152.5-151.5)
 1Morning Woodhead20147The Big Ben Theory (116.5-115.5)
 1All the Queen's Men20143Hicktown Rednecks (150.5-149.5)

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