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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1126Will's Wookiees201712
2117Carrier's Pigeons201810
3 (tie)111Neubauer's Force20184
 111Will's Wookiees20043
5 (tie)110Will's Wookiees20125
 110Kust's Phantoms201915
7 (tie)108Balk's River Rats20172
 108Will's Wookiees200413
9 (tie)107Carrier's Pigeons20187
 107Kust's Phantoms20072
11 (tie)106Ely's McFearsomes20196
 106Will's Wookiees20099
 106Will's Wookiees201711
14105Carrier's Pigeons200412
15 (tie)104Will's Wookiees200812
 104Fondow's Bucks20113
17 (tie)103Carrier's Pigeons20096
 103Ely's McFearsomes201616
 103Balk's River Rats19974
 103Neubauer's Force20076
21 (tie)102Carrier's Pigeons20173
 102Will's Wookiees199813
 102Elrod's Jedi20181
24 (tie)101Walsh's Chuckers20054
 101Neubauer's Force20193
 101Elrod's Jedi201315
 101Elrod's Jedi201715
28 (tie)100Carrier's Pigeons200315
 100Carrier's Pigeons20121
 100Walsh's Chuckers200710
 100Will's Wookiees20034
 100Will's Wookiees200416
 100Will's Wookiees201513
 100Fondow's Bucks201813
 100Blond Bombers20195
 100Blond Bombers20198
37 (tie)99Carrier's Pigeons20112
 99Carrier's Pigeons201215
 99Balk's River Rats20182
 99Neubauer's Force20191
 99Will's Wookiees20049
 99Will's Wookiees201315
 99Kust's Phantoms200714
 99Kust's Phantoms201410
 99Fondow's Bucks20189
46 (tie)98Carrier's Pigeons200814
 98Carrier's Pigeons20158
 98Fondow's Bucks20195
49 (tie)97Carrier's Pigeons20181
 97Ely's McFearsomes20114
 97Balk's River Rats20031
 97Neubauer's Force199713
 97Neubauer's Force200015
 97Neubauer's Force20173
 97Fondow's Bucks201812
 97Fondow's Bucks201915
 97Elrod's Jedi201413
58 (tie)96Balk's River Rats20188
 96Will's Wookiees19942
 96Will's Wookiees200313
 96Kust's Phantoms20144
 96Kust's Phantoms20148
 96Blond Bombers199813
 96Elrod's Jedi201314
65 (tie)95Carrier's Pigeons199814
 95Carrier's Pigeons20019
 95Walsh's Chuckers20069
 95Neubauer's Force20153
 95Will's Wookiees20008
 95Will's Wookiees200511
 95Will's Wookiees20152
 95Will's Wookiees201515
 95Will's Wookiees20164
 95Kust's Phantoms199915
 95Kust's Phantoms20142
 95Kust's Phantoms20196
 95Elrod's Jedi20158
 95Elrod's Jedi201714
79 (tie)94Will's Wookiees200516
 94Will's Wookiees201316
 94Will's Wookiees201610
 94Will's Wookiees20181
 94Kust's Phantoms198512
 94Kust's Phantoms20041
 94Kust's Phantoms200415
 94Kust's Phantoms20146
 94Fondow's Bucks20164
 94Elrod's Jedi20066
89 (tie)93Ely's McFearsomes200412
 93Neubauer's Force20112
 93Will's Wookiees19941
 93Will's Wookiees201810
 93Kust's Phantoms19971
 93Kust's Phantoms20117
95 (tie)92Carrier's Pigeons20026
 92Carrier's Pigeons20131
 92Walsh's Chuckers19892
 92Balk's River Rats200314
 92Balk's River Rats20055
 92Neubauer's Force20007
 92Neubauer's Force20073
 92Neubauer's Force201313
 92Neubauer's Force20151
 92Will's Wookiees20017
 92Will's Wookiees20038
 92Will's Wookiees200315
 92Kust's Phantoms201110
 92Fondow's Bucks20079
 92Fondow's Bucks20092
 92Fondow's Bucks20112
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)2Will's Wookiees19824
 2Will's Wookiees19845
 2Jake's Flakes198114
43Ely's McFearsomes19962
5 (tie)5Balk's River Rats19947
 5Neubauer's Force198014
7 (tie)6Will's Wookiees19823
 6Kust's Phantoms19894
 6Kust's Phantoms19948
 6MT Airwaves198510
11 (tie)7Carrier's Pigeons19906
 7Balk's River Rats19938
 7Neubauer's Force199114
 7Will's Wookiees198610
 7Kust's Phantoms198014
 7Blond Bombers19885
 7Blond Bombers19913
 7Dave's Droids19885
19 (tie)8Carrier's Pigeons199217
 8Ely's McFearsomes199113
 8Balk's River Rats19826
 8Dave's Droids19888
 8MT Airwaves19865
 8Wettach's Warriors19876
 8Mike's CarneyVores19966
26 (tie)9Fondow's Bucks200714
 9Blond Bombers19935
 9Elrod's Jedi198510
 9Jake's Flakes198112
 9MT Airwaves19866
 9Mike's CarneyVores199914
32 (tie)10Ely's McFearsomes19999
 10Walsh's Chuckers198614
 10Balk's River Rats19958
 10Will's Wookiees198312
 10Will's Wookiees19842
 10Will's Wookiees19847
 10Will's Wookiees198410
 10Holtzen's Hustlers198113
 10Coach's Cobras19825
41 (tie)11Carrier's Pigeons198811
 11Carrier's Pigeons19959
 11Balk's River Rats19964
 11Balk's River Rats19988
 11Will's Wookiees19841
 11Will's Wookiees19844
 11Blond Bombers19901
 11Blond Bombers19917
 11Elrod's Jedi20192
 11MT Airwaves19834
 11Mike's CarneyVores199314
52 (tie)12Walsh's Chuckers19865
 12Walsh's Chuckers19915
 12Balk's River Rats19824
 12Balk's River Rats19927
 12Blond Bombers19889
 12Elrod's Jedi19919
 12Coach's Cobras19838
 12MT Airwaves19832
 12MT Airwaves198311
 12Wettach's Warriors198614
 12Mike's CarneyVores19917
 12Mike's CarneyVores199312
64 (tie)13Ely's McFearsomes199110
 13Ely's McFearsomes199114
 13Balk's River Rats19933
 13Balk's River Rats20035
 13Kust's Phantoms199412
 13Coach's Cobras19821
70 (tie)14Ely's McFearsomes201014
 14Walsh's Chuckers199010
 14Balk's River Rats198111
 14Balk's River Rats199110
 14Neubauer's Force19907
 14Will's Wookiees19889
 14Kust's Phantoms199913
 14Blond Bombers19884
 14Blond Bombers199015
 14Blond Bombers199113
 14Blond Bombers19985
 14Blond Bombers20033
 14Elrod's Jedi198111
 14Elrod's Jedi199711
 14Holtzen's Hustlers19828
 14Jake's Flakes19819
 14Dave's Droids19815
 14Grace's Gombas19812
 14Grace's Gombas198111
 14Coach's Cobras198314
 14Mike's CarneyVores19918
91 (tie)15Ely's McFearsomes19944
 15Balk's River Rats19961
 15Will's Wookiees19826
 15Will's Wookiees198612
 15Will's Wookiees19887
 15Blond Bombers199010
 15Blond Bombers19915
 15Blond Bombers20177
 15Blond Bombers201911
 15Elrod's Jedi19991
 15Dave's Droids19806
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
115Blond Bombers199010Walsh's Chuckers (15-14)
216Jake's Flakes198111Grace's Gombas (16-14)
317Elrod's Jedi19958Balk's River Rats (17-10)
418Dave's Droids199011Blond Bombers (18-17)
5 (tie)20Carrier's Pigeons198510Elrod's Jedi (20-9)
 20Carrier's Pigeons199114Neubauer's Force (20-7)
7 (tie)21Ely's McFearsomes19988Balk's River Rats (21-11)
 21Ely's McFearsomes20078Balk's River Rats (21-16)
 21Elrod's Jedi19887Will's Wookiees (21-15)
10 (tie)22Carrier's Pigeons19883Blond Bombers (22-17)
 22Balk's River Rats198113Holtzen's Hustlers (22-10)
 22Elrod's Jedi199113Blond Bombers (22-14)
 22Elrod's Jedi19985Blond Bombers (22-14)
1423Neubauer's Force198314Coach's Cobras (23-14)
15 (tie)24Will's Wookiees19829Neubauer's Force (24-22)
 24Kust's Phantoms199110Balk's River Rats (24-14)
 24Dave's Droids19868MT Airwaves (24-19)
 24MT Airwaves198314Will's Wookiees (24-22)
 24Mike's CarneyVores199912Balk's River Rats (24-23)
20 (tie)25Carrier's Pigeons19926Balk's River Rats (25-18)
 25Walsh's Chuckers19826Will's Wookiees (25-15)
 25Walsh's Chuckers19838Coach's Cobras (25-12)
 25Balk's River Rats199010Carrier's Pigeons (25-21)
 25Neubauer's Force19896Carrier's Pigeons (25-24)
 25Will's Wookiees199312Balk's River Rats (25-23)
 25Wettach's Warriors198611Balk's River Rats (25-24)
27 (tie)26Balk's River Rats19968Mike's CarneyVores (26-19)
 26Will's Wookiees19828Holtzen's Hustlers (26-14)
 26Elrod's Jedi19855Wettach's Warriors (26-24)
30 (tie)27Walsh's Chuckers20037Neubauer's Force (27-23)
 27Neubauer's Force19894Kust's Phantoms (27-6)
 27Neubauer's Force20098Fondow's Bucks (27-26)
 27Kust's Phantoms19881Carrier's Pigeons (27-25)
 27Kust's Phantoms199116Neubauer's Force (27-24)
 27Blond Bombers19931Balk's River Rats (27-20)
 27Jake's Flakes19813Holtzen's Hustlers (27-24)
 27Wettach's Warriors19853Walsh's Chuckers (27-20)
 27Wettach's Warriors19864Elrod's Jedi (27-19)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
198Fondow's Bucks20195Blond Bombers (98-100)
296Blond Bombers199813Will's Wookiees (96-102)
395Elrod's Jedi20158Carrier's Pigeons (95-98)
493Ely's McFearsomes200412Carrier's Pigeons (93-105)
591Kust's Phantoms201314Elrod's Jedi (91-96)
690Blond Bombers20019Carrier's Pigeons (90-95)
789Walsh's Chuckers20007Neubauer's Force (89-92)
888Ely's McFearsomes200315Carrier's Pigeons (88-100)
9 (tie)86Kust's Phantoms200416Will's Wookiees (86-100)
 86Blond Bombers20092Fondow's Bucks (86-92)
11 (tie)85Balk's River Rats201714Elrod's Jedi (85-95)
 85Balk's River Rats201811Fondow's Bucks (85-88)
 85Fondow's Bucks201816Will's Wookiees (85-89)
14 (tie)84Kust's Phantoms20157Neubauer's Force (84-87)
 84Fondow's Bucks201513Will's Wookiees (84-100)
 84Fondow's Bucks20182Kust's Phantoms (84-90)
17 (tie)83Ely's McFearsomes201315Elrod's Jedi (83-101)
 83Neubauer's Force20118Carrier's Pigeons (83-89)
1981Elrod's Jedi20148Kust's Phantoms (81-96)
2080Carrier's Pigeons20022Walsh's Chuckers (80-90)
21 (tie)79Balk's River Rats20112Carrier's Pigeons (79-99)
 79Kust's Phantoms20069Ely's McFearsomes (79-80)
2378Neubauer's Force20198Balk's River Rats (78-90)
24 (tie)77Carrier's Pigeons201812Will's Wookiees (77-78)
 77Carrier's Pigeons20192Balk's River Rats (77-83)
 77Ely's McFearsomes20055Balk's River Rats (77-92)
 77Walsh's Chuckers20125Carrier's Pigeons (77-83)
 77Neubauer's Force20168Ely's McFearsomes (77-85)
 77Kust's Phantoms20181Carrier's Pigeons (77-97)
 77Blond Bombers20184Fondow's Bucks (77-91)
Victory Margin
185Will's Wookiees200413Carrier's Pigeons (108-23)
2 (tie)81Carrier's Pigeons201810Walsh's Chuckers (117-36)
 81Balk's River Rats20172Walsh's Chuckers (108-27)
4 (tie)74Balk's River Rats19844Will's Wookiees (85-11)
 74Will's Wookiees20043Balk's River Rats (111-37)
6 (tie)71Will's Wookiees201712Walsh's Chuckers (126-55)
 71Kust's Phantoms198512Carrier's Pigeons (94-23)
 71Blond Bombers19948Kust's Phantoms (77-6)
968Walsh's Chuckers19844Kust's Phantoms (91-23)
1067Kust's Phantoms19824Will's Wookiees (69-2)
1166Rued's Racketeers19823Will's Wookiees (72-6)
12 (tie)65Carrier's Pigeons201215Walsh's Chuckers (99-34)
 65Kust's Phantoms19847Will's Wookiees (75-10)
1464Walsh's Chuckers20054Balk's River Rats (101-37)
15 (tie)63Walsh's Chuckers200710Ely's McFearsomes (100-37)
 63Kust's Phantoms198112Balk's River Rats (84-21)
17 (tie)62Ely's McFearsomes20059Elrod's Jedi (90-28)
 62Will's Wookiees19967Balk's River Rats (89-27)
 62Fondow's Bucks20113Elrod's Jedi (104-42)
20 (tie)61Balk's River Rats19959Carrier's Pigeons (72-11)
 61Neubauer's Force19885Dave's Droids (68-7)
 61Neubauer's Force199713Walsh's Chuckers (97-36)
 61Will's Wookiees20099Fondow's Bucks (106-45)
 61Blond Bombers19938Balk's River Rats (68-7)
25 (tie)60Carrier's Pigeons20177Blond Bombers (75-15)
 60Carrier's Pigeons200814Walsh's Chuckers (98-38)
27 (tie)59Balk's River Rats19852Walsh's Chuckers (85-26)
 59Balk's River Rats20031Ely's McFearsomes (97-38)
 59Will's Wookiees199217Carrier's Pigeons (67-8)
 59Will's Wookiees19957Balk's River Rats (81-22)
 59Kust's Phantoms198110Elrod's Jedi (90-31)
32 (tie)58Walsh's Chuckers20029Will's Wookiees (86-28)
 58Will's Wookiees20048Fondow's Bucks (88-30)
 58Fondow's Bucks201813Elrod's Jedi (100-42)
35 (tie)57Balk's River Rats20012Elrod's Jedi (88-31)
 57Neubauer's Force20173Blond Bombers (97-40)
 57Kust's Phantoms199711Elrod's Jedi (71-14)
38 (tie)56Ely's McFearsomes201611Carrier's Pigeons (85-29)
 56Neubauer's Force198511Dave's Droids (83-27)
 56Will's Wookiees20059Walsh's Chuckers (90-34)
 56Will's Wookiees201315Fondow's Bucks (99-43)
42 (tie)55Carrier's Pigeons19911Walsh's Chuckers (79-24)
 55Balk's River Rats198810Elrod's Jedi (73-18)
 55Balk's River Rats19858Carrier's Pigeons (79-24)
 55Balk's River Rats19974Mike's CarneyVores (103-48)
46 (tie)54Carrier's Pigeons20043Blond Bombers (88-34)
 54Carrier's Pigeons201511Balk's River Rats (90-36)
 54Neubauer's Force19964Walsh's Chuckers (90-36)
 54Will's Wookiees201111Elrod's Jedi (79-25)
 54Will's Wookiees201413Balk's River Rats (89-35)
 54Kust's Phantoms19971Will's Wookiees (93-39)
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)27Carrier's Pigeons vs Neubauer's Force (20-7)199114
 27Elrod's Jedi vs Balk's River Rats (17-10)19958
3 (tie)29Carrier's Pigeons vs Elrod's Jedi (20-9)198510
 29Blond Bombers vs Walsh's Chuckers (15-14)199010
530Jake's Flakes vs Grace's Gombas (16-14)198111
6 (tie)32Balk's River Rats vs Holtzen's Hustlers (22-10)198113
 32Ely's McFearsomes vs Balk's River Rats (21-11)19988
8 (tie)33Neubauer's Force vs Jake's Flakes (31-2)198114
 33Neubauer's Force vs Kust's Phantoms (27-6)19894
1034Rued's Racketeers vs Neubauer's Force (29-5)198014
11 (tie)35Dave's Droids vs Blond Bombers (18-17)199011
 35Elrod's Jedi vs Ely's McFearsomes (32-3)19962
13 (tie)36Elrod's Jedi vs Will's Wookiees (21-15)19887
 36Elrod's Jedi vs Blond Bombers (22-14)199113
 36Elrod's Jedi vs Blond Bombers (22-14)19985
16 (tie)37Walsh's Chuckers vs Coach's Cobras (25-12)19838
 37Neubauer's Force vs Coach's Cobras (23-14)198314
 37Neubauer's Force vs Ely's McFearsomes (29-8)199113
 37Mike's CarneyVores vs Blond Bombers (28-9)19935
 37Ely's McFearsomes vs Balk's River Rats (21-16)20078
Most Combined Points
1 (tie)198Carrier's Pigeons vs Ely's McFearsomes (105-93)200412
 198Will's Wookiees vs Blond Bombers (102-96)199813
 198Blond Bombers vs Fondow's Bucks (100-98)20195
4193Carrier's Pigeons vs Elrod's Jedi (98-95)20158
5188Carrier's Pigeons vs Ely's McFearsomes (100-88)200315
6187Elrod's Jedi vs Kust's Phantoms (96-91)201314
7186Will's Wookiees vs Kust's Phantoms (100-86)200416
8185Carrier's Pigeons vs Blond Bombers (95-90)20019
9 (tie)184Elrod's Jedi vs Ely's McFearsomes (101-83)201315
 184Will's Wookiees vs Fondow's Bucks (100-84)201513
11 (tie)181Neubauer's Force vs Walsh's Chuckers (92-89)20007
 181Will's Wookiees vs Walsh's Chuckers (126-55)201712
13180Elrod's Jedi vs Balk's River Rats (95-85)201714
14 (tie)178Fondow's Bucks vs Blond Bombers (92-86)20092
 178Carrier's Pigeons vs Balk's River Rats (99-79)20112
16177Kust's Phantoms vs Elrod's Jedi (96-81)20148
17 (tie)174Will's Wookiees vs Fondow's Bucks (89-85)201816
 174Kust's Phantoms vs Fondow's Bucks (90-84)20182
 174Carrier's Pigeons vs Kust's Phantoms (97-77)20181
20 (tie)173Fondow's Bucks vs Balk's River Rats (88-85)201811
 173Carrier's Pigeons vs Balk's River Rats (107-66)20187
22 (tie)172Carrier's Pigeons vs Neubauer's Force (89-83)20118
 172Will's Wookiees vs Neubauer's Force (110-62)20125
 172Neubauer's Force vs Walsh's Chuckers (111-61)20184
25171Neubauer's Force vs Kust's Phantoms (87-84)20157
26 (tie)170Will's Wookiees vs Carrier's Pigeons (99-71)20049
 170Walsh's Chuckers vs Carrier's Pigeons (90-80)20022
 170Kust's Phantoms vs Walsh's Chuckers (110-60)201915
29169Balk's River Rats vs Ely's McFearsomes (92-77)20055
30 (tie)168Kust's Phantoms vs Blond Bombers (95-73)199915
 168Fondow's Bucks vs Blond Bombers (91-77)20184
 168Will's Wookiees vs Ely's McFearsomes (93-75)201810
 168Balk's River Rats vs Neubauer's Force (90-78)20198
34 (tie)167Kust's Phantoms vs Blond Bombers (107-60)20072
 167Will's Wookiees vs Neubauer's Force (106-61)201711
 167Fondow's Bucks vs Neubauer's Force (99-68)20189
37 (tie)166Carrier's Pigeons vs Balk's River Rats (95-71)199814
 166Elrod's Jedi vs Fondow's Bucks (97-69)201413
39165Kust's Phantoms vs Fondow's Bucks (99-66)201410
40 (tie)164Neubauer's Force vs Ely's McFearsomes (90-74)201012
 164Walsh's Chuckers vs Blond Bombers (88-76)20131
 164Elrod's Jedi vs Kust's Phantoms (101-63)201715
 164Balk's River Rats vs Neubauer's Force (99-65)20182
44 (tie)163Will's Wookiees vs Kust's Phantoms (92-71)200315
 163Balk's River Rats vs Will's Wookiees (87-76)20039
 163Carrier's Pigeons vs Ely's McFearsomes (89-74)20129
 163Will's Wookiees vs Elrod's Jedi (95-68)20152
 163Carrier's Pigeons vs Elrod's Jedi (102-61)20173
 163Neubauer's Force vs Balk's River Rats (99-64)20191
50 (tie)162Fondow's Bucks vs Elrod's Jedi (91-71)200711
 162Will's Wookiees vs Kust's Phantoms (94-68)201316
 162Ely's McFearsomes vs Neubauer's Force (85-77)20168
 162Neubauer's Force vs Ely's McFearsomes (89-73)20181
54 (tie)161Neubauer's Force vs Blond Bombers (92-69)20073
 161Carrier's Pigeons vs Elrod's Jedi (103-58)20096
 161Elrod's Jedi vs Blond Bombers (88-73)20134
 161Will's Wookiees vs Elrod's Jedi (95-66)20164
 161Balk's River Rats vs Walsh's Chuckers (96-65)20188
 161Ely's McFearsomes vs Elrod's Jedi (106-55)20196
60 (tie)160Walsh's Chuckers vs Ely's McFearsomes (88-72)20045
 160Will's Wookiees vs Blond Bombers (96-64)19942
 160Walsh's Chuckers vs Kust's Phantoms (86-74)20071
 160Carrier's Pigeons vs Walsh's Chuckers (83-77)20125
 160Fondow's Bucks vs Kust's Phantoms (94-66)20164
 160Kust's Phantoms vs Will's Wookiees (85-75)20187
 160Balk's River Rats vs Carrier's Pigeons (83-77)20192
 160Will's Wookiees vs Balk's River Rats (84-76)20193
68 (tie)159Ely's McFearsomes vs Kust's Phantoms (80-79)20069
 159Mike's CarneyVores vs Will's Wookiees (83-76)199511
 159Will's Wookiees vs Walsh's Chuckers (104-55)200812
 159Balk's River Rats vs Will's Wookiees (89-70)201114
 159Neubauer's Force vs Carrier's Pigeons (92-67)201313
73 (tie)158Ely's McFearsomes vs Neubauer's Force (88-70)20068
 158Neubauer's Force vs Will's Wookiees (103-55)20076
 158Will's Wookiees vs Elrod's Jedi (90-68)200810
 158Walsh's Chuckers vs Carrier's Pigeons (91-67)20094
 158Walsh's Chuckers vs Carrier's Pigeons (85-73)20111
 158Elrod's Jedi vs Blond Bombers (89-69)201414
 158Elrod's Jedi vs Blond Bombers (102-56)20181
80 (tie)157Walsh's Chuckers vs Fondow's Bucks (95-62)20069
 157Ely's McFearsomes vs Walsh's Chuckers (90-67)200010
 157Elrod's Jedi vs Ely's McFearsomes (87-70)200911
 157Ely's McFearsomes vs Neubauer's Force (82-75)20148
84 (tie)156Will's Wookiees vs Fondow's Bucks (78-78)20025
 156Neubauer's Force vs Balk's River Rats (95-61)20153
 156Carrier's Pigeons vs Ely's McFearsomes (88-68)20195
87 (tie)155Carrier's Pigeons vs Walsh's Chuckers (79-76)20008
 155Fondow's Bucks vs Balk's River Rats (92-63)20079
 155Blond Bombers vs Neubauer's Force (83-72)20096
 155Will's Wookiees vs Elrod's Jedi (85-70)20123
 155Carrier's Pigeons vs Neubauer's Force (100-55)20121
 155Walsh's Chuckers vs Ely's McFearsomes (82-73)20145
 155Fondow's Bucks vs Will's Wookiees (83-72)201414
 155Ely's McFearsomes vs Walsh's Chuckers (103-52)201616
 155Will's Wookiees vs Carrier's Pigeons (78-77)201812
 155Will's Wookiees vs Fondow's Bucks (94-61)20181
 155Kust's Phantoms vs Balk's River Rats (95-60)20196
 155Kust's Phantoms vs Fondow's Bucks (91-64)201916
99 (tie)154Ely's McFearsomes vs Carrier's Pigeons (85-69)200611
 154Carrier's Pigeons vs Elrod's Jedi (87-67)20006
 154Blond Bombers vs Will's Wookiees (81-73)20007
 154Mike's CarneyVores vs Walsh's Chuckers (80-74)200011
 154Carrier's Pigeons vs Will's Wookiees (85-69)20077
 154Kust's Phantoms vs Carrier's Pigeons (99-55)200714
 154Will's Wookiees vs Carrier's Pigeons (84-70)20155
 154Kust's Phantoms vs Fondow's Bucks (79-75)201610
 154Fondow's Bucks vs Ely's McFearsomes (97-57)201812
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Carrier's Pigeons19904Elrod's Jedi (30-29)
 1Carrier's Pigeons20109Fondow's Bucks (44-43)
 1Carrier's Pigeons19867Walsh's Chuckers (46-45)
 1Carrier's Pigeons200411Ely's McFearsomes (50-49)
 1Carrier's Pigeons201211Kust's Phantoms (51-50)
 1Carrier's Pigeons20069Will's Wookiees (53-52)
 1Carrier's Pigeons201111Ely's McFearsomes (58-57)
 1Carrier's Pigeons20088Fondow's Bucks (59-58)
 1Carrier's Pigeons201411Ely's McFearsomes (62-61)
 1Carrier's Pigeons201914Kust's Phantoms (62-61)
 1Carrier's Pigeons20174Balk's River Rats (66-65)
 1Carrier's Pigeons20199Elrod's Jedi (75-74)
 1Carrier's Pigeons20082Balk's River Rats (77-76)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20012Walsh's Chuckers (38-37)
 1Ely's McFearsomes199412Mike's CarneyVores (39-38)
 1Ely's McFearsomes201915Balk's River Rats (39-38)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20048Balk's River Rats (40-39)
 1Ely's McFearsomes201614Balk's River Rats (48-47)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20063Elrod's Jedi (50-49)
 1Ely's McFearsomes200616Blond Bombers (50-49)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20121Walsh's Chuckers (54-53)
 1Ely's McFearsomes19918Elrod's Jedi (59-58)
 1Ely's McFearsomes200811Carrier's Pigeons (60-59)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20098Elrod's Jedi (60-59)
 1Ely's McFearsomes201710Fondow's Bucks (65-64)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20167Balk's River Rats (70-69)
 1Ely's McFearsomes19922Walsh's Chuckers (71-70)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20067Balk's River Rats (71-70)
 1Ely's McFearsomes20069Kust's Phantoms (80-79)
 1Walsh's Chuckers19932Mike's CarneyVores (31-30)
 1Walsh's Chuckers19856Elrod's Jedi (32-31)
 1Walsh's Chuckers199013Dave's Droids (39-38)
 1Walsh's Chuckers200612Will's Wookiees (45-44)
 1Walsh's Chuckers20092Elrod's Jedi (50-49)
 1Walsh's Chuckers19909Dave's Droids (52-51)
 1Walsh's Chuckers20123Blond Bombers (52-51)
 1Walsh's Chuckers19989Elrod's Jedi (53-52)
 1Walsh's Chuckers201912Elrod's Jedi (55-54)
 1Walsh's Chuckers19982Ely's McFearsomes (59-58)
 1Walsh's Chuckers20095Fondow's Bucks (63-62)
 1Walsh's Chuckers201513Balk's River Rats (67-66)
 1Balk's River Rats19871MT Airwaves (28-27)
 1Balk's River Rats19896Elrod's Jedi (30-29)
 1Balk's River Rats19872Wettach's Warriors (39-38)
 1Balk's River Rats20102Kust's Phantoms (40-39)
 1Balk's River Rats20051Carrier's Pigeons (49-48)
 1Balk's River Rats20091Carrier's Pigeons (49-48)
 1Balk's River Rats198614Elrod's Jedi (52-51)
 1Balk's River Rats20092Neubauer's Force (53-52)
 1Balk's River Rats201512Elrod's Jedi (53-52)
 1Balk's River Rats19999Will's Wookiees (55-54)
 1Balk's River Rats20036Kust's Phantoms (56-55)
 1Balk's River Rats201010Ely's McFearsomes (56-55)
 1Balk's River Rats20003Mike's CarneyVores (58-57)
 1Balk's River Rats200313Walsh's Chuckers (62-61)
 1Balk's River Rats20021Will's Wookiees (63-62)
 1Balk's River Rats20025Elrod's Jedi (63-62)
 1Neubauer's Force19896Carrier's Pigeons (25-24)
 1Neubauer's Force20098Fondow's Bucks (27-26)
 1Neubauer's Force198010Rued's Racketeers (37-36)
 1Neubauer's Force19972Carrier's Pigeons (40-39)
 1Neubauer's Force20061Ely's McFearsomes (40-39)
 1Neubauer's Force19856Wettach's Warriors (41-40)
 1Neubauer's Force19971Balk's River Rats (45-44)
 1Neubauer's Force200213Blond Bombers (45-44)
 1Neubauer's Force200814Kust's Phantoms (46-45)
 1Neubauer's Force20174Walsh's Chuckers (47-46)
 1Neubauer's Force201010Kust's Phantoms (48-47)
 1Neubauer's Force20199Blond Bombers (48-47)
 1Neubauer's Force19858Kust's Phantoms (53-52)
 1Neubauer's Force201716Elrod's Jedi (53-52)
 1Neubauer's Force201714Carrier's Pigeons (54-53)
 1Neubauer's Force19865Balk's River Rats (57-56)
 1Neubauer's Force19977Mike's CarneyVores (57-56)
 1Neubauer's Force20131Balk's River Rats (57-56)
 1Neubauer's Force20115Blond Bombers (59-58)
 1Will's Wookiees20199Ely's McFearsomes (37-36)
 1Will's Wookiees20104Carrier's Pigeons (46-45)
 1Will's Wookiees201211Fondow's Bucks (49-48)
 1Will's Wookiees19905Kust's Phantoms (56-55)
 1Will's Wookiees20045Elrod's Jedi (58-57)
 1Will's Wookiees201113Kust's Phantoms (58-57)
 1Will's Wookiees20157Fondow's Bucks (58-57)
 1Will's Wookiees20128Blond Bombers (61-60)
 1Will's Wookiees198813MT Airwaves (70-69)
 1Will's Wookiees201812Carrier's Pigeons (78-77)
 1Kust's Phantoms199916Neubauer's Force (30-29)
 1Kust's Phantoms198114Walsh's Chuckers (31-30)
 1Kust's Phantoms19997Ely's McFearsomes (31-30)
 1Kust's Phantoms19857Elrod's Jedi (34-33)
 1Kust's Phantoms19887Walsh's Chuckers (36-35)
 1Kust's Phantoms199316Elrod's Jedi (36-35)
 1Kust's Phantoms199613Blond Bombers (41-40)
 1Kust's Phantoms200611Will's Wookiees (42-41)
 1Kust's Phantoms200710Fondow's Bucks (44-43)
 1Kust's Phantoms200216Neubauer's Force (46-45)
 1Kust's Phantoms19839Neubauer's Force (53-52)
 1Kust's Phantoms20106Walsh's Chuckers (54-53)
 1Kust's Phantoms200112Walsh's Chuckers (55-54)
 1Kust's Phantoms20138Fondow's Bucks (58-57)
 1Kust's Phantoms201913Blond Bombers (64-63)
 1Fondow's Bucks200810Kust's Phantoms (37-36)
 1Fondow's Bucks20031Blond Bombers (38-37)
 1Fondow's Bucks20057Elrod's Jedi (40-39)
 1Fondow's Bucks20073Carrier's Pigeons (48-47)
 1Blond Bombers199010Walsh's Chuckers (15-14)
 1Blond Bombers20143Carrier's Pigeons (40-39)
 1Blond Bombers199410Elrod's Jedi (43-42)
 1Blond Bombers199710Walsh's Chuckers (43-42)
 1Blond Bombers20129Fondow's Bucks (47-46)
 1Blond Bombers20136Elrod's Jedi (49-48)
 1Blond Bombers20068Will's Wookiees (51-50)
 1Blond Bombers20015Elrod's Jedi (54-53)
 1Blond Bombers201611Fondow's Bucks (63-62)
 1Elrod's Jedi199713Kust's Phantoms (32-31)
 1Elrod's Jedi199415Walsh's Chuckers (35-34)
 1Elrod's Jedi19921Mike's CarneyVores (41-40)
 1Elrod's Jedi20106Carrier's Pigeons (48-47)
 1Elrod's Jedi19967Blond Bombers (61-60)
 1Elrod's Jedi20097Will's Wookiees (69-68)
 1Elrod's Jedi20153Walsh's Chuckers (75-74)
 1Rued's Racketeers19829Elrod's Jedi (53-52)
 1Rued's Racketeers19815Balk's River Rats (56-55)
 1Dave's Droids199011Blond Bombers (18-17)
 1Dave's Droids19856Carrier's Pigeons (31-30)
 1MT Airwaves198413Kust's Phantoms (49-48)
 1Wettach's Warriors198611Balk's River Rats (25-24)
 1Mike's CarneyVores199912Balk's River Rats (24-23)
 1Mike's CarneyVores199910Kust's Phantoms (35-34)

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