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Michigan Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1235Slow Cooked Steak200614
2228Tequila Party Gnomes20096
3222I Smoke With Moss200812
4218The Perps20066
5217The Virus Plugs20058
6208Slow Cooked Steak20073
7206Gramma's Fantasy200516
8204The Eliminators II200513
9201Lords of the Gridiron20053
10200Gramma's Fantasy20062
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
167Slow Cooked Steak20081
2 (tie)68The Virus Plugs20055
 68Brain Damage200811
4 (tie)72Tequila Party Gnomes200716
 72The Virus Plugs200715
6 (tie)73Tequila Party Gnomes200710
 73Little Nutch20093
974Slow Cooked Steak20075
1076The Virus Plugs200914
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
189The Virus Plugs200810Direwolf (89-78)
296I Smoke With Moss200811TWrecks (96-96) TB
398Tequila Party Gnomes200811The Virus Plugs (98-97)
4102The Eliminators II20052The Happy Campers (102-91)
5103Brain Damage200813TWrecks (103-78)
6104Tequila Party Gnomes200715The Virus Plugs (104-72)
7 (tie)106Lords of the Gridiron20081The Virus Plugs (106-86)
 106TWrecks20091Direwolf (106-103)
9 (tie)107I Smoke With Moss20083The Virus Plugs (107-105)
 107I Smoke With Moss20089Lords of the Gridiron (107-103)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1192The Happy Campers200511The Perps (192-199)
2183Slow Cooked Steak20069The Virus Plugs (183-190)
3181The Virus Plugs200711Slow Cooked Steak (181-190)
4175Gramma's Fantasy200714Tequila Party Gnomes (175-178)
5172Direwolf200812I Smoke With Moss (172-222)
6170Slow Cooked Steak200911Team Jiggy (170-197)
7169The Eliminators II200514The Happy Campers (169-170)
8 (tie)168Tequila Party Gnomes20093Slow Cooked Steak (168-178)
 168The Perps200614Slow Cooked Steak (168-235)
10165The Perps20067Brain Damage (165-176)
Most Combined Points
1403Slow Cooked Steak vs The Perps (235-168)200614
2394I Smoke With Moss vs Direwolf (222-172)200812
3391The Perps vs The Happy Campers (199-192)200511
4373The Virus Plugs vs Slow Cooked Steak (190-183)20069
5 (tie)371The Virus Plugs vs The Happy Campers (217-154)20058
 371Slow Cooked Steak vs The Virus Plugs (190-181)200711
7367Team Jiggy vs Slow Cooked Steak (197-170)200911
8362The Eliminators II vs The Perps (204-158)200513
9 (tie)360Slow Cooked Steak vs TWrecks (197-163)200810
 360The Perps vs Lords of the Gridiron (218-142)20066
Fewest Combined Points
1167The Virus Plugs vs Direwolf (89-78)200810
2176Tequila Party Gnomes vs The Virus Plugs (104-72)200715
3181Brain Damage vs TWrecks (103-78)200813
4189Slow Cooked Steak vs The Perps (111-78)200713
5190TWrecks vs Direwolf (117-73)20098
6 (tie)192Lords of the Gridiron vs The Virus Plugs (124-68)20055
 192Lords of the Gridiron vs The Virus Plugs (106-86)20081
 192TWrecks vs I Smoke With Moss (96-96)200811
9193The Eliminators II vs The Happy Campers (102-91)20052
10 (tie)194Direwolf vs Little Nutch (121-73)20093
 194Lords of the Gridiron vs TWrecks (114-80)20083
Victory Margin
1119Lords of the Gridiron20053Tequila Party Gnomes (201-82)
2109The Perps200811Brain Damage (177-68)
3108Tequila Party Gnomes20096TWrecks (228-120)
4 (tie)84Gramma's Fantasy20062TC Sweating Bullets (200-116)
 84Slow Cooked Steak20073The Perps (208-124)
6 (tie)83Slow Cooked Steak200716Tequila Party Gnomes (155-72)
 83Slow Cooked Steak20077Tequila Party Gnomes (178-95)
881Gramma's Fantasy200814Tequila Party Gnomes (181-100)
980The Perps20053The Eliminators II (172-92)
10 (tie)79Lords of the Gridiron20077Direwolf (168-89)
 79I Smoke With Moss200713Direwolf (187-108)
 79The Perps20069Gramma's Fantasy (185-106)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Lords of the Gridiron20094Direwolf (137-136)
 1Tequila Party Gnomes200811The Virus Plugs (98-97)
 1Tequila Party Gnomes20091Team Jiggy (136-135)
 1Gramma's Fantasy20058Brain Damage (152-151)
 1Direwolf200911Gramma's Fantasy (110-109)
 1The Virus Plugs20072The Perps (150-149)
 1Slow Cooked Steak20096Lords of the Gridiron (144-143)
 1The Happy Campers200514The Eliminators II (170-169)
9 (tie)2Lords of the Gridiron200513Tequila Party Gnomes (129-127)
 2Tequila Party Gnomes200812Gramma's Fantasy (118-116)
 2I Smoke With Moss20083The Virus Plugs (107-105)
 2The Eliminators II20055Tequila Party Gnomes (152-150)

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