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Paychex FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1206.35guatemalan gamblers20079
2193.95I Pity the Fool20072
3188.15Liquor Box200810
4184.6guatemalan gamblers200713
5181.55Da Freshman200612
6175.55I Pity the Fool200712
7173.45Liquor Box20084
8173.15Liquor Box20066
9172.55The FSM20063
10172.15Monkey Bars200812
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Findley's Team20075
 0Findley's Team200714
 0Liquor Box20062
 0Monkey Bars200716
 0Hudsucker Proxy200814
 0The Ron Mexicos20088
850.1I Pity the Fool200815
950.8Liquor Box20087
10 (tie)51.1I Pity the Fool200814
 51.1Monkey Bars200612
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
151.1I Pity the Fool200814Hudsucker Proxy (51.1-0)
284.3Neil's Team20075RAIDERS (84.3-65.75)
389.5Powdered Toast Man20085The FSM (89.5-81.7)
490.35Hudsucker Proxy20075Findley's Team (90.35-0)
591.9RAIDERS20089I Pity the Fool (91.9-80.2)
692.9Da Freshman200716The Ron Mexicos (92.9-92.85)
793.15Da Freshman20069Hudsucker Proxy (93.15-87.65)
893.75The Ron Mexicos200612Hudsucker Proxy (93.75-58.55)
993.85I Pity the Fool200813The FSM (93.85-89.3)
1094.3Da Freshman20082guatemalan gamblers (94.3-87)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1168.5guatemalan gamblers20066Liquor Box (168.5-173.15)
2155.65guatemalan gamblers200712RAIDERS (155.65-158.55)
3146.45Neil's Team200612Da Freshman (146.45-181.55)
4146guatemalan gamblers200714The Ron Mexicos (146-150.1)
5144.65The FSM200612I Pity the Fool (144.65-147.45)
6144.3Findley's Team20077RAIDERS (144.3-153.65)
7144.15Liquor Box20082Findley's Team (144.15-144.35)
8142.35Da Freshman20072guatemalan gamblers (142.35-143.75)
9140.2RAIDERS20084Monkey Bars (140.2-147.4)
10137.8Hudsucker Proxy20072I Pity the Fool (137.8-193.95)
Most Combined Points
1341.65Liquor Box vs guatemalan gamblers (173.15-168.5)20066
2339.15guatemalan gamblers vs Findley's Team (206.35-132.8)20079
3331.75I Pity the Fool vs Hudsucker Proxy (193.95-137.8)20072
4328Da Freshman vs Neil's Team (181.55-146.45)200612
5314.2RAIDERS vs guatemalan gamblers (158.55-155.65)200712
6313.2I Pity the Fool vs The FSM (175.55-137.65)200712
7313.1guatemalan gamblers vs Monkey Bars (184.6-128.5)200713
8298.8RAIDERS vs Powdered Toast Man (164.35-134.45)200711
9297.95RAIDERS vs Findley's Team (153.65-144.3)20077
10296.1The Ron Mexicos vs guatemalan gamblers (150.1-146)200714
Fewest Combined Points
151.1I Pity the Fool vs Hudsucker Proxy (51.1-0)200814
290.35Hudsucker Proxy vs Findley's Team (90.35-0)20075
3105.45Findley's Team vs The Ron Mexicos (105.45-0)20088
4111.15The Ron Mexicos vs RAIDERS (111.15-0)200810
5128.55Neil's Team vs Findley's Team (128.55-0)200714
6135.85RAIDERS vs Liquor Box (135.85-0)20062
7150.05Neil's Team vs RAIDERS (84.3-65.75)20075
8152.3The Ron Mexicos vs Hudsucker Proxy (93.75-58.55)200612
9158.8Neil's Team vs Monkey Bars (158.8-0)200716
10159.25The FSM vs I Pity the Fool (109.15-50.1)200815
Victory Margin
1158.8Neil's Team200716Monkey Bars (158.8-0)
2135.85RAIDERS20062Liquor Box (135.85-0)
3128.55Neil's Team200714Findley's Team (128.55-0)
4111.15The Ron Mexicos200810RAIDERS (111.15-0)
5105.5Findley's Team200612Monkey Bars (156.6-51.1)
6105.45Findley's Team20088The Ron Mexicos (105.45-0)
7105The FSM20076Monkey Bars (162.6-57.6)
892.35Monkey Bars200812RAIDERS (172.15-79.8)
990.35Hudsucker Proxy20075Findley's Team (90.35-0)
1081.6Liquor Box20084The FSM (173.45-91.85)
Least Victory Margin
10.05Da Freshman200716The Ron Mexicos (92.9-92.85)
20.20Findley's Team20082Liquor Box (144.35-144.15)
30.90Findley's Team20089The FSM (136.95-136.05)
4 (tie)1.05I Pity the Fool20061Liquor Box (123.8-122.75)
 1.05Liquor Box200712Powdered Toast Man (121.55-120.5)
61.40guatemalan gamblers20072Da Freshman (143.75-142.35)
71.55Findley's Team200813RAIDERS (121.65-120.1)
81.70The FSM200610Neil's Team (115.2-113.5)
92.30Powdered Toast Man20084I Pity the Fool (128.3-126)
102.50The FSM200615Findley's Team (129.35-126.85)

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