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Paul Brown Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1247.2Nasty Boys201315
2232.9Groin Pull200914
3231.25Groin Pull20092
5218.05Crusty Jello 201414
6215*TURF TOES200812
7214.65My Tribute201313
8210.45Warp Speed Warriors201410
9210.2Groin Pull201113
10206.1Nasty Boys20156
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
132.25Crusty Jello 20179
240.9Warp Speed Warriors201511
352.8The Way Life Should Be201014
457.75Four Horseman 20104
7 (tie)60.95Ghosts20105
 60.95Groin Pull201016
961.9Six Rings20155
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173.9Crusty Jello 20094VTCats (73.9-65.4)
284.8My Tribute201713Warp Speed Warriors (84.8-74.3)
385.85AK4920146Brown DoCoMo (85.85-81.4)
485.9*Artificial Smurf200812*BrownsROCK (85.9-75.55)
587.5Oregon Gold20145AK49 (87.5-83.55)
689.9John Phillips200914*Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (89.9-76.9)
790Six Rings201511Oregon Gold (90-78.9)
891.6My Tribute201211Highland Wolves (91.6-77.05)
992.45John Phillips20099Crusty Jello (92.45-88)
1093.5Ghosts20117Crusty Jello (93.5-89.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1188.75Groin Pull200812*TURF TOES (188.75-215)
2176.65VTCats200914Groin Pull (176.65-232.9)
3175.2VTCats201015Groin Pull (175.2-200.55)
4174.35*TURF TOES20096Groin Pull (174.35-175)
5170.75Vultures20161Four Horseman (170.75-184.45)
6165.85Four Horseman 20159Vultures (165.85-174.25)
7165.25Brown DoCoMo201515Crusty Jello (165.25-173.65)
8161.05VTCats200911Groin Pull (161.05-168.8)
9160.4Nasty Boys20139Four Horseman (160.4-191.8)
10159.9Nasty Boys20158Vultures (159.9-173.1)
Most Combined Points
1409.55Groin Pull vs VTCats (232.9-176.65)200914
2403.75*TURF TOES vs Groin Pull (215-188.75)200812
3377.85Nasty Boys vs Four Horseman (247.2-130.65)201315
4375.75Groin Pull vs VTCats (200.55-175.2)201015
5365.95Warp Speed Warriors vs Highland Wolves (210.45-155.5)201410
6362My Tribute vs Oregon Gold (214.65-147.35)201313
7355.2Four Horseman vs Vultures (184.45-170.75)20161
8352.2Four Horseman vs Nasty Boys (191.8-160.4)20139
9349.35Groin Pull vs *TURF TOES (175-174.35)20096
10348.95Groin Pull vs Crusty Jello (231.25-117.7)20092
Fewest Combined Points
1139.3Crusty Jello vs VTCats (73.9-65.4)20094
2146.2My Tribute vs Warp Speed Warriors (105.3-40.9)201511
3159.1My Tribute vs Warp Speed Warriors (84.8-74.3)201713
4161.15Four Horseman vs Crusty Jello (128.9-32.25)20179
5161.45*Artificial Smurf vs *BrownsROCK (85.9-75.55)200812
6166.05My Tribute vs VTCats (106.35-59.7)201712
7166.8John Phillips vs *Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (89.9-76.9)200914
8167.25AK49 vs Brown DoCoMo (85.85-81.4)20146
9167.8*Artificial Smurf vs *Upstate Sactech( team for sale) (99.05-68.75)20088
10167.95Six Rings vs Warp Speed Warriors (100.1-67.85)201711
Victory Margin
1139.95Crusty Jello 201414Oregon Gold (218.05-78.1)
2120.85Nasty Boys20156Warp Speed Warriors (206.1-85.25)
3117.4Four Horseman 20137Brown DoCoMo (192.5-75.1)
4116.55Nasty Boys201315Four Horseman (247.2-130.65)
5114Crusty Jello 201413Highland Wolves (205.25-91.25)
6113.55Groin Pull20092Crusty Jello (231.25-117.7)
7112.75Nasty Boys201311AK49 (176.85-64.1)
8111Groin Pull201113Ghosts (210.2-99.2)
9103.1Vultures20164VTCats (190.65-87.55)
10101.05VTCats201216Oregon Gold (185.7-84.65)
Least Victory Margin
10.10My Tribute20149Nasty Boys (141.05-140.95)
20.15*BIG DOG DADDY 20088*Careless Navigators (132.25-132.1)
3 (tie)0.35Nasty Boys201211Warp Speed Warriors (124.75-124.4)
 0.35AK4920143Crusty Jello (123.3-122.95)
5 (tie)0.45My Tribute20112Brown DoCoMo (119.05-118.6)
 0.45Brown DoCoMo20119Crusty Jello (117.65-117.2)
70.65Groin Pull20096*TURF TOES (175-174.35)
80.95Four Horseman 20169Vultures (115.4-114.45)
91.25Crusty Jello 20125Brown DoCoMo (149.75-148.5)
10 (tie)1.30Nasty Boys201612Oregon Gold (145.8-144.5)
 1.30Four Horseman 201516Vultures (124.95-123.65)

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