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Jerzey's Finest Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1264.24Point Pleasant Hitmen20195
2223.72Camden Corner Boys202016
3214.04Point Pleasant Hitmen20228
4213.2Camden Corner Boys20228
5208.02Point Pleasant Hitmen202012
6205.36Newark Pimp Game20202
7203.96Camden Corner Boys20202
8197.03Trenton Predators 20192
9196.73Point Pleasant Hitmen20184
10192.56Point Pleasant Hitmen20158
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild20181
238.82Washington Twp. Playboys201511
345.43Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild20205
446.93Atlantic City Degenerates 201913
547.4Washington Twp. Playboys202110
650.27Atlantic City Degenerates 201511
753.41Camden Corner Boys20182
854.79Atlantic City Degenerates 20197
954.96Atlantic City Degenerates 20219
1055.24Washington Twp. Playboys201912
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
169.9Camden Corner Boys20173Washington Twp. Playboys (69.9-68.14)
276.51Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild202110Washington Twp. Playboys (76.51-47.4)
381.39Camden Corner Boys20154Atlantic City Degenerates (81.39-74.55)
482.3Jersey City Wiseguys20154Trenton Predators (82.3-55.43)
583.1Washington Twp. Playboys20205Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild (83.1-45.43)
684.05Newark Pimp Game20164Cherry Hill Juggernauts (84.05-83.69)
786.24Washington Twp. Playboys201811Wildwood Walking Dead (86.24-64.7)
886.62Atlantic City Degenerates 201612Washington Twp. Playboys (86.62-80.46)
986.76Jersey City Wiseguys20178Camden Corner Boys (86.76-67.07)
1087.3Washington Twp. Playboys202214Atlantic City Degenerates (87.3-79.51)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1167.23Newark Pimp Game20193Trenton Predators (167.23-171.79)
2166.52Point Pleasant Hitmen201915Newark Pimp Game (166.52-169.98)
3164.84Trenton Predators 20215Sea Isle City Nightmare (164.84-167.95)
4163.81Cherry Hill Juggernauts20203Jersey City Wiseguys (163.81-168.27)
5161.42Camden Corner Boys20198Newark Pimp Game (161.42-166.74)
6158.94Newark Pimp Game20189Trenton Predators (158.94-173.58)
7156.71Wildwood Walking Dead20198Trenton Predators (156.71-178.12)
8156.48Newark Pimp Game20229Wildwood Walking Dead (156.48-161.84)
9154.6Sea Isle City Nightmare20153Newark Pimp Game (154.6-168.23)
10154.53Wildwood Walking Dead201610Toms River Darkside (154.53-179.78)
Most Combined Points
1384.38Point Pleasant Hitmen vs Atlantic City Degenerates (264.24-120.14)20195
2353.66Camden Corner Boys vs Newark Pimp Game (223.72-129.94)202016
3339.07Point Pleasant Hitmen vs Sea Isle City Nightmare (208.02-131.05)202012
4339.02Trenton Predators vs Newark Pimp Game (171.79-167.23)20193
5338.18Camden Corner Boys vs Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild (213.2-124.98)20228
6336.5Newark Pimp Game vs Point Pleasant Hitmen (169.98-166.52)201915
7334.83Trenton Predators vs Wildwood Walking Dead (178.12-156.71)20198
8334.31Toms River Darkside vs Wildwood Walking Dead (179.78-154.53)201610
9333.29Trenton Predators vs Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild (197.03-136.26)20192
10332.79Sea Isle City Nightmare vs Trenton Predators (167.95-164.84)20215
Fewest Combined Points
1113.03Camden Corner Boys vs Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild (113.03-0)20181
2123.91Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild vs Washington Twp. Playboys (76.51-47.4)202110
3128.53Washington Twp. Playboys vs Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild (83.1-45.43)20205
4134.9Trenton Predators vs Washington Twp. Playboys (96.08-38.82)201511
5137.73Jersey City Wiseguys vs Trenton Predators (82.3-55.43)20154
6138.04Camden Corner Boys vs Washington Twp. Playboys (69.9-68.14)20173
7144.01Wildwood Walking Dead vs Atlantic City Degenerates (93.74-50.27)201511
8150.87Toms River Darkside vs Atlantic City Degenerates (95.91-54.96)20219
9150.94Washington Twp. Playboys vs Wildwood Walking Dead (86.24-64.7)201811
10153.83Jersey City Wiseguys vs Camden Corner Boys (86.76-67.07)20178
Victory Margin
1144.1Point Pleasant Hitmen20195Atlantic City Degenerates (264.24-120.14)
2127.33Toms River Darkside202216Cherry Hill Juggernauts (189.13-61.8)
3124.54Trenton Predators 20195Washington Twp. Playboys (191.57-67.03)
4121.94Atlantic City Degenerates 20184Wildwood Walking Dead (183.49-61.55)
5121.06Point Pleasant Hitmen20182Camden Corner Boys (174.47-53.41)
6113.03Camden Corner Boys20181Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild (113.03-0)
7111.93Atlantic City Degenerates 201712Camden Corner Boys (181.05-69.12)
8102.24Camden Corner Boys20202Toms River Darkside (203.96-101.72)
9100.39Camden Corner Boys20235Toms River Darkside (176.21-75.82)
1098.43Point Pleasant Hitmen20173Washington Twp. Playboys (166.57-68.14)
Least Victory Margin
10.01Jersey City Wiseguys202213Trenton Predators (89.81-89.8)
20.10Toms River Darkside201511Newark Pimp Game (109.7-109.6)
30.17Washington Twp. Playboys20184Trenton Predators (150.8-150.63)
40.20Egg Harbor Twp. Jokers Wild201514Washington Twp. Playboys (125.89-125.69)
50.21Sea Isle City Nightmare20183Cherry Hill Juggernauts (96.53-96.32)
6 (tie)0.32Camden Corner Boys20187Toms River Darkside (124.99-124.67)
 0.32Sea Isle City Nightmare20219Jersey City Wiseguys (113.04-112.72)
80.34Sea Isle City Nightmare20165Camden Corner Boys (109.79-109.45)
90.36Newark Pimp Game20164Cherry Hill Juggernauts (84.05-83.69)
100.56Camden Corner Boys202315Wildwood Walking Dead (103.6-103.04)

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