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Da Heath Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1137Hampton Shadows20053
2130DemTaylor Boys20077
3127CUT THROATS20079
4124Hampton Shadows200413
5122CUT THROATS20076
7119DeGeneration XX200412
8118DeGeneration XX20076
9116Hampton Shadows200714
10 (tie)112Hampton Shadows200510
 112CUT THROATS20043
Most Points Scored in a Loss
193Burgh Boyz200410Crawdaddy's (93-96)
289Pimp Juice200712Fk U Pay Me (89-106)
388Hampton Shadows20043CUT THROATS (88-112)
486Burgh Boyz20043Crawdaddy's (86-99)
5 (tie)85Fk U Pay Me20069Conquerors (85-88)
 85Dirty Boy$200614Conquerors (85-87)
784DeGeneration XX20066Conquerors (84-121)
8 (tie)83Hampton Shadows200412DeGeneration XX (83-119)
 83DeGeneration XX200714Hampton Shadows (83-116)
 83Crawdaddy's20048Hampton Shadows (83-86)
Most Combined Points
1 (tie)205Conquerors vs DeGeneration XX (121-84)20066
 205Hampton Shadows vs Burgh Boyz (137-68)20053
3202DeGeneration XX vs Hampton Shadows (119-83)200412
4200CUT THROATS vs Hampton Shadows (112-88)20043
5199Hampton Shadows vs DeGeneration XX (116-83)200714
6195Fk U Pay Me vs Pimp Juice (106-89)200712
7 (tie)189Crawdaddy's vs Burgh Boyz (96-93)200410
 189DemTaylor Boys vs Conquerors (130-59)20077
9188CUT THROATS vs Iron City Drinkers (107-81)200413
10185Crawdaddy's vs Burgh Boyz (99-86)20043
Victory Margin
188CUT THROATS20079Empire State (127-39)
277Hampton Shadows200413Conquerors (124-47)
376DeGeneration XX20076Terror Squad (118-42)
474Dirty Boy$20079Fk U Pay Me (106-32)
571DemTaylor Boys20077Conquerors (130-59)
670Crawdaddy's200512Dirty Boy$ (104-34)
7 (tie)69Hampton Shadows200510Crawdaddy's (112-43)
 69Hampton Shadows20053Burgh Boyz (137-68)
967Terror Squad200611DeGeneration XX (99-32)
10 (tie)66DeGeneration XX20074Hampton Shadows (91-25)
 66Fk U Pay Me20043Iron City Drinkers (97-31)

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