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Daily Drink League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1170.4Northwoods Silly Nannies200810
2170.05The Dudes20088
3166.85The Daily Drink200812
4161.9Sunglasses at Night200817
5161.1Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs20087
6159.55Sunglasses at Night200816
7158.75Sunglasses at Night20088
8158.6Muscle Burner20082
9156.95Post-it Note Paulie's200814
10155.95Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs20086
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0IWB200811
 0Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs200813
 0Gridiron Girl20085
 0Gridiron Girl20087
738.4Gridiron Girl200811
849.95The Daily Drink20089
956.2The Dudes20082
1068Gridiron Girl20081
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
185.15Post-it Note Paulie's20084Gridiron Girl (85.15-84.35)
293.7John McCains Skin Cancer20087IWB (93.7-79.05)
394.45Milwaukee Mauler20085Gridiron Girl (94.45-0)
495.55Muscle Burner20087Milwaukee Mauler (95.55-88.4)
597.4Milwaukee Mauler200814The Daily Drink (97.4-72.3)
698.4Post-it Note Paulie's200810Gridiron Girl (98.4-85.05)
7100.45Gridiron Girl200813Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (100.45-0)
8100.95Muscle Burner20085IWB (100.95-92.25)
9101.45The Dudes20081Gridiron Girl (101.45-68)
10102.15Milwaukee Mauler20088John McCains Skin Cancer (102.15-83.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1146.85Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs200812Muscle Burner (146.85-147.3)
2145.6John McCains Skin Cancer20086Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (145.6-155.95)
3145.4Sunglasses at Night20083The Dudes (145.4-146.15)
4144.8GangGreen45200816Sunglasses at Night (144.8-159.55)
5138.9The Dudes200817Sunglasses at Night (138.9-161.9)
6132.85John McCains Skin Cancer200810Northwoods Silly Nannies (132.85-170.4)
7130.2Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs20083Milwaukee Mauler (130.2-130.7)
8127.15Sunglasses at Night200810Milwaukee Mauler (127.15-144.3)
9125.95Muscle Burner200814Sunglasses at Night (125.95-132.5)
10124.9IWB20084GangGreen45 (124.9-145.15)
Most Combined Points
1304.35Sunglasses at Night vs GangGreen45 (159.55-144.8)200816
2303.25Northwoods Silly Nannies vs John McCains Skin Cancer (170.4-132.85)200810
3301.55Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs vs John McCains Skin Cancer (155.95-145.6)20086
4300.8Sunglasses at Night vs The Dudes (161.9-138.9)200817
5294.15Muscle Burner vs Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (147.3-146.85)200812
6291.55The Dudes vs Sunglasses at Night (146.15-145.4)20083
7284.2The Daily Drink vs The Dudes (166.85-117.35)200812
8276.75Post-it Note Paulie's vs Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (156.95-119.8)200814
9273.2Muscle Burner vs John McCains Skin Cancer (158.6-114.6)20082
10271.45Milwaukee Mauler vs Sunglasses at Night (144.3-127.15)200810
Fewest Combined Points
194.45Milwaukee Mauler vs Gridiron Girl (94.45-0)20085
2100.45Gridiron Girl vs Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (100.45-0)200813
3106John McCains Skin Cancer vs IWB (106-0)200813
4127.95Milwaukee Mauler vs IWB (127.95-0)200811
5133.4Sunglasses at Night vs IWB (133.4-0)200812
6152.35Gridiron Girl vs The Daily Drink (102.4-49.95)20089
7158.55Northwoods Silly Nannies vs Gridiron Girl (120.15-38.4)200811
8161.1Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs vs Gridiron Girl (161.1-0)20087
9169.45The Dudes vs Gridiron Girl (101.45-68)20081
10169.5Post-it Note Paulie's vs Gridiron Girl (85.15-84.35)20084
Victory Margin
1161.1Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs20087Gridiron Girl (161.1-0)
2133.4Sunglasses at Night200812IWB (133.4-0)
3127.95Milwaukee Mauler200811IWB (127.95-0)
4106John McCains Skin Cancer200813IWB (106-0)
5100.45Gridiron Girl200813Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (100.45-0)
694.45Milwaukee Mauler20085Gridiron Girl (94.45-0)
781.75Northwoods Silly Nannies200811Gridiron Girl (120.15-38.4)
879.45Milwaukee Mauler20082The Dudes (135.65-56.2)
976.5Muscle Burner20088Gridiron Girl (150.7-74.2)
1069.9The Dudes20088IWB (170.05-100.15)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.45The Daily Drink20088Post-it Note Paulie's (106.35-105.9)
 0.45Muscle Burner200812Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (147.3-146.85)
30.50Milwaukee Mauler20083Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (130.7-130.2)
40.70John McCains Skin Cancer200811Post-it Note Paulie's (110.05-109.35)
50.75The Dudes20083Sunglasses at Night (146.15-145.4)
60.80Post-it Note Paulie's20084Gridiron Girl (85.15-84.35)
71.30IWB20086The Daily Drink (114.4-113.1)
81.95Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs20084The Dudes (117.5-115.55)
92.40Post-it Note Paulie's200813The Dudes (109.3-106.9)
103.80The Daily Drink200811Mad City Guzzlin' Dawgs (110.85-107.05)

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