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Kimble's Super League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1155.7My Angry Baby200511
2150.38Winona Yonic Puns20052
3149.62The American Gothics200711
4149.56The Dazzling Dreges20083
6146.2My Angry Baby200413
7142.94My Angry Baby20105
8142.68My Angry Baby201113
9141.92The Dazzling Dreges20054
10141.74My Angry Baby200515
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
123.8Not Welcome Here200616
326.28The Dazzling Dreges200516
735.9Just Forfeit, Brian!20054
836.5Winona Yonic Puns20039
937.44Where Is My Lesbian Mother?20083
1039.26Where Is My Lesbian Mother?200813
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146.86The American Gothics200416BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (46.86-44.9)
254.3Pigskin Pastors20118Not Welcome Here (54.3-48.64)
355Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War20039Winona Yonic Puns (55-36.5)
456Winona Yonic Puns201012Pigskin Pastors (56-53.24)
556.2Where Is My Lesbian Mother?20037The Dazzling Dreges (56.2-46.16)
656.4Just Forfeit, Brian!200611Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War (56.4-54.66)
760.26BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea20049Winona Yonic Puns (60.26-51.16)
861.78Winona Yonic Puns20083Where Is My Lesbian Mother? (61.78-37.44)
964.16Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War20118My Angry Baby (64.16-48.26)
1064.92Winona Yonic Puns20108The Dazzling Dreges (64.92-50.44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1124.74The Corporate Whores20034Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War (124.74-134.96)
2119.76Baby Shark Pie20076The American Gothics (119.76-126.86)
3119.62Not Welcome Here200812The American Gothics (119.62-124.74)
4118.62The Corporate Whores200413My Angry Baby (118.62-146.2)
5118.52Not Welcome Here200411The Corporate Whores (118.52-126.58)
6116.02My Angry Baby20046BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (116.02-135.92)
7115.96Winona Yonic Puns20112Baby Shark Pie (115.96-137.2)
8115.8The American Gothics200414Not Welcome Here (115.8-116.3)
9115.58Brfcase!200711The American Gothics (115.58-149.62)
10113.68Not Welcome Here20111Piece of Leather (113.68-128.58)
Most Combined Points
1265.2The American Gothics vs Brfcase! (149.62-115.58)200711
2264.82My Angry Baby vs The Corporate Whores (146.2-118.62)200413
3259.7Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War vs The Corporate Whores (134.96-124.74)20034
4254.06Brfcase! vs Not Welcome Here (146.96-107.1)201012
5253.16Baby Shark Pie vs Winona Yonic Puns (137.2-115.96)20112
6251.94BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea vs My Angry Baby (135.92-116.02)20046
7247.42Just Forfeit, Brian! vs The Dazzling Dreges (135.04-112.38)20062
8246.62The American Gothics vs Baby Shark Pie (126.86-119.76)20076
9246.36My Angry Baby vs Where Is My Lesbian Mother? (141.74-104.62)200515
10245.1The Corporate Whores vs Not Welcome Here (126.58-118.52)200411
Fewest Combined Points
191.5Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War vs Winona Yonic Puns (55-36.5)20039
291.76The American Gothics vs BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (46.86-44.9)200416
399.22Winona Yonic Puns vs Where Is My Lesbian Mother? (61.78-37.44)20083
4102.36Where Is My Lesbian Mother? vs The Dazzling Dreges (56.2-46.16)20037
5102.94Pigskin Pastors vs Not Welcome Here (54.3-48.64)20118
6108.92The Dazzling Dreges vs BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (82.92-26)20077
7109.24Winona Yonic Puns vs Pigskin Pastors (56-53.24)201012
8110.14Where Is My Lesbian Mother? vs Winona Yonic Puns (66.16-43.98)20031
9111.06Just Forfeit, Brian! vs Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War (56.4-54.66)200611
10111.36Pigskin Pastors vs BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (70.36-41)20074
Victory Margin
192.98Pigskin Pastors20037Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War (138.78-45.8)
285.88BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea201010Winona Yonic Puns (133.02-47.14)
385.22My Angry Baby20078BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (124.7-39.48)
482.96Baby Shark Pie200511BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (112.76-29.8)
580.9My Angry Baby200511Piece of Leather (155.7-74.8)
680.8Brfcase!200915Where Is My Lesbian Mother? (131.32-50.52)
779.4Pigskin Pastors20117BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (122.14-42.74)
878.2Not Welcome Here20043The American Gothics (135.7-57.5)
976.28My Angry Baby20101Piece of Leather (134.58-58.3)
1074.8Piece of Leather20052Not Welcome Here (133.08-58.28)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Where Is My Lesbian Mother?20062BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea (83-82.98)
20.06Fagatron: The Gay Robot of War200316My Angry Baby (97.46-97.4)
30.14BadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdeaBadIdea200313Where Is My Lesbian Mother? (85.92-85.78)
40.16Piece of Leather20047Not Welcome Here (75.48-75.32)
50.20Pigskin Pastors20112Brfcase! (98.82-98.62)
60.30Brfcase!200911My Angry Baby (90.76-90.46)
7 (tie)0.38Piece of Leather20033The American Gothics (67.8-67.42)
 0.38Pigskin Pastors20094Piece of Leather (89.7-89.32)
90.40Winona Yonic Puns200913Baby Shark Pie (107.02-106.62)
100.42Not Welcome Here20098Baby Shark Pie (82.38-81.96)

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