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Michigan League 6 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1169*Junk Yard Dogs200416
2 (tie)167*Rumblin Bumblin20053
 167*Sidney Cowboys20058
4165*Sidney Cowboys20066
5162*Manhattan Hornets20066
6160*FastFish ModSquad200413
7155*Dodge City Canucks20073
9 (tie)151*Sidney Cowboys200613
 151*The Trading Post200711
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
147*DC Avengers20052
248*Dodge City Canucks20055
3 (tie)50*Sidney Cowboys20074
 50*Lombardi's Legends20067
 50* Go Blue200613
651*Dodge City Canucks20063
753.65*Rumblin Bumblin200811
8 (tie)54*Dodge City Canucks20047
 54*Lombardi's Legends20066
 54*OSU Bucks200611
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
163*DC Avengers200410*Dodge City Canucks (63-61)
264*Rumblin Bumblin20075*Southern Crusaders (64-59)
365*Dodge City Canucks20045*FastFish ModSquad (65-61)
469*Smokestack 'Lightnin 620077*PackAttack (69-59)
573*Junk Yard Dogs200513*DC Avengers (73-55)
6 (tie)75*VENOM20054*Bucknut (75-67)
 75*The Trading Post20088*Smokestack 'Lightnin 6 (75-67.95)
8 (tie)77*Sturgeon Point Captains20048*Manhattan Hornets (77-61)
 77*OSU Bucks20065*Tiberias Mossad (77-56)
10 (tie)78*Junk Yard Dogs20047*Manhattan Hornets (78-55)
 78*PackAttack200613*SteamRollers (78-76)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1140*Rumblin Bumblin200416*Junk Yard Dogs (140-169)
2134*Rumblin Bumblin20067*FastFish ModSquad (134-143)
3131*Rumblin Bumblin200413*SteamRollers (131-143)
4129.8*The Trading Post20082*Dodge City Canucks (129.8-135.75)
5 (tie)129*SteamRollers20073*Rumblin Bumblin (129-134)
 129*The Trading Post20072*SteamRollers (129-139)
7126*Sturgeon Point Captains20053*Junk Yard Dogs (126-138)
8 (tie)123*VENOM200413*DC Avengers (123-149)
 123*Sidney Cowboys200410*Rumblin Bumblin (123-139)
 123*Destruction, Inc.20079*The Silver Scorpions (123-130)
Most Combined Points
1309*Junk Yard Dogs vs *Rumblin Bumblin (169-140)200416
2281*Sidney Cowboys vs *VENOM (167-114)20058
3277*FastFish ModSquad vs *Rumblin Bumblin (143-134)20067
4274*SteamRollers vs *Rumblin Bumblin (143-131)200413
5272*DC Avengers vs *VENOM (149-123)200413
6270*Dodge City Canucks vs *Manhattan Hornets (155-115)20073
7268*SteamRollers vs *The Trading Post (139-129)20072
8266*SteamRollers vs *PackAttack (154-112)200412
9265.55*Dodge City Canucks vs *The Trading Post (135.75-129.8)20082
10264*Junk Yard Dogs vs *Sturgeon Point Captains (138-126)20053
Fewest Combined Points
1123*Rumblin Bumblin vs *Southern Crusaders (64-59)20075
2124*DC Avengers vs *Dodge City Canucks (63-61)200410
3126*Dodge City Canucks vs *FastFish ModSquad (65-61)20045
4 (tie)128*Junk Yard Dogs vs *DC Avengers (73-55)200513
 128*Smokestack 'Lightnin 6 vs *PackAttack (69-59)20077
6 (tie)133*Junk Yard Dogs vs *Manhattan Hornets (78-55)20047
 133*OSU Bucks vs *Tiberias Mossad (77-56)20065
8134*Tiberias Mossad vs * Go Blue (84-50)200613
9137*FastFish ModSquad vs *Dodge City Canucks (89-48)20055
10138*Sturgeon Point Captains vs *Manhattan Hornets (77-61)20048
Victory Margin
194*FastFish ModSquad200413*Sidney Cowboys (160-66)
282.85*FastFish ModSquad20085*Smokestack 'Lightnin 6 (137.25-54.4)
382*Rumblin Bumblin20053*FastFish ModSquad (167-85)
480*The Trading Post200711*Destruction, Inc. (151-71)
579*FastFish ModSquad200612* Go Blue (136-57)
6 (tie)76*Rumblin Bumblin200411*VENOM (131-55)
 76*Sidney Cowboys20064*The Space Cowboys (136-60)
875*Rumblin Bumblin200611*Lombardi's Legends (132-57)
974*Sidney Cowboys20066*SteamRollers (165-91)
10 (tie)69*Rumblin Bumblin20063*Dodge City Canucks (120-51)
 69*FastFish ModSquad200513*SteamRollers (145-76)
Least Victory Margin
10.60*The Silver Scorpions20081*Rumblin Bumblin (85.5-84.9)
20.65*Rumblin Bumblin20087*SteamRollers (111.5-110.85)
3 (tie)1*VENOM20041*Junk Yard Dogs (94-93)
 1*DC Avengers20053*Bucknut (92-91)
 1*Dodge City Canucks200512*Sturgeon Point Captains (90-89)
 1*SteamRollers20049*Dodge City Canucks (84-83)
 1*SteamRollers20076*FastFish ModSquad (122-121)
 1*FastFish ModSquad20077*Sidney Cowboys (86-85)
 1*The Trading Post20078*PackAttack (79-78)
10 (tie)1.10*FastFish ModSquad20088*Dodge City Canucks (120.05-118.95)
 1.10*Southern Crusaders20086*Dodge City Canucks (79.1-78)

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