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League of Extraordinary Degenerates Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1479.02Mike Vick In A Box201910
2438.62Namath's 12 Step Plan20196
3419.66Getting Krafty201916
4415.94Pico De Aguayo20193
5406.62Hung Like Hernandez20193
6406.02Getting Krafty20198
7400.8Getting Krafty20195
8380.55O.J.'s Other Glove20195
9380.43You Carruth But You Can't Hide201914
10379.5O.J.'s Other Glove20198
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1192.78Blair Walsh Project20197
2200.95Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff201910
3202.4Hung Like Hernandez201913
4207.26Blair Walsh Project201911
5211.54L.T.'s Dealer201913
6223.48L.T.'s Dealer20197
7225.72Blair Walsh Project20195
8227.16Blair Walsh Project20198
9227.3Getting Krafty20192
10231.79L.T.'s Dealer20198
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1244.85Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff201911Blair Walsh Project (244.85-207.26)
2257.8Getting Krafty20197L.T.'s Dealer (257.8-223.48)
3265.9Akili's A Heel20196Mike Vick In A Box (265.9-261.27)
4270.55O.J.'s Other Glove20194Blair Walsh Project (270.55-255.83)
5276.09Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff20198Beats By Ray (276.09-245.71)
6284.33Akili's A Heel20194Hung Like Hernandez (284.33-276.81)
7285.92Mike Vick In A Box20197Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (285.92-280.15)
8288.85O.J.'s Other Glove20196Blair Walsh Project (288.85-261.06)
9289.32Akili's A Heel20192Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (289.32-276.38)
10290.34Akili's A Heel20191You Carruth But You Can't Hide (290.34-274.95)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1379.5O.J.'s Other Glove20198Getting Krafty (379.5-406.02)
2371.94You Carruth But You Can't Hide20193Pico De Aguayo (371.94-415.94)
3370.59Namath's 12 Step Plan20192Mike Vick In A Box (370.59-373.93)
4369.29Akili's A Heel201914You Carruth But You Can't Hide (369.29-380.43)
5357.5Akili's A Heel20193Beats By Ray (357.5-361.9)
6350.77You Carruth But You Can't Hide20195Getting Krafty (350.77-400.8)
7350.34Namath's 12 Step Plan201910You Carruth But You Can't Hide (350.34-366.6)
8349.23Getting Krafty20196Namath's 12 Step Plan (349.23-438.62)
9347.61Mike Vick In A Box201915You Carruth But You Can't Hide (347.61-368.2)
10337.32Blair Walsh Project20193Hung Like Hernandez (337.32-406.62)
Most Combined Points
1787.88Pico De Aguayo vs You Carruth But You Can't Hide (415.94-371.94)20193
2787.85Namath's 12 Step Plan vs Getting Krafty (438.62-349.23)20196
3785.52Getting Krafty vs O.J.'s Other Glove (406.02-379.5)20198
4751.75Mike Vick In A Box vs Blair Walsh Project (479.02-272.73)201910
5751.57Getting Krafty vs You Carruth But You Can't Hide (400.8-350.77)20195
6749.72You Carruth But You Can't Hide vs Akili's A Heel (380.43-369.29)201914
7748.3Getting Krafty vs Beats By Ray (419.66-328.64)201916
8744.52Mike Vick In A Box vs Namath's 12 Step Plan (373.93-370.59)20192
9743.94Hung Like Hernandez vs Blair Walsh Project (406.62-337.32)20193
10719.4Beats By Ray vs Akili's A Heel (361.9-357.5)20193
Fewest Combined Points
1452.11Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff vs Blair Walsh Project (244.85-207.26)201911
2481.28Getting Krafty vs L.T.'s Dealer (257.8-223.48)20197
3483.63You Carruth But You Can't Hide vs Blair Walsh Project (290.85-192.78)20197
4506.16Mike Vick In A Box vs Hung Like Hernandez (303.76-202.4)201913
5521.8Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff vs Beats By Ray (276.09-245.71)20198
6526.38O.J.'s Other Glove vs Blair Walsh Project (270.55-255.83)20194
7527.17Akili's A Heel vs Mike Vick In A Box (265.9-261.27)20196
8539.47You Carruth But You Can't Hide vs L.T.'s Dealer (307.68-231.79)20198
9539.8Beats By Ray vs Blair Walsh Project (314.08-225.72)20195
10540.24O.J.'s Other Glove vs Getting Krafty (312.94-227.3)20192
Victory Margin
1206.29Mike Vick In A Box201910Blair Walsh Project (479.02-272.73)
2160.31O.J.'s Other Glove201910Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (361.26-200.95)
3135.63You Carruth But You Can't Hide201913L.T.'s Dealer (347.17-211.54)
4124.38Mike Vick In A Box20195Pico De Aguayo (377.13-252.75)
5124.11Akili's A Heel20198Blair Walsh Project (351.27-227.16)
6101.36Mike Vick In A Box201913Hung Like Hernandez (303.76-202.4)
799.04O.J.'s Other Glove20195L.T.'s Dealer (380.55-281.51)
898.07You Carruth But You Can't Hide20197Blair Walsh Project (290.85-192.78)
997.32You Carruth But You Can't Hide201916Namath's 12 Step Plan (375.59-278.27)
1095.59Beats By Ray201912Getting Krafty (370.58-274.99)
Least Victory Margin
13.34Mike Vick In A Box20192Namath's 12 Step Plan (373.93-370.59)
23.88Namath's 12 Step Plan201914Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (310.18-306.3)
34.02Hung Like Hernandez20197Namath's 12 Step Plan (312.66-308.64)
44.40Beats By Ray20193Akili's A Heel (361.9-357.5)
54.43Getting Krafty201910Akili's A Heel (330.83-326.4)
64.63Akili's A Heel20196Mike Vick In A Box (265.9-261.27)
74.73Akili's A Heel20199Mike Vick In A Box (313.96-309.23)
85.21Getting Krafty20191Hung Like Hernandez (329.46-324.25)
95.28Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff20193Getting Krafty (320.07-314.79)
105.77Mike Vick In A Box20197Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (285.92-280.15)

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