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Ontario League 6 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
3150.15*Hail To The Redskins20072
4144.85*Hail To The Redskins200712
5140.65*Boston Bad Boys20072
6138.9*Hail To The Redskins20073
7127.2Frankie the Rhino20072
9126.5*Upstate SacTech200714
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144.3*Boston Bad Boys200713
251.15Frankie the Rhino20073
353.4*Seven Squared200712
453.65*Upstate SacTech200715
555.25*GANG GREEN 720075
655.35RED BARON 320077
756.4*Seven Squared20074
858.65Phin City20076
959.95*Boston Bad Boys200710
1060.2*Hail To The Redskins20074
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161.55*Johnnynine200713*Boston Bad Boys (61.55-44.3)
264.65RED BARON 3200715*Upstate SacTech (64.65-53.65)
368.05Frankie the Rhino20078*Boston Bad Boys (68.05-65.05)
472.8*Boston Bad Boys20075Phin City (72.8-71.35)
574.05Phin City20078RED BARON 3 (74.05-70.7)
674.75*Hail To The Redskins200716*Johnnynine (74.75-70.25)
776*Hail To The Redskins20077RED BARON 3 (76-55.35)
876.1*Seven Squared20077*Johnnynine (76.1-68.45)
976.9*GANG GREEN 7200712*Seven Squared (76.9-53.4)
10 (tie)81*Hail To The Redskins20075*Seven Squared (81-73.45)
 81*Swampass200710*Johnnynine (81-79.1)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1115.65*Hail To The Redskins200711*Boston Bad Boys (115.65-123.55)
2114.75*Upstate SacTech200712*Hail To The Redskins (114.75-144.85)
3111.7*Johnnynine20073*Hail To The Redskins (111.7-138.9)
4110.05Frankie the Rhino20076*Swampass (110.05-166.4)
5108.75*Boston Bad Boys20073*GANG GREEN 7 (108.75-121)
6107.7*Swampass20078*Seven Squared (107.7-109.1)
7107.2*Upstate SacTech200711*GANG GREEN 7 (107.2-107.45)
8106.35Phin City200713*Seven Squared (106.35-109.45)
9105.5*Seven Squared200710*Hail To The Redskins (105.5-118.35)
10104.05RED BARON 320073*Swampass (104.05-182.05)
Most Combined Points
1286.1*Swampass vs RED BARON 3 (182.05-104.05)20073
2276.45*Swampass vs Frankie the Rhino (166.4-110.05)20076
3259.6*Hail To The Redskins vs *Upstate SacTech (144.85-114.75)200712
4250.6*Hail To The Redskins vs *Johnnynine (138.9-111.7)20073
5239.2*Boston Bad Boys vs *Hail To The Redskins (123.55-115.65)200711
6231.95*Boston Bad Boys vs *Upstate SacTech (140.65-91.3)20072
7229.75*GANG GREEN 7 vs *Boston Bad Boys (121-108.75)20073
8228.95*Hail To The Redskins vs *GANG GREEN 7 (150.15-78.8)20072
9225.75*Swampass vs *Boston Bad Boys (127.1-98.65)20077
10223.85*Hail To The Redskins vs *Seven Squared (118.35-105.5)200710
Fewest Combined Points
1105.85*Johnnynine vs *Boston Bad Boys (61.55-44.3)200713
2118.3RED BARON 3 vs *Upstate SacTech (64.65-53.65)200715
3130.3*GANG GREEN 7 vs *Seven Squared (76.9-53.4)200712
4131.35*Hail To The Redskins vs RED BARON 3 (76-55.35)20077
5133.1Frankie the Rhino vs *Boston Bad Boys (68.05-65.05)20078
6136.65Phin City vs Frankie the Rhino (85.5-51.15)20073
7144.15*Boston Bad Boys vs Phin City (72.8-71.35)20075
8144.55*Seven Squared vs *Johnnynine (76.1-68.45)20077
9144.75Phin City vs RED BARON 3 (74.05-70.7)20078
10145*Hail To The Redskins vs *Johnnynine (74.75-70.25)200716
Victory Margin
178*Swampass20073RED BARON 3 (182.05-104.05)
271.35*Hail To The Redskins20072*GANG GREEN 7 (150.15-78.8)
357.35*Seven Squared20079Frankie the Rhino (120.7-63.35)
456.35*Swampass20076Frankie the Rhino (166.4-110.05)
549.85*Swampass20074*Hail To The Redskins (110.05-60.2)
649.35*Boston Bad Boys20072*Upstate SacTech (140.65-91.3)
748.95Frankie the Rhino20074*Seven Squared (105.35-56.4)
8 (tie)47.85*Hail To The Redskins20078*GANG GREEN 7 (122.55-74.7)
 47.85*Johnnynine20076*Boston Bad Boys (113-65.15)
1046.8Frankie the Rhino20075*GANG GREEN 7 (102.05-55.25)
Least Victory Margin
10.25*GANG GREEN 7200711*Upstate SacTech (107.45-107.2)
20.55*Upstate SacTech200710Phin City (85.1-84.55)
30.65Phin City20077*GANG GREEN 7 (100.75-100.1)
41*Johnnynine20078*Upstate SacTech (83.5-82.5)
51.40*Seven Squared20078*Swampass (109.1-107.7)
61.45*Boston Bad Boys20075Phin City (72.8-71.35)
71.75*Upstate SacTech20075*Swampass (95.2-93.45)
81.90*Swampass200710*Johnnynine (81-79.1)
92.20*Hail To The Redskins20079*Swampass (99.35-97.15)
103Frankie the Rhino20078*Boston Bad Boys (68.05-65.05)

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