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War and Destiny Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1162.7Heaven And Hell20067
2158.4Danica Patrick's Gear Shift20069
3156.8Yes Have Some200614
4154.6The Chosen People200612
5151.6Yes Have Some20066
6146.5Birds Of Prey20069
7143.3Team Toilet Bowl20063
8141.9Ben Dovers20066
9138.8Team Toilet Bowl20066
10137Yes Have Some200610
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
160Team Toilet Bowl20069
260.3Freddie Got Fingered20068
363Freddie Got Fingered20063
463.5Ben Dovers20065
564Yes Have Some20064
665.2The Chosen People20067
766.6Birds Of Prey200611
867.4Team Toilet Bowl20068
969.2Team Toilet Bowl200611
1069.7Yes Have Some20062
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173.5Ben Dovers20063Heaven And Hell (73.5-71)
275.1Heaven And Hell20066Birds Of Prey (75.1-72.6)
376.4Birds Of Prey20065Ben Dovers (76.4-63.5)
478.3Heaven And Hell200614Freddie Got Fingered (78.3-76)
5 (tie)78.5The Chosen People200613Yes Have Some (78.5-71.7)
 78.5Birds Of Prey20064Team Toilet Bowl (78.5-75.2)
786Heaven And Hell200613Team Toilet Bowl (86-81)
888.5Yes Have Some20065Team Toilet Bowl (88.5-74.8)
990.3Freddie Got Fingered20065Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (90.3-79.9)
1090.4Yes Have Some20063Birds Of Prey (90.4-83.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1146.5Birds Of Prey20069Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (146.5-158.4)
2141.9Ben Dovers20066Yes Have Some (141.9-151.6)
3135Freddie Got Fingered20066Team Toilet Bowl (135-138.8)
4134.7Danica Patrick's Gear Shift200612The Chosen People (134.7-154.6)
5125.7Team Toilet Bowl20067Ben Dovers (125.7-130.5)
6119.9Danica Patrick's Gear Shift20066The Chosen People (119.9-132.8)
7115.7Danica Patrick's Gear Shift20063Team Toilet Bowl (115.7-143.3)
8112.9The Chosen People200615Ben Dovers (112.9-129.5)
9111Danica Patrick's Gear Shift20067Heaven And Hell (111-162.7)
10110.6Danica Patrick's Gear Shift200614Yes Have Some (110.6-156.8)
Most Combined Points
1304.9Danica Patrick's Gear Shift vs Birds Of Prey (158.4-146.5)20069
2293.5Yes Have Some vs Ben Dovers (151.6-141.9)20066
3289.3The Chosen People vs Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (154.6-134.7)200612
4273.8Team Toilet Bowl vs Freddie Got Fingered (138.8-135)20066
5273.7Heaven And Hell vs Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (162.7-111)20067
6267.4Yes Have Some vs Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (156.8-110.6)200614
7259Team Toilet Bowl vs Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (143.3-115.7)20063
8256.2Ben Dovers vs Team Toilet Bowl (130.5-125.7)20067
9252.7The Chosen People vs Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (132.8-119.9)20066
10242.4Ben Dovers vs The Chosen People (129.5-112.9)200615
Fewest Combined Points
1139.9Birds Of Prey vs Ben Dovers (76.4-63.5)20065
2144.5Ben Dovers vs Heaven And Hell (73.5-71)20063
3147.7Heaven And Hell vs Birds Of Prey (75.1-72.6)20066
4150.2The Chosen People vs Yes Have Some (78.5-71.7)200613
5153.7Birds Of Prey vs Team Toilet Bowl (78.5-75.2)20064
6154.3Heaven And Hell vs Freddie Got Fingered (78.3-76)200614
7155.4The Chosen People vs Freddie Got Fingered (92.4-63)20063
8163.3Yes Have Some vs Team Toilet Bowl (88.5-74.8)20065
9167Heaven And Hell vs Team Toilet Bowl (86-81)200613
10167.3The Chosen People vs Team Toilet Bowl (107.3-60)20069
Victory Margin
158.2Birds Of Prey20068Freddie Got Fingered (118.5-60.3)
256.8Yes Have Some200610Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (137-80.2)
355.7Birds Of Prey20067The Chosen People (120.9-65.2)
4 (tie)51.7Danica Patrick's Gear Shift20064Yes Have Some (115.7-64)
 51.7Heaven And Hell20067Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (162.7-111)
649.7Yes Have Some200611Birds Of Prey (116.3-66.6)
749.4Danica Patrick's Gear Shift20062Ben Dovers (123.1-73.7)
847.3The Chosen People20069Team Toilet Bowl (107.3-60)
946.2Yes Have Some200614Danica Patrick's Gear Shift (156.8-110.6)
1042.2Heaven And Hell20062Team Toilet Bowl (121-78.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.50Heaven And Hell20061Birds Of Prey (94.7-94.2)
22.30Heaven And Hell200614Freddie Got Fingered (78.3-76)
3 (tie)2.50Ben Dovers20063Heaven And Hell (73.5-71)
 2.50Heaven And Hell20066Birds Of Prey (75.1-72.6)
53.10The Chosen People20068Yes Have Some (109.7-106.6)
63.30Birds Of Prey20064Team Toilet Bowl (78.5-75.2)
73.80Team Toilet Bowl20066Freddie Got Fingered (138.8-135)
84.50Ben Dovers20069Freddie Got Fingered (92.9-88.4)
94.80Ben Dovers20067Team Toilet Bowl (130.5-125.7)
105Heaven And Hell200613Team Toilet Bowl (86-81)

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