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Dooling Keeper League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1171George Dooling20092
2170Thurman Pierce20131
3164Mike Previte20112
4 (tie)161Mike Previte20139
 161Arick Basques20111
6159Mike Previte201011
7155Arick Basques20112
8154Danny Delano20131
9153George Dooling201013
10149Willy Edwards201210
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
130David Chan20086
233Ted Kiracofe20088
337Tom Kiracofe20086
4 (tie)42Ted Kiracofe20135
 42David Chan200810
643Danny Delano20096
744Tom Kiracofe20118
845Tom Kiracofe201113
946Ted Kiracofe20095
1047Kirk Jacobs20109
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
152David Chan20084Ted Kiracofe (52-51)
262Mark DeBenedetti20095Danny Delano (62-58)
364Mike Previte201110Danny Delano (64-55)
466Danny Delano20104Mark DeBenedetti (66-65)
5 (tie)68Mark DeBenedetti200915Tom Kiracofe (68-58)
 68Mike Previte200813Danny Delano (68-64)
769Tom Kiracofe200813Kevin Lythgoe (69-50)
8 (tie)71George Dooling20089Mike Previte (71-60)
 71TJ McCall201013Tom Kiracofe (71-65)
1073Willy Edwards20093Mike Previte (73-59)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1142Mike Previte20131Danny Delano (142-154)
2133George Dooling20112Arick Basques (133-155)
3131Ted Kiracofe20129Willy Edwards (131-138)
4129TJ McCall20084Mark DeBenedetti (129-133)
5127Mike Previte201010Danny Delano (127-136)
6 (tie)126Mike Previte20134Arick Basques (126-145)
 126TJ McCall20092George Dooling (126-171)
8122Danny Delano20135George Dooling (122-136)
9 (tie)121George Dooling20134Danny Delano (121-126)
 121Gabe Dooling201011Mike Previte (121-159)
 121Gabe Dooling201013George Dooling (121-153)
 121Thurman Pierce20112Mike Previte (121-164)
Most Combined Points
1297George Dooling vs TJ McCall (171-126)20092
2296Danny Delano vs Mike Previte (154-142)20131
3288Arick Basques vs George Dooling (155-133)20112
4285Mike Previte vs Thurman Pierce (164-121)20112
5 (tie)280Mike Previte vs Gabe Dooling (159-121)201011
 280Thurman Pierce vs Arick Basques (140-140)20113
7274George Dooling vs Gabe Dooling (153-121)201013
8272Mike Previte vs Stephanie Jacobs (161-111)20139
9271Arick Basques vs Mike Previte (145-126)20134
10 (tie)269Thurman Pierce vs TJ McCall (170-99)20131
 269Willy Edwards vs Ted Kiracofe (138-131)20129
Fewest Combined Points
1103David Chan vs Ted Kiracofe (52-51)20084
2109Jared Krug vs David Chan (79-30)20086
3 (tie)119Tom Kiracofe vs Kevin Lythgoe (69-50)200813
 119Mike Previte vs Danny Delano (64-55)201110
5120Mark DeBenedetti vs Danny Delano (62-58)20095
6126Mark DeBenedetti vs Tom Kiracofe (68-58)200915
7 (tie)131Ted Kiracofe vs Danny Delano (80-51)20123
 131George Dooling vs Mike Previte (71-60)20089
 131Danny Delano vs Mark DeBenedetti (66-65)20104
10 (tie)132Tom Kiracofe vs Ted Kiracofe (86-46)20095
 132Mike Previte vs Danny Delano (68-64)200813
 132Danny Delano vs Gabe Dooling (74-58)20106
 132Willy Edwards vs Mike Previte (73-59)20093
Victory Margin
1 (tie)86Mike Previte20109Kirk Jacobs (133-47)
 86Arick Basques20111Kirk Jacobs (161-75)
378Mark DeBenedetti200810David Chan (120-42)
477Willy Edwards20118Tom Kiracofe (121-44)
576Mike Previte201210TJ McCall (143-67)
675Willy Edwards20096Danny Delano (118-43)
7 (tie)74Willy Edwards201113Ted Kiracofe (146-72)
 74Thurman Pierce20139Danny Delano (132-58)
971Thurman Pierce20131TJ McCall (170-99)
1070Tom Kiracofe200912Ted Kiracofe (124-54)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Danny Delano20104Mark DeBenedetti (66-65)
 1Danny Delano201113TJ McCall (104-103)
 1Mark DeBenedetti20082Kevin Lythgoe (88-87)
 1Mike Previte201213Ted Kiracofe (104-103)
 1Tom Kiracofe20111TJ McCall (74-73)
 1Tom Kiracofe20116Ted Kiracofe (87-86)
 1Tom Kiracofe200910Gabe Dooling (99-98)
 1TJ McCall201312Willy Edwards (95-94)
 1Gabe Dooling20099Danny Delano (104-103)
 1Willy Edwards20117TJ McCall (88-87)
 1David Chan20084Ted Kiracofe (52-51)
 1Kirk Jacobs20118TJ McCall (78-77)

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