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Ontario League 1 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1163.6*KC KATs20053
2162.95*Coaches Team20066
3161.95*Gang Green200415
4155.45*Coaches Team20068
5154.9*Coaches Team200610
6153.25*KC KATs20056
7151.55*Coaches Team200411
8151.15*KC KATs200511
9149.45*Riff Raff200410
10146.8*Michigan Panthers200612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
138.05RED BARON20065
238.8Jagermeister Shots20034
339.05*Virginia Violence20064
440*Riff Raff200513
541.8*Riff Raff200510
643.35*Poisonous Toads20067
745.25*Riff Raff20056
846.45*Virginia Violence20033
946.8RED BARON20061
1047.25*Gang Green20055
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
158.65*Boston Bad Boys20033*Virginia Violence (58.65-46.45)
261.85*Virginia Violence200611*Michigan Panthers (61.85-51.8)
363.3*Oregon Grinders200513*Boston Bad Boys (63.3-63.05)
466.7RED BARON20053*Virginia Violence (66.7-65.9)
567.6RED BARON20045*Oregon Grinders (67.6-51.5)
670.05*KC KATs20061*Great Mountain Wolf (70.05-62.05)
773.35*Virginia Violence20034Jagermeister Shots (73.35-38.8)
874.6*Oregon Grinders200613*Virginia Violence (74.6-57.4)
974.7ONTARIO MUNCHERS20047RED BARON (74.7-58.4)
1075.15RED BARON20048*Hail to the Redskins (75.15-67.75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1129.7*Hail to the Redskins20045*KC KATs (129.7-133.9)
2125.85*Riff Raff200415*Gang Green (125.85-161.95)
3124.65*Gang Green20047*Riff Raff (124.65-135.8)
4118.1ONTARIO MUNCHERS200415*Coaches Team (118.1-126.15)
5117.3*Gang Green200412*Virginia Violence (117.3-138.35)
6115.8*Gang Green20043*Boston Bad Boys (115.8-123.5)
7115.3*Coaches Team200315Jagermeister Shots (115.3-137)
8115.2*KC KATs20068*Coaches Team (115.2-155.45)
9114.6*Hail to the Redskins20054*Virginia Violence (114.6-122.35)
10112.7*Virginia Violence20045ONTARIO MUNCHERS (112.7-115.2)
Most Combined Points
1287.8*Gang Green vs *Riff Raff (161.95-125.85)200415
2276.1*KC KATs vs *Boston Bad Boys (163.6-112.5)20053
3270.65*Coaches Team vs *KC KATs (155.45-115.2)20068
4263.6*KC KATs vs *Hail to the Redskins (133.9-129.7)20045
5260.45*Riff Raff vs *Gang Green (135.8-124.65)20047
6258*Coaches Team vs *Oregon Grinders (162.95-95.05)20066
7255.65*Virginia Violence vs *Gang Green (138.35-117.3)200412
8255.3*Riff Raff vs RED BARON (149.45-105.85)200410
9252.3Jagermeister Shots vs *Coaches Team (137-115.3)200315
10249.55*KC KATs vs ONTARIO MUNCHERS (139.4-110.15)200413
Fewest Combined Points
1105.1*Boston Bad Boys vs *Virginia Violence (58.65-46.45)20033
2112.15*Virginia Violence vs Jagermeister Shots (73.35-38.8)20034
3113.65*Virginia Violence vs *Michigan Panthers (61.85-51.8)200611
4118.55*Gang Green vs *Riff Raff (76.75-41.8)200510
5119.1RED BARON vs *Oregon Grinders (67.6-51.5)20045
6121.2*Oregon Grinders vs RED BARON (83.15-38.05)20065
7126.35*Oregon Grinders vs *Boston Bad Boys (63.3-63.05)200513
8126.5*Virginia Violence vs RED BARON (79.7-46.8)20061
9126.95*Boston Bad Boys vs *Poisonous Toads (76.05-50.9)200611
10132*Oregon Grinders vs *Virginia Violence (74.6-57.4)200613
Victory Margin
191.7*KC KATs200313*Virginia Violence (143.05-51.35)
270.65*Coaches Team200610*Virginia Violence (154.9-84.25)
370.25*Gang Green20067*Poisonous Toads (113.6-43.35)
469.8*Great Mountain Wolf20064*Coaches Team (134.35-64.55)
568.3*Poisonous Toads20064*Virginia Violence (107.35-39.05)
667.9*Coaches Team20066*Oregon Grinders (162.95-95.05)
767.05*Coaches Team200411*Riff Raff (151.55-84.5)
865.75*KC KATs200511*Great Mountain Wolf (151.15-85.4)
965.7*Coaches Team20059*Gang Green (131.35-65.65)
1065.5*Boston Bad Boys20068*Gang Green (126.45-60.95)
Least Victory Margin
10.10*Coaches Team20046*KC KATs (96.4-96.3)
20.25*Oregon Grinders200513*Boston Bad Boys (63.3-63.05)
30.30Vermont Catamounts20038*Virginia Violence (97.35-97.05)
40.40*Michigan Panthers200610RED BARON (77.3-76.9)
50.55*Coaches Team20039*Boston Bad Boys (96.05-95.5)
60.80RED BARON20053*Virginia Violence (66.7-65.9)
70.95*Hail to the Redskins20039*KC KATs (97.5-96.55)
8 (tie)1.10*Hail to the Redskins200514*Coaches Team (86.1-85)
 1.10*Hail to the Redskins200315*Gang Green (105.8-104.7)
10 (tie)1.20*Boston Bad Boys200313RED BARON (113.3-112.1)
 1.20*Virginia Violence200513*KC KATs (95.6-94.4)

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