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TML Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1222.32Poker in the Rear20076
2205.8Prestige Worldwide20117
3203.7Mifflin Destroyers200714
4198.8Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders20099
5194.6Poker in the Rear200913
7188.3You're in My Spot200911
8187Sharpsburg Rifles20096
9186.2Sharpsburg Rifles20091
10185.2Spring Creek Motorboaters20122
11183.7Get Outta Dodge Ballers20096
12183.59Canadian Bacon200710
13183.18Poker in the Rear200713
14182.91Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders200714
15182.4Get Outta Dodge Ballers20117
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Spring Creek Motorboaters200910
2 (tie)30OMG It Spins200614
 30Port Royal Sprinters200617
435Camel Toes20068
5 (tie)38Spring Creek Motorboaters20064
 38Harrisburg Hefeweizen200610
740Prestige Worldwide201012
841.8Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders20108
942.62Canadian Bacon20082
1042.98Spring Creek Motorboaters20088
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
150Parrot Bay RUMblers200610Harrisburg Hefeweizen (50-38)
252Camel Toes200615Port Royal Sprinters (52-43)
355Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders20061Spring Creek Motorboaters (55-44)
459.8Nittany Loins20107Prestige Worldwide (59.8-43.4)
564.42Harrisburg Hefeweizen20088Spring Creek Motorboaters (64.42-42.98)
666.9Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders201012McDowells (66.9-64.8)
767Sharpsburg Rifles20067Spring Creek Motorboaters (67-58)
868Mifflin Destroyers200617Harrisburg Hefeweizen (68-65)
968.6Nittany Loins20108Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders (68.6-41.8)
1068.66Harrisburg Hefeweizen200815Thanks for the Mammaries (68.66-45.51)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1165.1Get Outta Dodge Ballers200915Poker in the Rear (165.1-171)
2163.93Mifflin Destroyers20077Poker in the Rear (163.93-173.81)
3162.9Port Matilda Peckers200910Poker in the Rear (162.9-168.8)
4162.24Thanks for the Mammaries20072Port Royal Sprinters (162.24-167.45)
5162.17Thanks for the Mammaries200711Mifflin Destroyers (162.17-164.66)
6155.8Get Outta Dodge Ballers200912Canadian Bacon (155.8-159.2)
7155.2Canadian Bacon200915You're in My Spot (155.2-179.2)
8155.17Sharpsburg Rifles20076Poker in the Rear (155.17-222.32)
9153.78Thanks for the Mammaries200710Harrisburg Hefeweizen (153.78-166.67)
10153Canadian Bacon20099Sharpsburg Rifles (153-176.7)
Most Combined Points
1377.49Poker in the Rear vs Sharpsburg Rifles (222.32-155.17)20076
2338.12Mifflin Destroyers vs Port Royal Sprinters (203.7-134.42)200714
3337.74Poker in the Rear vs Mifflin Destroyers (173.81-163.93)20077
4337.4Sharpsburg Rifles vs Get Outta Dodge Ballers (186.2-151.2)20091
5336.1Poker in the Rear vs Get Outta Dodge Ballers (171-165.1)200915
6334.8McDowells vs Spring Creek Motorboaters (191.6-143.2)20103
7334.4You're in My Spot vs Canadian Bacon (179.2-155.2)200915
8331.7Poker in the Rear vs Port Matilda Peckers (168.8-162.9)200910
9329.7Sharpsburg Rifles vs Canadian Bacon (176.7-153)20099
10329.69Port Royal Sprinters vs Thanks for the Mammaries (167.45-162.24)20072
Fewest Combined Points
188Parrot Bay RUMblers vs Harrisburg Hefeweizen (50-38)200610
295Camel Toes vs Port Royal Sprinters (52-43)200615
399Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders vs Spring Creek Motorboaters (55-44)20061
4103.2Nittany Loins vs Prestige Worldwide (59.8-43.4)20107
5107Port Royal Sprinters vs Camel Toes (72-35)20068
6107.4Harrisburg Hefeweizen vs Spring Creek Motorboaters (64.42-42.98)20088
7110.4Nittany Loins vs Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders (68.6-41.8)20108
8114.17Harrisburg Hefeweizen vs Thanks for the Mammaries (68.66-45.51)200815
9117.9Sharpsburg Rifles vs Spring Creek Motorboaters (117.9-0)200910
10122OMG It Spins vs Port Royal Sprinters (92-30)200617
Victory Margin
1137.6Prestige Worldwide20117Poker in the Rear (205.8-68.2)
2126.3Sharpsburg Rifles201211OMG It Spins (172.3-46)
3125.5Get Outta Dodge Ballers20117Nittany Loins (182.4-56.9)
4119.6OMG It Spins20127Get Outta Dodge Ballers (177-57.4)
5117.9Sharpsburg Rifles200910Spring Creek Motorboaters (117.9-0)
6101.29Canadian Bacon20083Get Outta Dodge Ballers (154.11-52.82)
797.5Poker in the Rear200913Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders (194.6-97.1)
896.66Thanks for the Mammaries20082Get Outta Dodge Ballers (143.36-46.7)
996.5You're in My Spot201110Camel Toes (147-50.5)
1093Off Constantly200613Cayuga Lake Tramp Riders (136-43)
Least Victory Margin
10.15Sharpsburg Rifles200710Port Royal Sprinters (110.48-110.33)
20.20Spring Creek Motorboaters200912Thanks for the Mammaries (136.9-136.7)
3 (tie)0.50Sharpsburg Rifles20109McLovin Incorporated (136.2-135.7)
 0.50Mifflin Destroyers20118Thanks for the Mammaries (115.6-115.1)
 0.50Poker in the Rear20097Thanks for the Mammaries (138.9-138.4)
 0.50Get Outta Dodge Ballers20104Nittany Loins (111.8-111.3)
70.57Port Royal Sprinters200715Camel Toes (100.95-100.38)
80.60McDowells20106Nittany Loins (99-98.4)
90.80Thanks for the Mammaries201112Nittany Loins (115.4-114.6)
10 (tie)0.90Spring Creek Motorboaters200810Thanks for the Mammaries (120.89-119.99)
 0.90Camel Toes200815Mifflin Destroyers (125-124.1)
 0.90OMG It Spins20125McLovin Incorporated (108.3-107.4)

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