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Erie League 3 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1169.15*Donovan McBumm20041
2163.7*Mr. Momma's Boys20052
3159.85*Vermont Catamounts200514
4158.4*Albany Argonauts200310
5158*Flying Porkers20075
6157.8Civil Defense20048
7156.6*Mr. Momma's Boys200413
8156*Roaring Werewolves20043
9 (tie)155*Donovan McBumm200510
 155*TURF TOES20079
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
128.8*The Cast200410
230.3*I'm Just Matriculating Down the Field20078
335.55*2 Chickens And A Goat20077
539.15*2 Chickens And A Goat20078
639.5*Waikiki Beach Badboys20086
741.1*I'm Just Matriculating Down the Field20077
841.6*The Cast20059
941.85*Albany Argonauts200510
1042.2TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish20034
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
158.7Civil Defense20033TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (58.7-54.95)
263.05*Albany Argonauts20064*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (63.05-59.2)
366.3*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20052Civil Defense (66.3-48.5)
466.95*Flying Porkers20078*2 Chickens And A Goat (66.95-39.15)
568.45BrownsROCK E320067*The Cast (68.45-64.25)
669.65*The Cast20053BrownsROCK E3 (69.65-67.8)
769.7Contract Killers200815*Upstate Sactech (69.7-46.95)
870.35Finnish Rogues20075*Upstate Sactech (70.35-67.3)
970.4*Roaring Werewolves20074*Upstate Sactech (70.4-66.8)
1070.6Civil Defense20044*Donovan McBumm (70.6-68.05)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1134.4*Flying Porkers20053Finnish Rogues (134.4-148.25)
2129.05*Mr. Momma's Boys200315*Donovan McBumm (129.05-151.1)
3127.3*Get Some!20082*Roaring Werewolves (127.3-143.15)
4125.8*Albany Argonauts200313*Vermont Catamounts (125.8-140.15)
5124.55Finnish Rogues200413*Donovan McBumm (124.55-152.5)
6124.5Contract Killers200412*Flying Porkers (124.5-134.85)
7123.1*Mr. Momma's Boys200410*Flying Porkers (123.1-144.35)
8123.05*Donovan McBumm20073Finnish Rogues (123.05-134.9)
9120.75Contract Killers20053*Roaring Werewolves (120.75-127)
10119.45*Flying Porkers200413*Vermont Catamounts (119.45-133.25)
Most Combined Points
1282.65Finnish Rogues vs *Flying Porkers (148.25-134.4)20053
2280.15*Donovan McBumm vs *Mr. Momma's Boys (151.1-129.05)200315
3279.25*Mr. Momma's Boys vs *Donovan McBumm (163.7-115.55)20052
4277.05*Donovan McBumm vs Finnish Rogues (152.5-124.55)200413
5273.55Civil Defense vs Contract Killers (157.8-115.75)20048
6270.45*Roaring Werewolves vs *Get Some! (143.15-127.3)20082
7270.25*Mr. Momma's Boys vs BrownsROCK E3 (156.6-113.65)200413
8267.45*Flying Porkers vs *Mr. Momma's Boys (144.35-123.1)200410
9265.95*Vermont Catamounts vs *Albany Argonauts (140.15-125.8)200313
10263.75*Roaring Werewolves vs BrownsROCK E3 (151.35-112.4)20056
Fewest Combined Points
1104.3*The Red Stallions vs *I'm Just Matriculating Down the Field (74-30.3)20078
2106.1*Flying Porkers vs *2 Chickens And A Goat (66.95-39.15)20078
3113.65Civil Defense vs TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (58.7-54.95)20033
4114.8*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs Civil Defense (66.3-48.5)20052
5116.65Contract Killers vs *Upstate Sactech (69.7-46.95)200815
6120.45*Albany Argonauts vs TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (70.9-49.55)20036
7121.5Contract Killers vs *The Cast (79.9-41.6)20059
8122.25*Albany Argonauts vs *Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (63.05-59.2)20064
9126.8*Flying Porkers vs *The Cast (74.1-52.7)200611
10129.8*Flying Porkers vs Finnish Rogues (72-57.8)20036
Victory Margin
1113.15*Donovan McBumm200510*Albany Argonauts (155-41.85)
2103.65Contract Killers200410*The Cast (132.45-28.8)
398.35*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20048*The Cast (152.65-54.3)
494*Flying Porkers20075*I'm Just Matriculating Down the Field (158-64)
590.55*Roaring Werewolves20037*The Cast (135.35-44.8)
688.95*Upstate Sactech20077*2 Chickens And A Goat (124.5-35.55)
788.35*Flying Porkers20072*TURF TOES (146.9-58.55)
887.25*Donovan McBumm20041*The Cast (169.15-81.9)
984.15*Vermont Catamounts200514*Mr. Momma's Boys (159.85-75.7)
1083.45*Roaring Werewolves200811*TURF TOES (143.45-60)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.05*Roaring Werewolves20034*Albany Argonauts (100.5-100.45)
 0.05*Mr. Momma's Boys20064Finnish Rogues (86.9-86.85)
30.10Contract Killers20058BrownsROCK E3 (71.8-71.7)
40.15*Albany Argonauts20037*Vermont Catamounts (93.25-93.1)
50.20Contract Killers20062Finnish Rogues (111.8-111.6)
60.30*Albany Argonauts20038BrownsROCK E3 (115.25-114.95)
70.35*Flying Porkers20048BrownsROCK E3 (87.85-87.5)
8 (tie)0.45Contract Killers20064BrownsROCK E3 (80.95-80.5)
 0.45*Mr. Momma's Boys20057*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (94.65-94.2)
100.55*2 Chickens And A Goat200712*TURF TOES (98.9-98.35)

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