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Port City Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2176Denver Dirty Birds20045
3160.9Mobtown Motorboaters200812
4160South Carolina Jaguars200914
5157.7Swamp Water MudTurds20092
6157Argo Moose Knuckles200410
7155.7Elliot's Elite20084
8155Chicago Shitkickers200411
9154Mobile Redskins200415
10 (tie)150.5Sin City Brawlers200811
 150.5Daphne Tards200914
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
139Denver Dirty Birds20075Sin City Brawlers (39-36)
245B'ham DoubleDeuce200710Kruger's Hurricanes (45-42)
347Cleveland Steamers200716Daphne Tards (47-44)
451Denver Dirty Birds200511Mobile Redskins (51-45)
552Mobile Bay Beefcakes200610Kruger's Hurricanes (52-47)
6 (tie)53Mobile Bay Beefcakes200516Mobile Redskins (53-0)
 53Swamp Water MudTurds20067Sin City Brawlers (53-35)
 53B'ham DoubleDeuce200514South Carolina Jaguars (53-52)
 53Kruger's Hurricanes20052Mobile Bay Beefcakes (53-43)
10 (tie)58B'ham DoubleDeuce20063Mobile Bay Beefcakes (58-55)
 58Fayetteville Alabastards20055Mobile Redskins (58-32)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1130South Carolina Jaguars200414Chicago Shitkickers (130-146)
2127RDL200914Baked Botched Buttermilk Biscuits (127-132.1)
3 (tie)126Denver Dirty Birds20048Chicago Shitkickers (126-134)
 126Argo Moose Knuckles20048Redcocks (126-145)
5125South Carolina Jaguars20049Mobile Redskins (125-128)
6124Denver Dirty Birds200410Redcocks (124-129)
7123Argo Moose Knuckles20042Cleveland Steamers (123-136)
8122.3292 Arabian Knights20092Sin City Brawlers (122.3-129.7)
9122Mobile Redskins20045Denver Dirty Birds (122-176)
10121.3Uptown Houndz200911Baked Botched Buttermilk Biscuits (121.3-132.8)
Most Combined Points
1311Redcocks vs Niceville Nerdthrowers (191-120)200412
2298Denver Dirty Birds vs Mobile Redskins (176-122)20045
3276Chicago Shitkickers vs South Carolina Jaguars (146-130)200414
4271Redcocks vs Argo Moose Knuckles (145-126)20048
5265Chicago Shitkickers vs Mobile Bay Beefcakes (147-118)200412
6261Denver Dirty Birds vs Mobile Bay Beefcakes (150-111)200415
7 (tie)260Chicago Shitkickers vs Denver Dirty Birds (134-126)20048
 260Niceville Nerdthrowers vs Cleveland Steamers (143-117)200414
9259.1Baked Botched Buttermilk Biscuits vs RDL (132.1-127)200914
10259Cleveland Steamers vs Argo Moose Knuckles (136-123)20042
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.20Uptown Houndz20099Fayetteville Alabastards (96.2-96)
 0.20Bay County Neckbreakers200913Elliot's Elite (95.4-95.2)
3 (tie)0.30South Carolina Jaguars20093Mobile Bay Beefcakes (99.6-99.3)
 0.30Niceville Nerdthrowers20098Cleveland Steamers (103.6-103.3)
5 (tie)0.40New Orleans Nutria200910English Bawstards (101-100.6)
 0.40Connecticut Cocksuckers20088Fayetteville Alabastards (94.5-94.1)
70.50B'ham DoubleDeuce20088Cleveland Steamers (118.6-118.1)
80.60Dumpy's Stinky Pinkies20099Denver Dirty Birds (117.5-116.9)
90.70South Carolina Jaguars20089Daphne Tards (72-71.3)
100.80Team Football Sport20095Bay County Neckbreakers (85.1-84.3)

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