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Championship Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Highest Scoring Games
1344San Antonio Brumbies20144
2342San Antonio Brumbies20143
3337Brownsville Dingos20146
4336California Condors20144
5333Brownsville Dingos201413
6324California Condors201413
7323San Antonio Brumbies20141
8322San Antonio Brumbies201410
9314California Condors201412
10307Brownsville Dingos201414
Lowest Scoring Games
1138Oklahoma Gorladytes20142
2152Austin Apocalypse201415
3166South Jersey Sharks20144
4167Austin Apocalypse20142
5 (tie)177Memphis Hound Dogs201410
 177Memphis Hound Dogs201411
 177Brownsville Dingos201415
8180Austin Apocalypse201412
9182Austin Apocalypse20141
10183Austin Apocalypse20145
Biggest Luck Jobs (Fewest Points Scored In Win)
1195Oklahoma Gorladytes20143Dixie Rebels (195-193)
2204Connecticut Stars201411Memphis Hound Dogs (204-177)
3205California Condors201415Brownsville Dingos (205-177)
4217South Jersey Sharks20149Erie Steelheads (217-191)
5219Colorado Jesters201410Dixie Rebels (219-191)
6222Oklahoma Gorladytes201416Austin Apocalypse (222-196)
7223Connecticut Stars20144South Jersey Sharks (223-166)
8224Oklahoma Gorladytes20144Memphis Hound Dogs (224-191)
9229Colorado Jesters20149Austin Apocalypse (229-190)
10 (tie)230Dixie Rebels20144Erie Steelheads (230-206)
 230Dixie Rebels20149Connecticut Stars (230-219)
 230Memphis Hound Dogs201415Austin Apocalypse (230-152)
Biggest Heartbreakers (Most Points Scored In Loss)
1305Colorado Jesters201413Brownsville Dingos (305-333)
2295Dixie Rebels20142Michigan Mustangs (295-298)
3287Colorado Jesters20148California Condors (287-303)
4 (tie)284San Antonio Brumbies201413Memphis Hound Dogs (284-290)
 284Colorado Jesters201412South Jersey Sharks (284-290)
6279San Antonio Brumbies201411Erie Steelheads (279-288)
7277Brownsville Dingos20143San Antonio Brumbies (277-342)
8 (tie)276Erie Steelheads20148Dixie Rebels (276-302)
 276Colorado Jesters20143Memphis Hound Dogs (276-276) TB
10270Austin Apocalypse201413California Condors (270-324)
Biggest Shootouts
1638Brownsville Dingos vs Colorado Jesters (333-305)201413
2619San Antonio Brumbies vs Brownsville Dingos (342-277)20143
3594California Condors vs Austin Apocalypse (324-270)201413
4593Michigan Mustangs vs Dixie Rebels (298-295)20142
5590California Condors vs Colorado Jesters (303-287)20148
6583California Condors vs San Antonio Brumbies (314-269)201412
7579Brownsville Dingos vs Connecticut Stars (337-242)20146
8578Dixie Rebels vs Erie Steelheads (302-276)20148
9 (tie)574South Jersey Sharks vs Colorado Jesters (290-284)201412
 574Memphis Hound Dogs vs San Antonio Brumbies (290-284)201413
Biggest Yawners
1381Connecticut Stars vs Memphis Hound Dogs (204-177)201411
2 (tie)382Memphis Hound Dogs vs Austin Apocalypse (230-152)201415
 382California Condors vs Brownsville Dingos (205-177)201415
4388Oklahoma Gorladytes vs Dixie Rebels (195-193)20143
5389Connecticut Stars vs South Jersey Sharks (223-166)20144
6396South Jersey Sharks vs Oklahoma Gorladytes (258-138)20142
7408South Jersey Sharks vs Erie Steelheads (217-191)20149
8410Colorado Jesters vs Dixie Rebels (219-191)201410
9415Oklahoma Gorladytes vs Memphis Hound Dogs (224-191)20144
10418Oklahoma Gorladytes vs Austin Apocalypse (222-196)201416
Biggest Beatdowns
1131San Antonio Brumbies201410Austin Apocalypse (322-191)
2125San Antonio Brumbies20144Michigan Mustangs (344-219)
3121Colorado Jesters20141Austin Apocalypse (303-182)
4120South Jersey Sharks20142Oklahoma Gorladytes (258-138)
5118Dixie Rebels20146Memphis Hound Dogs (302-184)
6116California Condors20144Colorado Jesters (336-220)
7100California Condors20145Michigan Mustangs (302-202)
8 (tie)95Oklahoma Gorladytes20145Austin Apocalypse (278-183)
 95Brownsville Dingos20146Connecticut Stars (337-242)
10 (tie)89Michigan Mustangs201410Connecticut Stars (281-192)
 89California Condors20147Austin Apocalypse (303-214)
Closest Squeakers
12Oklahoma Gorladytes20143Dixie Rebels (195-193)
23Michigan Mustangs20142Dixie Rebels (298-295)
34Erie Steelheads201413Connecticut Stars (246-242)
45Michigan Mustangs201413Oklahoma Gorladytes (265-260)
5 (tie)6South Jersey Sharks201412Colorado Jesters (290-284)
 6Memphis Hound Dogs201413San Antonio Brumbies (290-284)
79Erie Steelheads201411San Antonio Brumbies (288-279)
810Connecticut Stars20141Dixie Rebels (255-245)
9 (tie)11Dixie Rebels20149Connecticut Stars (230-219)
 11Michigan Mustangs201412Erie Steelheads (256-245)

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