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Most Points Scored - Single Game
2222Epic Fail20079
3221WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy20076
4 (tie)214CARBOMB COMMANDOS200914
 214WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy20104
6210Goat Scrotes20103
8208Just the tip just for a second201515
9207Goat Scrotes20131
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
2 (tie)53Jim Bob Cooter20139
 53Just the tip just for a second20143
459WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy200913
5 (tie)62Fighting Long Cocks201511
 62Epic Fail200917
764Fighting Long Cocks201413
866Just the tip just for a second201010
9 (tie)68Fighting Long Cocks20152
 68Blu Ballerz201511
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
182Blu Ballerz20154Mad Hatters (82-76)
284CARBOMB COMMANDOS20122Epic Fail (84-80)
385Liquid Courage20094My shit is Ronnie and Brown (85-79)
488Epic Fail20145Goat Scrotes (88-87)
590Epic Fail20101Just Motherfuckers (90-82)
691Fighting Long Cocks201513Blu Ballerz (91-77)
792Bear Ninjas20126Jim Bob Cooter (92-81)
8 (tie)93CARBOMB COMMANDOS20157Just the tip just for a second (93-77)
 93WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy200917Epic Fail (93-62)
1094WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy20081RHC Freight Train (94-89)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1183Fighting Long Cocks20124Jim Bob Cooter (183-189)
2182Goat Scrotes201315NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE (182-187)
3177Liquid Courage20157Mad Hatters (177-179)
4176Epic Fail20073Threw It On The Ground (176-177)
5170Jim Bob Cooter20123Tebow's Herp (170-176)
6 (tie)168Goat Scrotes20096WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy (168-203)
 168Liquid Courage20153Bear Ninjas (168-168) TB
8167NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE20148Epic Fail (167-175)
9164Goat Scrotes20079Fighting Long Cocks (164-169)
10 (tie)163CARBOMB COMMANDOS20086Just Motherfuckers (163-197)
 163Bear Ninjas20132CARBOMB COMMANDOS (163-201)
Most Combined Points
1372Jim Bob Cooter vs Fighting Long Cocks (189-183)20124
2 (tie)371WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy vs Goat Scrotes (203-168)20096
 371WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy vs Epic Fail (221-150)20076
4369NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE vs Goat Scrotes (187-182)201315
5 (tie)364CARBOMB COMMANDOS vs Bear Ninjas (201-163)20132
 364Goat Scrotes vs Fighting Long Cocks (207-157)20131
7360Just Motherfuckers vs CARBOMB COMMANDOS (197-163)20086
8356Mad Hatters vs Liquid Courage (179-177)20157
9353Threw It On The Ground vs Epic Fail (177-176)20073
10350Goat Scrotes vs Liquid Courage (210-140)20103
Fewest Combined Points
1149Mad Hatters vs Just the tip just for a second (96-53)20143
2155WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy vs Epic Fail (93-62)200917
3157Just Motherfuckers vs WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy (98-59)200913
4158Blu Ballerz vs Mad Hatters (82-76)20154
5 (tie)164Liquid Courage vs My shit is Ronnie and Brown (85-79)20094
 164CARBOMB COMMANDOS vs Epic Fail (84-80)20122
7168Fighting Long Cocks vs Blu Ballerz (91-77)201513
8 (tie)169Liquid Courage vs Jim Bob Cooter (97-72)20074
 169Bear Ninjas vs Blu Ballerz (101-68)201511
10170CARBOMB COMMANDOS vs Just the tip just for a second (93-77)20157
Victory Margin
1157CARBOMB COMMANDOS20092Goat Scrotes (231-74)
2120Epic Fail20079Just the tip just for a second (222-102)
3113Epic Fail200810Just the tip just for a second (186-73)
4112NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE201412Bruce Wayne (196-84)
5109CARBOMB COMMANDOS200914My shit is Ronnie and Brown (214-105)
6102Goat Scrotes201516Just the tip just for a second (189-87)
799Just Motherfuckers20104CARBOMB COMMANDOS (148-49)
897Tebow's Herp20138NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE (190-93)
994Liquid Courage20122Goat Scrotes (178-84)
1090NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE201413Fighting Long Cocks (154-64)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1CARBOMB COMMANDOS20124Tebow's Herp (120-119)
 1CARBOMB COMMANDOS200716Epic Fail (125-124)
 1Bear Ninjas20143Liquid Courage (159-158)
 1Fighting Long Cocks20141Just the tip just for a second (106-105)
 1Fighting Long Cocks20156Blu Ballerz (110-109)
 1Fighting Long Cocks20102Just Motherfuckers (140-139)
 1Threw It On The Ground201212CARBOMB COMMANDOS (145-144)
 1Threw It On The Ground20073Epic Fail (177-176)
 1Goat Scrotes20143NIGGAS WITH ATTITUDE (135-134)
 1Liquid Courage200915Just Motherfuckers (133-132)
 1Liquid Courage20095Just the tip just for a second (140-139)
 1Just the tip just for a second20102Goat Scrotes (124-123)
 1Just the tip just for a second200713Jim Bob Cooter (154-153)
 1Just Motherfuckers200810RHC Freight Train (124-123)
 1Epic Fail20145Goat Scrotes (88-87)
 1Epic Fail20099WhoHas2Thumbs&LikesBJ-This Guy (126-125)
 1Tebow's Herp201210Epic Fail (116-115)
 1Tebow's Herp20131Bear Ninjas (130-129)

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