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Rosedale Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)198Pizza200412
 198Let It Ride20025
4194Double Penetration200213
5189Bri's Squad200313
6188Hackett's Hackers200012
7186Bri's Squad20025
9181Bri's Squad200413
10180Double Penetration20008
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
127Relddir Riddlers20012
2 (tie)31Let It Ride20004
 31Relddir Riddlers20016
4 (tie)32Hackett's Hackers20024
 32Phist Phuck 300020024
6 (tie)33GDawgs20012
 33Phist Phuck 300020027
8 (tie)35Balls Deep19996
1036Bri's Squad20012
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
151Maple Ave. Mavericks199913Paid in Some (51-45)
253Phist Phuck 300019996Balls Deep (53-35)
358Relddir Riddlers20019Phist Phuck 3000 (58-56)
460Paid in Some20039Bri's Squad (60-47)
563Da Nigga Lovin Monkees20033Paid in Some (63-58)
665Pizza20024Phist Phuck 3000 (65-32)
7 (tie)67Hackett's Hackers20035Relddir Riddlers (67-62)
 67Pizza200212Maple Ave. Mavericks (67-45)
 67Let It Ride200312Da Nigga Lovin Monkees (67-64)
 67Phist Phuck 3000200211Paid in Some (67-58)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1155Double Penetration200210Bri's Squad (155-164)
2147Paid in Some19991Double Penetration (147-152)
3136THE ABATTOIR20049GDawgs (136-144)
4 (tie)135Creme de la Creme200610Da Nigga Lovin Monkees (135-141)
 135Paid in Some20056Pizza (135-155)
 135Relddir Riddlers200412Hackett's Hackers (135-151)
7134Double Penetration20068THE ABATTOIR (134-135)
8131Paid in Some20008GDawgs (131-166)
9130Bri's Squad20069Hackett's Hackers (130-138)
10 (tie)128GDawgs200212Bri's Squad (128-170)
 128Maple Ave. Mavericks200412Pizza (128-198)
 128Paid in Some20043Relddir Riddlers (128-173)
 128Relddir Riddlers20002Goodfellas (128-168)
Most Combined Points
1326Pizza vs Maple Ave. Mavericks (198-128)200412
2325Let It Ride vs Maple Ave. Mavericks (198-127)20025
3319Bri's Squad vs Double Penetration (164-155)200210
4310Pizza vs Paid in Some (183-127)20048
5304Bri's Squad vs Paid in Some (181-123)200413
6 (tie)303Hackett's Hackers vs Da Nigga Lovin Monkees (188-115)200012
 303Double Penetration vs Goodfellas (194-109)200213
8301Relddir Riddlers vs Paid in Some (173-128)20043
9299Double Penetration vs Paid in Some (152-147)19991
10298Bri's Squad vs GDawgs (170-128)200212
Fewest Combined Points
188Phist Phuck 3000 vs Balls Deep (53-35)19996
296Maple Ave. Mavericks vs Paid in Some (51-45)199913
397Pizza vs Phist Phuck 3000 (65-32)20024
499GDawgs vs Relddir Riddlers (68-31)20016
5102Da Nigga Lovin Monkees vs Relddir Riddlers (75-27)20012
6107Paid in Some vs Bri's Squad (60-47)20039
7112Pizza vs Maple Ave. Mavericks (67-45)200212
8114Relddir Riddlers vs Phist Phuck 3000 (58-56)20019
9118GDawgs vs Paid in Some (74-44)20029
10119Da Nigga Lovin Monkees vs Let It Ride (78-41)20001
Victory Margin
1132Bri's Squad20025Hackett's Hackers (186-54)
2126GDawgs200010Let It Ride (178-52)
3120THE ABATTOIR20024Bri's Squad (196-76)
4118Maple Ave. Mavericks200313Double Penetration (176-58)
5105Let It Ride200612GDawgs (168-63)
6104Let It Ride20012GDawgs (137-33)
7101Double Penetration20008THE ABATTOIR (180-79)
899Phist Phuck 300020008Maple Ave. Mavericks (169-70)
997Double Penetration20024Hackett's Hackers (129-32)
1094Hackett's Hackers200213Phist Phuck 3000 (145-51)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Double Penetration200013Maple Ave. Mavericks (117-116)
 1GDawgs20046Paid in Some (89-88)
 1GDawgs20026Hackett's Hackers (122-121)
 1Let It Ride20008Bri's Squad (108-107)
 1Paid in Some20014Relddir Riddlers (71-70)
 1Paid in Some20042Maple Ave. Mavericks (95-94)
 1Paid in Some200115Double Penetration (97-96)
 1THE ABATTOIR200310Balls Deep (73-72)
 1THE ABATTOIR199911Let It Ride (81-80)
 1THE ABATTOIR20068Double Penetration (135-134)

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