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Gridiron Assassins League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1239.86Dig Dug20148
2223.99Dig Dug201413
3219.73Chuck Norris' Chesticles201114
4217.7Army Of Stavros20107
5217.66Dig Dug20145
6216.55Car Ramrod201211
7215.81Dig Dug201313
8 (tie)214.44Pineapple Express20131
 214.44Dig Dug20128
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
162.11666 Shamrocks20094
269.8Very Barry Goodness20125
372.97Very Barry Goodness20119
474.97Peoria Chiefs201710
576.51Peoria Chiefs201410
676.73666 Shamrocks20097
879.44Chuck Norris' Chesticles20129
979.55All-Pro Substance Abuse Team201310
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
196.93Discount Belichick Hitmen201611Emerald City Kings (96.93-95.09)
2100.2Pineapple Express20122Very Barry Goodness (100.2-94.23)
3105.01Peoria Chiefs20117Hurricane Ditka (105.01-86.13)
4109.14Chuck Norris' Chesticles20174Pineapple Express (109.14-101.47)
5110.38Sparky's Sun Devils201613Discount Belichick Hitmen (110.38-99.52)
6111.55Chuck Norris' Chesticles20179Straight Cash Homie (111.55-86.65)
7114.01Dig Dug201511Peoria Chiefs (114.01-105.09)
8114.64Peoria Chiefs20104All-Pro Substance Abuse Team (114.64-112.46)
9114.8Discount Belichick Hitmen20179Peoria Chiefs (114.8-110.12)
10115.29Army Of Stavros20117Dig Dug (115.29-110.22)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1189.59Army Of Stavros20132The Slackers (189.59-204.53)
2188.79Army Of Stavros20135Pineapple Express (188.79-208.33)
3186.85Car Ramrod20111The Slackers (186.85-188.76)
4185.42All-Pro Substance Abuse Team200913666 Shamrocks (185.42-196.19)
5185.41Army Of Stavros20112All-Pro Substance Abuse Team (185.41-203.95)
6184.57The Slackers201610Chuck Norris' Chesticles (184.57-184.75)
7184.16Car Ramrod20156Dig Dug (184.16-185.04)
8184.03Chuck Norris' Chesticles20126Pineapple Express (184.03-194.36)
9182.85Dig Dug20113The Slackers (182.85-183.85)
10178.91Beerkillas201012Aruba Boozers (178.91-194.71)
Most Combined Points
1413.92Dig Dug vs Very Barry Goodness (239.86-174.06)20148
2397.12Pineapple Express vs Army Of Stavros (208.33-188.79)20135
3394.12The Slackers vs Army Of Stavros (204.53-189.59)20132
4389.36All-Pro Substance Abuse Team vs Army Of Stavros (203.95-185.41)20112
5388.5Chuck Norris' Chesticles vs Beerkillas (219.73-168.77)201114
6388.27Dig Dug vs Car Ramrod (215.81-172.46)201313
7381.61666 Shamrocks vs All-Pro Substance Abuse Team (196.19-185.42)200913
8380.74Pineapple Express vs Peoria Chiefs (214.44-166.3)20131
9378.56The Slackers vs Chuck Norris' Chesticles (199.71-178.85)201411
10378.39Pineapple Express vs Chuck Norris' Chesticles (194.36-184.03)20126
Fewest Combined Points
1191.14Peoria Chiefs vs Hurricane Ditka (105.01-86.13)20117
2192.02Discount Belichick Hitmen vs Emerald City Kings (96.93-95.09)201611
3194.43Pineapple Express vs Very Barry Goodness (100.2-94.23)20122
4198.2Chuck Norris' Chesticles vs Straight Cash Homie (111.55-86.65)20179
5198.45Chuck Norris' Chesticles vs Very Barry Goodness (125.48-72.97)20119
6203.65Aruba Boozers vs All-Pro Substance Abuse Team (124.1-79.55)201310
7209.9Sparky's Sun Devils vs Discount Belichick Hitmen (110.38-99.52)201613
8210.61Chuck Norris' Chesticles vs Pineapple Express (109.14-101.47)20174
9211.86Dig Dug vs Peoria Chiefs (135.35-76.51)201410
10214.89Emerald City Kings vs Aruba Boozers (127.81-87.08)201713
Victory Margin
1125.13Dig Dug20149Aruba Boozers (212.42-87.29)
2113.56Army Of Stavros20107Hurricane Ditka (217.7-104.14)
3112.54The Slackers20153Beerkillas (193.49-80.95)
4100.57Chuck Norris' Chesticles201014Aruba Boozers (193.17-92.6)
599.64The Slackers20094666 Shamrocks (161.75-62.11)
699.49Car Ramrod201211Very Barry Goodness (216.55-117.06)
799.07Dig Dug20128All-Pro Substance Abuse Team (214.44-115.37)
898.76Dig Dug201411Army Of Stavros (207.16-108.4)
997Aruba Boozers201513Beerkillas (180.18-83.18)
1094.83Hurricane Ditka20093Beerkillas (173.18-78.35)
Least Victory Margin
10.07Very Barry Goodness20153Peoria Chiefs (160.17-160.1)
20.18Chuck Norris' Chesticles201610The Slackers (184.75-184.57)
30.22Beerkillas20156Aruba Boozers (142.72-142.5)
40.25Discount Belichick Hitmen20175Pineapple Express (148.32-148.07)
50.35Beerkillas20102Dig Dug (141.87-141.52)
60.37Car Ramrod20112Dig Dug (163.49-163.12)
70.45Pineapple Express201611Sparky's Sun Devils (148.19-147.74)
80.56Army Of Stavros20147Very Barry Goodness (140.28-139.72)
90.61Aruba Boozers20175Very Barry Goodness (131.78-131.17)
100.65Car Ramrod20095Chuck Norris' Chesticles (143.31-142.66)

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