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2010 Kessler Memorial Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1369Sarasota Sting20073
2357Roswell Invasion20053
3346Death Valley Reapers20079
4320Winston-Salem Up in Smoke201010
5318Sarasota Sting20043
6314Ledbetter Liberty20096
7313Las Vegas Venom200612
8 (tie)310Roswell Invasion200412
 310Ledbetter Liberty200910
10 (tie)309Boston Beavers20022
 309Ledbetter Liberty200712
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Roswell Invasion200812
291Roswell Invasion20096
393Las Vegas Venom200914
495Utah Warriors20045
5105Boston Beavers20031
6106Winston-Salem Up in Smoke200810
7108Charlotte Cyclones20035
8109Sarasota Sting200311
9110Ledbetter Liberty20067
10 (tie)113Ledbetter Liberty20063
 113Utah Warriors20041
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1140Boston Beavers200810Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (140-106)
2148Sarasota Sting20109Death Valley Reapers (148-142)
3154Sarasota Sting20105Roswell Invasion (154-149)
4 (tie)156Boston Beavers200314Charlotte Cyclones (156-149)
 156Sarasota Sting20067Charlotte Cyclones (156-136)
6157Ledbetter Liberty20035Charlotte Cyclones (157-108)
7 (tie)159Death Valley Reapers20099Las Vegas Venom (159-152)
 159Winston-Salem Up in Smoke200612Sarasota Sting (159-147)
9 (tie)161Las Vegas Venom20081Sarasota Sting (161-156)
 161Utah Warriors200510Ledbetter Liberty (161-124)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1290Winston-Salem Up in Smoke20105Las Vegas Venom (290-307)
2286Charlotte Cyclones200914Boston Beavers (286-295)
3275Death Valley Reapers200911Ledbetter Liberty (275-279)
4273Death Valley Reapers201010Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (273-320)
5268Las Vegas Venom20069Roswell Invasion (268-289)
6267Sarasota Sting20096Death Valley Reapers (267-279)
7266Boston Beavers200712Ledbetter Liberty (266-309)
8257Roswell Invasion20109Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (257-277)
9256Ledbetter Liberty200612Las Vegas Venom (256-313)
10255Boston Beavers20099Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (255-279)
Most Combined Points
1597Las Vegas Venom vs Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (307-290)20105
2593Winston-Salem Up in Smoke vs Death Valley Reapers (320-273)201010
3581Boston Beavers vs Charlotte Cyclones (295-286)200914
4578Sarasota Sting vs Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (369-209)20073
5575Ledbetter Liberty vs Boston Beavers (309-266)200712
6569Las Vegas Venom vs Ledbetter Liberty (313-256)200612
7557Roswell Invasion vs Las Vegas Venom (289-268)20069
8554Ledbetter Liberty vs Death Valley Reapers (279-275)200911
9549Charlotte Cyclones vs Boston Beavers (298-251)20088
10546Death Valley Reapers vs Sarasota Sting (279-267)20096
Fewest Combined Points
1223Charlotte Cyclones vs Roswell Invasion (223-0)200812
2246Boston Beavers vs Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (140-106)200810
3256Ledbetter Liberty vs Las Vegas Venom (163-93)200914
4265Ledbetter Liberty vs Charlotte Cyclones (157-108)20035
5269Sarasota Sting vs Boston Beavers (164-105)20031
6278Ledbetter Liberty vs Death Valley Reapers (162-116)200615
7284Boston Beavers vs Sarasota Sting (175-109)200311
8285Utah Warriors vs Ledbetter Liberty (161-124)200510
9 (tie)290Sarasota Sting vs Death Valley Reapers (148-142)20109
 290Charlotte Cyclones vs Utah Warriors (177-113)20041
Victory Margin
1223Charlotte Cyclones200812Roswell Invasion (223-0)
2178Winston-Salem Up in Smoke20096Roswell Invasion (269-91)
3176Sarasota Sting20078Boston Beavers (305-129)
4169Roswell Invasion20053Utah Warriors (357-188)
5160Sarasota Sting20073Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (369-209)
6 (tie)157Roswell Invasion200913Las Vegas Venom (286-129)
 157Death Valley Reapers20054Charlotte Cyclones (304-147)
8154Death Valley Reapers20079Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (346-192)
9 (tie)145Boston Beavers20022Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (309-164)
 145Ledbetter Liberty20091Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (267-122)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Charlotte Cyclones20065Boston Beavers (201-200)
 1Ledbetter Liberty200210Sarasota Sting (199-198)
 1Sarasota Sting20097Roswell Invasion (182-181)
4 (tie)2Death Valley Reapers200313Roswell Invasion (250-248)
 2Charlotte Cyclones20024Death Valley Reapers (182-180)
 2Ledbetter Liberty20098Las Vegas Venom (219-217)
 2Las Vegas Venom20078Roswell Invasion (194-192)
 2Sarasota Sting20086Death Valley Reapers (189-187)
 2Sarasota Sting200911Boston Beavers (213-211)
10 (tie)3Boston Beavers200710Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (190-187)
 3Roswell Invasion20082Death Valley Reapers (219-216)
 3Ledbetter Liberty20042Roswell Invasion (211-208)
 3Ledbetter Liberty200711Winston-Salem Up in Smoke (212-209)
 3Las Vegas Venom20104Sarasota Sting (165-162)
 3Las Vegas Venom20093Roswell Invasion (169-166)
 3Sarasota Sting20079Ledbetter Liberty (246-243)
 3Utah Warriors20032Death Valley Reapers (227-224)

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