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League of Extraordinary Degenerates Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1479.02Mike Vick In A Box201910
2442.09Pico De Aguayo20212
3438.62Namath's 12 Step Plan20196
4438.37Pico De Aguayo20202
5430.46Pico De Aguayo20203
6423.56Namath's 12 Step Plan20226
7422.53Namath's 12 Step Plan202213
8422.09Namath's 12 Step Plan20228
9421.82Getting Krafty202013
10415.94Pico De Aguayo20193
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1153.55Leaf's Antidepressant Army20228
2156.39Getting Krafty20222
3159.63L.T.'s Dealer202012
4162.6O.J.'s Other Glove202113
5162.97L.T.'s Dealer202110
6176.07Getting Krafty20225
7178.63L.T.'s Dealer202013
8187.44O.J.'s Other Glove202112
9190.53O.J.'s Other Glove202110
10192.37Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff202114
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1213.19Hung Like Hernandez202114Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (213.19-192.37)
2229.95L.T.'s Dealer202112O.J.'s Other Glove (229.95-187.44)
3232Mike Vick In A Box20217Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (232-201.73)
4238.11L.T.'s Dealer202011Hung Like Hernandez (238.11-213.63)
5244.85Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff201911Blair Walsh Project (244.85-207.26)
6245.16Getting Krafty202210Leaf's Antidepressant Army (245.16-228.8)
7245.4You Carruth But You Can't Hide20224Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (245.4-245.06)
8248.44O.J.'s Other Glove20207L.T.'s Dealer (248.44-215.84)
9248.59RUGGS FAMILY BBQ202013L.T.'s Dealer (248.59-178.63)
10251O.J.'s Other Glove202010Hung Like Hernandez (251-236.15)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1411.68You Carruth But You Can't Hide202013Getting Krafty (411.68-421.82)
2391.28Pico De Aguayo20228Namath's 12 Step Plan (391.28-422.09)
3384.59Namath's 12 Step Plan202015Pico De Aguayo (384.59-390.33)
4383.71Pico De Aguayo202012O.J.'s Other Glove (383.71-393.57)
5379.5O.J.'s Other Glove20198Getting Krafty (379.5-406.02)
6379.12Pico De Aguayo202114Leaf's Antidepressant Army (379.12-384.66)
7374.63Namath's 12 Step Plan20216Pico De Aguayo (374.63-407.6)
8372.91Pico De Aguayo20215Mike Vick In A Box (372.91-379.14)
9371.94You Carruth But You Can't Hide20193Pico De Aguayo (371.94-415.94)
10371.85Pico De Aguayo20207Leaf's Antidepressant Army (371.85-386.73)
Most Combined Points
1833.5Getting Krafty vs You Carruth But You Can't Hide (421.82-411.68)202013
2813.37Namath's 12 Step Plan vs Pico De Aguayo (422.09-391.28)20228
3787.88Pico De Aguayo vs You Carruth But You Can't Hide (415.94-371.94)20193
4787.85Namath's 12 Step Plan vs Getting Krafty (438.62-349.23)20196
5785.52Getting Krafty vs O.J.'s Other Glove (406.02-379.5)20198
6782.23Pico De Aguayo vs Namath's 12 Step Plan (407.6-374.63)20216
7777.28O.J.'s Other Glove vs Pico De Aguayo (393.57-383.71)202012
8774.92Pico De Aguayo vs Namath's 12 Step Plan (390.33-384.59)202015
9763.78Leaf's Antidepressant Army vs Pico De Aguayo (384.66-379.12)202114
10758.58Leaf's Antidepressant Army vs Pico De Aguayo (386.73-371.85)20207
Fewest Combined Points
1405.56Hung Like Hernandez vs Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (213.19-192.37)202114
2417.39L.T.'s Dealer vs O.J.'s Other Glove (229.95-187.44)202112
3427.22RUGGS FAMILY BBQ vs L.T.'s Dealer (248.59-178.63)202013
4433.73Mike Vick In A Box vs Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (232-201.73)20217
5439.85Blair Walsh Project vs Leaf's Antidepressant Army (286.3-153.55)20228
6444.26Getting Krafty vs O.J.'s Other Glove (281.66-162.6)202113
7448.3Mike Vick In A Box vs L.T.'s Dealer (285.33-162.97)202110
8451.74L.T.'s Dealer vs Hung Like Hernandez (238.11-213.63)202011
9451.79Hung Like Hernandez vs O.J.'s Other Glove (261.26-190.53)202110
10452.11Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff vs Blair Walsh Project (244.85-207.26)201911
Victory Margin
1206.94Namath's 12 Step Plan20226Getting Krafty (423.56-216.62)
2206.29Mike Vick In A Box201910Blair Walsh Project (479.02-272.73)
3183.94Pico De Aguayo20212Hung Like Hernandez (442.09-258.15)
4176.34Namath's 12 Step Plan202214You Carruth But You Can't Hide (388.97-212.63)
5164.6You Carruth But You Can't Hide20225Getting Krafty (340.67-176.07)
6161.94Pico De Aguayo202113Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (358.92-196.98)
7161.53Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff20203L.T.'s Dealer (375.41-213.88)
8160.31O.J.'s Other Glove201910Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (361.26-200.95)
9158.4Namath's 12 Step Plan20204L.T.'s Dealer (395.6-237.2)
10156.35You Carruth But You Can't Hide20202L.T.'s Dealer (375.3-218.95)
Least Victory Margin
10.14Hung Like Hernandez20208Leaf's Antidepressant Army (291.56-291.42)
20.15O.J.'s Other Glove20209Blair Walsh Project (302.26-302.11)
30.31Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff202111L.T.'s Dealer (270.59-270.28)
40.34You Carruth But You Can't Hide20224Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (245.4-245.06)
50.49Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff202112Getting Krafty (276.55-276.06)
60.98Getting Krafty20223Barret Robbin's Mexican Standoff (269.94-268.96)
72.15RUGGS FAMILY BBQ20205Getting Krafty (330.46-328.31)
83.08RUGGS FAMILY BBQ20223Leaf's Antidepressant Army (285.36-282.28)
93.15Leaf's Antidepressant Army20205Namath's 12 Step Plan (336.97-333.82)
103.34Mike Vick In A Box20192Namath's 12 Step Plan (373.93-370.59)

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