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Phantasy Studs Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1194HCA Steamrollers200412
2179.25Lights Out20099
3177.7Get Outta Here20073
4171.45Southside Hitmen200410
5170.2Dos Hooters20079
6168.9Get Outta Here20099
7166.25Wrecking Crew200612
8163.2Run and Gun Stooges200615
9160.2Run and Gun Stooges200315
10 (tie)158.65Jammers20068
12158.45Southside Hitmen20114
13157.75Lights Out20107
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Wrecking Crew20044
227.9George Allen Lives20034
330George Allen Lives20041
434.35Lights Out20058
534.55George Allen Lives20096
634.7Primetime Players20037
734.8Dos Hooters200311
836Lights Out200513
937.2Qwik Attac200710
1038.25Lights Out200411
1343Dos Hooters20099
1443.2Lights Out20059
1543.65George Allen Lives20097
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.75Run and Gun Stooges20058Lights Out (60.75-34.35)
263.15Washington's Fighting Irish200910George Allen Lives (63.15-61.2)
364.6HCA Steamrollers200312Primetime Players (64.6-63.8)
465.45Primetime Players200812Qwik Attac (65.45-62.05)
566.85The Kliq20109Steeltown (66.85-62.65)
667.25George Allen Lives20078Lights Out (67.25-58)
767.45Wrecking Crew20064Steeltown (67.45-57.1)
867.8The Kliq20059Lights Out (67.8-43.2)
967.95Lights Out20075Steeltown (67.95-59.75)
1068.3Qwik Attac200911HCA Steamrollers (68.3-63.1)
1168.4The Kliq20107Warriors (68.4-61.6)
1269Steeltown20051Lights Out (69-63.75)
1369.5Washington's Fighting Irish20036HCA Steamrollers (69.5-52.8)
1470.35Run and Gun Stooges20047Dos Hooters (70.35-65.05)
1570.4George Allen Lives20039Primetime Players (70.4-66.6)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1168.9Get Outta Here20099Lights Out (168.9-179.25)
2145.3Wrecking Crew20111Lights Out (145.3-145.35)
3140.25Lights Out20112Jammers (140.25-154.9)
4137.75Run and Gun Stooges200413Dos Hooters (137.75-148.55)
5137.35Southside Hitmen201113Wrecking Crew (137.35-144.15)
6136.8Washington's Fighting Irish200711Get Outta Here (136.8-144.55)
7135.1The Kliq20073Get Outta Here (135.1-177.7)
8134.95Lights Out201010Jammers (134.95-148)
9128.75Wrecking Crew20103Lights Out (128.75-145.25)
10128.5Unbeatable201011Washington's Fighting Irish (128.5-133.2)
11126.75Wrecking Crew20097Get Outta Here (126.75-132.8)
12125.65Run and Gun Stooges20113George Allen Lives (125.65-149.2)
13125.2Steeltown200712HCA Steamrollers (125.2-127.1)
14124.75George Allen Lives201111Unbeatable (124.75-129)
15124.6Warriors200811Run and Gun Stooges (124.6-135.4)
Most Combined Points
1348.15Lights Out vs Get Outta Here (179.25-168.9)20099
2312.8Get Outta Here vs The Kliq (177.7-135.1)20073
3311.65HCA Steamrollers vs Southside Hitmen (194-117.65)200412
4295.15Jammers vs Lights Out (154.9-140.25)20112
5290.65Lights Out vs Wrecking Crew (145.35-145.3)20111
6286.3Dos Hooters vs Run and Gun Stooges (148.55-137.75)200413
7282.95Jammers vs Lights Out (148-134.95)201010
8281.5Wrecking Crew vs Southside Hitmen (144.15-137.35)201113
9281.35Get Outta Here vs Washington's Fighting Irish (144.55-136.8)200711
10274.85George Allen Lives vs Run and Gun Stooges (149.2-125.65)20113
11274Lights Out vs Wrecking Crew (145.25-128.75)20103
12271.4Wrecking Crew vs Qwik Attac (166.25-105.15)200612
13268.55Wrecking Crew vs Washington's Fighting Irish (148.9-119.65)201013
14267.55Wrecking Crew vs Unbeatable (152.45-115.1)20113
15265.95Southside Hitmen vs Lights Out (158.45-107.5)20114
Fewest Combined Points
187.1Washington's Fighting Irish vs Wrecking Crew (87.1-0)20044
295.1Run and Gun Stooges vs Lights Out (60.75-34.35)20058
3103.8Southside Hitmen vs George Allen Lives (75.9-27.9)20034
4108.8Washington's Fighting Irish vs Qwik Attac (71.6-37.2)200710
5111The Kliq vs Lights Out (67.8-43.2)20059
6117.9Primetime Players vs Unbeatable (78.15-39.75)20044
7118.4Primetime Players vs Dos Hooters (83.6-34.8)200311
8119.05Primetime Players vs Warriors (73.05-46)20108
9122.3Washington's Fighting Irish vs HCA Steamrollers (69.5-52.8)20036
10123.3Lights Out vs Warriors (85-38.3)20038
11124.35Washington's Fighting Irish vs George Allen Lives (63.15-61.2)200910
12124.55Wrecking Crew vs Steeltown (67.45-57.1)20064
13125.25George Allen Lives vs Lights Out (67.25-58)20078
14127.5Primetime Players vs Qwik Attac (65.45-62.05)200812
15127.7Lights Out vs Steeltown (67.95-59.75)20075
Victory Margin
199.6Dos Hooters20079Steeltown (170.2-70.6)
290.1Run and Gun Stooges200315The Kliq (160.2-70.1)
389.45Jammers20102Washington's Fighting Irish (157.45-68)
488.9Jammers20113The Kliq (136.1-47.2)
587.8Run and Gun Stooges20071Lights Out (155.75-67.95)
687.1Washington's Fighting Irish20044Wrecking Crew (87.1-0)
786.35HCA Steamrollers201011Primetime Players (151.85-65.5)
886Run and Gun Stooges200615The Kliq (163.2-77.2)
985.3Southside Hitmen20057Get Outta Here (138-52.7)
1083.3The Kliq200314Dos Hooters (132-48.7)
1183Dos Hooters20041George Allen Lives (113-30)
1280.2Run and Gun Stooges20034Lights Out (140.8-60.6)
1379.9Run and Gun Stooges20095Lights Out (152.4-72.5)
1479.6Southside Hitmen200410Washington's Fighting Irish (171.45-91.85)
1579.5Southside Hitmen20037Primetime Players (114.2-34.7)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.05Warriors200416Unbeatable (98.65-98.6)
 0.05Primetime Players20082Unbeatable (88-87.95)
 0.05Lights Out20111Wrecking Crew (145.35-145.3)
40.10George Allen Lives200810Steeltown (103.45-103.35)
50.25Lights Out20093Steeltown (105.15-104.9)
6 (tie)0.35Primetime Players20075Southside Hitmen (78.5-78.15)
 0.35George Allen Lives20087Primetime Players (113.4-113.05)
 0.35HCA Steamrollers20049Primetime Players (81.65-81.3)
 0.35Get Outta Here20098Dos Hooters (79.25-78.9)
10 (tie)0.55The Kliq200712Get Outta Here (83.25-82.7)
 0.55Dos Hooters200710HCA Steamrollers (100.65-100.1)
120.60Washington's Fighting Irish20045Lights Out (71.4-70.8)
130.65The Kliq20103Run and Gun Stooges (100.55-99.9)
14 (tie)0.70Jammers20059Southside Hitmen (91.4-90.7)
 0.70Jammers200712Washington's Fighting Irish (116.75-116.05)
 0.70Qwik Attac200713Unbeatable (88.15-87.45)

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