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Modell's Fatty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1150Iron Man20068
3142.5Mighty Bengals200413
4141.5Bad Dogs200410
5139Bad Dogs20048
6137Rat Bastards20024
8 (tie)131Flyers200210
10 (tie)129.5Iron Man200315
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
19Bad to the Bone20041
222.5JJ Bruisers200413
332.5Iron Man200510
4 (tie)33Tax Bandits200310
 33Tax Bandits20063
734.5Tax Bandits20054
8 (tie)35Tax Bandits200513
 35JJ Bruisers20031
 35Blue and Gold20051
 35Brass Monkey20041
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
137.5Blue and Gold20059JJ Bruisers (37.5-35.5)
239.5Mighty Bengals20046Brass Monkey (39.5-35.5)
340.5JJ Bruisers200513Iron Man (40.5-39)
441.5Blue and Gold200611Silver Bullets (41.5-38.5)
549.5Bad Dogs200210Tax Bandits (49.5-49)
654Bad to the Bone20039Mighty Bengals (54-53)
754.5JJ Bruisers20065Blue and Gold (54.5-46.5)
855.5Tax Bandits20042Brass Monkey (55.5-54.5)
9 (tie)56Silver Bullets20036Mighty Bengals (56-36)
 56Silver Bullets20058Bad Dogs (56-41)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1123.5Silver Bullets20049Flyers (123.5-127.5)
2119Blue and Gold200314Flyers (119-121.5)
3118Rat Bastards20022Tax Bandits (118-122)
4113.5Terminator20053Excalibur (113.5-127)
5112.5Terminator200612Excalibur (112.5-118)
6109Bad to the Bone20067Terminator (109-113.5)
7107.5Flyers200410Bad Dogs (107.5-141.5)
8106Silver Bullets20024Rat Bastards (106-137)
9105.5Flyers200516Silver Bullets (105.5-114)
10105Bad Dogs20038Blue and Gold (105-112)
Most Combined Points
1251Flyers vs Silver Bullets (127.5-123.5)20049
2249Bad Dogs vs Flyers (141.5-107.5)200410
3243Rat Bastards vs Silver Bullets (137-106)20024
4 (tie)240.5Excalibur vs Terminator (127-113.5)20053
 240.5Flyers vs Blue and Gold (121.5-119)200314
6240Tax Bandits vs Rat Bastards (122-118)20022
7230.5Excalibur vs Terminator (118-112.5)200612
8225Flyers vs Iron Man (127-98)200215
9223Bad Dogs vs JJ Bruisers (129-94)20027
10 (tie)222.5Terminator vs Bad to the Bone (113.5-109)20067
 222.5Bad Dogs vs Flyers (119.5-103)200511
Fewest Combined Points
173Blue and Gold vs JJ Bruisers (37.5-35.5)20059
275Mighty Bengals vs Brass Monkey (39.5-35.5)20046
379.5JJ Bruisers vs Iron Man (40.5-39)200513
480Blue and Gold vs Silver Bullets (41.5-38.5)200611
592Silver Bullets vs Mighty Bengals (56-36)20036
692.5Flyers vs Tax Bandits (59.5-33)200310
796.5JJ Bruisers vs Terminator (63-33.5)20064
897Silver Bullets vs Bad Dogs (56-41)20058
9 (tie)98Brass Monkey vs Tax Bandits (63-35)200513
 98Iron Man vs Tax Bandits (65-33)20063
Victory Margin
1115.5Iron Man20041Bad to the Bone (124.5-9)
288Bad Dogs20048Kilimanjaro (139-51)
386Flyers200210Mighty Bengals (131-45)
484Iron Man20068Silver Bullets (150-66)
580.5Excalibur20066JJ Bruisers (129.5-49)
679Flyers20066Silver Bullets (147.5-68.5)
772Flyers200613Terminator (121.5-49.5)
871Flyers200315Rat Bastards (112.5-41.5)
9 (tie)69Iron Man20047Brass Monkey (112-43)
 69Flyers20024Mighty Bengals (122-53)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50Bad Dogs200210Tax Bandits (49.5-49)
 0.50Rat Bastards200613Silver Bullets (70.5-70)
 0.50Rat Bastards20066Terminator (86-85.5)
 0.50Terminator200510Brass Monkey (97-96.5)
 0.50Blue and Gold200411Excalibur (82-81.5)
6 (tie)1Tax Bandits20042Brass Monkey (55.5-54.5)
 1JJ Bruisers20057Mighty Bengals (69.5-68.5)
 1Silver Bullets20054Brass Monkey (85.5-84.5)
 1Rat Bastards200410Blue and Gold (60.5-59.5)
 1Rat Bastards20021Bad to the Bone (90-89)
 1Bad to the Bone20039Mighty Bengals (54-53)
 1Bad to the Bone20066Tax Bandits (86-85)
 1Bad to the Bone200310Iron Man (103-102)
 1Terminator200314Silver Bullets (96.5-95.5)
 1Flyers20053Blue and Gold (71-70)
 1Kilimanjaro200415Mighty Bengals (100.5-99.5)

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