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Beer and Nuts Fantasy Football of WV 2006 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1176.2B & M Wreckin Crew20027
2165.12Elitists IV200313
3164.5Brandi & Randy Pandies20048
4163.33Da' Best is Back20022
5159.36Mule Kickers200614
6155.42BEAN FLICKERS200314
7154.9BRENTE 36020066
8154.37Legend of The Clan (LOC)200412
9153.25BEAN FLICKERS200315
10152.02Mule Kickers20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
133.13Silver Iguanas20037
335.58Silver Iguanas20038
436.7B & M Wreckin Crew20056
539.3520th Street Bar & Grill20023
641.35THE K/PT's20044
741.79Silver Iguanas20036
842.3920th Street Bar & Grill20039
1042.87THE K/PT's20029
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
152.81Silver Iguanas20033Coalition (52.81-42.63)
265.21Silver Iguanas200311THE K/PT's (65.21-59)
366.06Jackson Boy's20056Brandi & Randy Pandies (66.06-65.03)
466.18Brandi & Randy Pandies20038Silver Iguanas (66.18-35.58)
566.32Da' Best is Back200216Another Cause Lost (ACL) (66.32-60.74)
668.55BEAN FLICKERS20029Silver Iguanas (68.55-59.25)
768.72Legend of The Clan (LOC)200214Bad Boy's (68.72-66.64)
869.58B & M Wreckin Crew20042Bad Boy's (69.58-64.43)
971.1120th Street Bar & Grill20052THE K/PT's (71.11-70.13)
1071.182 Kids and a Mortgage20031Silver Iguanas (71.18-63.41)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1128.9Another Cause Lost (ACL)200311Elitists IV (128.9-141.19)
2126.08Elitists IV200413Legend of The Clan (LOC) (126.08-127.73)
3123.96THE K/PT's200212Legend of The Clan (LOC) (123.96-127.32)
4122.98Jackson Boy's200515Bad Boy's (122.98-134.19)
5122.87BRENTE 36020067Elitists IV (122.87-136.33)
6120.41Legend of The Clan (LOC)200416BEAN FLICKERS (120.41-121.9)
7117.07Soylent Green2002142 Kids and a Mortgage (117.07-128)
8116.85Legend of The Clan (LOC)200411Bad Boy's (116.85-118.06)
9116.73B & M Wreckin Crew20053Bad Boy's (116.73-117.76)
10116.51Legend of The Clan (LOC)200410Coalition (116.51-126.49)
Most Combined Points
1287.77B & M Wreckin Crew vs Legend of The Clan (LOC) (176.2-111.57)20027
2278.27Elitists IV vs Balls & Chain (165.12-113.15)200313
3270.09Elitists IV vs Another Cause Lost (ACL) (141.19-128.9)200311
4264.39Legend of The Clan (LOC) vs Coalition (154.37-110.02)200412
5264BEAN FLICKERS vs Legend of The Clan (LOC) (155.42-108.58)200314
6263.16Mule Kickers vs 2 Kids and a Mortgage (152.02-111.14)20068
7261.66BRENTE 360 vs John Jackson (154.9-106.76)20066
8259.2Elitists IV vs BRENTE 360 (136.33-122.87)20067
9258.26Mule Kickers vs Brandi & Randy Pandies (159.36-98.9)200614
10257.17Bad Boy's vs Jackson Boy's (134.19-122.98)200515
Fewest Combined Points
195.44Silver Iguanas vs Coalition (52.81-42.63)20033
2101.76Brandi & Randy Pandies vs Silver Iguanas (66.18-35.58)20038
3108.49Bad Boy's vs Coalition (73.21-35.28)20039
4121.42Brandi & Randy Pandies vs Mule Kickers (72.52-48.9)20054
5124.21Silver Iguanas vs THE K/PT's (65.21-59)200311
6124.76Road Warriors vs Silver Iguanas (82.97-41.79)20036
7126.69Soylent Green vs THE K/PT's (74.85-51.84)200314
8127.06Da' Best is Back vs Another Cause Lost (ACL) (66.32-60.74)200216
9127.8BEAN FLICKERS vs Silver Iguanas (68.55-59.25)20029
10128.39Coalition vs Elitists IV (75.15-53.24)20045
Victory Margin
1111.2Da' Best is Back2002220th Street Bar & Grill (163.33-52.13)
293.84Balls & Chain20063THE K/PT's (144.92-51.08)
385.02BEAN FLICKERS20044Soylent Green (138.85-53.83)
484.74THE K/PT's20048Another Cause Lost (ACL) (149.97-65.23)
581.73Brandi & Randy Pandies20048Legend of The Clan (LOC) (164.5-82.77)
678.5Da' Best is Back20027THE K/PT's (146.55-68.05)
774.172 Kids and a Mortgage20052Mule Kickers (128.64-54.47)
873.17Soylent Green20021520th Street Bar & Grill (122.46-49.29)
971.8Da' Best is Back20066Another Cause Lost (ACL) (122.95-51.15)
1069.66Balls & Chain20022Another Cause Lost (ACL) (145.7-76.04)
Least Victory Margin
10.02THE K/PT's200215B & M Wreckin Crew (114-113.98)
20.30Mule Kickers20043Playmakers (82.58-82.28)
30.44John Jackson20069Da' Best is Back (77.69-77.25)
40.75Da' Best is Back200415Spanky's (80.5-79.75)
50.9820th Street Bar & Grill20052THE K/PT's (71.11-70.13)
6 (tie)1.03Bad Boy's20053B & M Wreckin Crew (117.76-116.73)
 1.03Jackson Boy's20056Brandi & Randy Pandies (66.06-65.03)
81.07Legend of The Clan (LOC)20021Da' Best is Back (105.75-104.68)
91.09Elitists IV200472 Kids and a Mortgage (88.09-87)
101.11B & M Wreckin Crew20049Bad Boy's (82.59-81.48)

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