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Great Lakes Gurus 2 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1177*Eleven Very Afraid of One200612
2172*Eleven Very Afraid of One20045
4 (tie)164*Tacoma Killers200413
 164*ALL FAULKED' UP20068
6163*Sly's Studs20046
7161*POLACK NATION200310
8 (tie)158*THE PATRIOT200315
 158*Packer Guru20055
10 (tie)156*Eleven Very Afraid of One20072
 156*Inch and a Halfers20077
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)38*Packer Guru20037
341*BrownsROCK G220066
443*Inch and a Halfers20044
5 (tie)44*Tacoma Killers20058
 44*ALL FAULKED' UP20073
745*Tacoma Killers20059
847*Packer Guru20033
949*Tacoma Killers20035
10 (tie)51*BrownsROCK G220084
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
163*Mother's Milk20033*Packer Guru (63-47)
265*Eleven Very Afraid of One20033*ALL FAULKED' UP (65-62)
366*Tacoma Killers200311*Packer Guru (66-55)
469*Tacoma Killers20041*Packer Guru (69-59)
571*THE PATRIOT20035*Tacoma Killers (71-49)
672*Mother's Milk20074*KnackersWackers (72-71)
7 (tie)75*Dazed and Confused20068*Packer Guru (75-74)
 75*KnackersWackers200710*Packer Guru (75-63)
976*KnackersWackers200713*Jokerz (76-51)
10 (tie)77*ALL FAULKED' UP20037*Tacoma Killers (77-77) TB
 77*BrownsROCK G2200813*Mother's Milk (77-74)
 77*Dazed and Confused200513*Packer Guru (77-60)
 77*POLACK NATION20031*Packer Guru (77-54)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1137*Crusaders200416*POLACK NATION (137-145)
2130*Crusaders20048*ALL FAULKED' UP (130-153)
3129*Sly's Studs20035*POLACK NATION (129-132)
4128*Eleven Very Afraid of One200614*Inch and a Halfers (128-131)
5127*Inch and a Halfers200412*Mother's Milk (127-137)
6126*POLACK NATION200515*Crusaders (126-136)
7 (tie)125*Mother's Milk200714*KnackersWackers (125-128)
 125*Inch and a Halfers200713*PackerFan 2 (125-135)
9 (tie)124*Eleven Very Afraid of One20058*ALL FAULKED' UP (124-124) TB
 124*THE PATRIOT200412*POLACK NATION (124-136)
 124*Inch and a Halfers20073*Dazed and Confused (124-134)
Most Combined Points
1283*ALL FAULKED' UP vs *Crusaders (153-130)20048
2282*POLACK NATION vs *Crusaders (145-137)200416
3280*POLACK NATION vs *ALL FAULKED' UP (161-119)200310
4269*Crusaders vs *Mother's Milk (152-117)200410
5267*Eleven Very Afraid of One vs *Warriors (156-111)20072
6266*Eleven Very Afraid of One vs *ALL FAULKED' UP (177-89)200612
7264*Mother's Milk vs *Inch and a Halfers (137-127)200412
8262*Crusaders vs *POLACK NATION (136-126)200515
9261*POLACK NATION vs *Sly's Studs (132-129)20035
10 (tie)260*Packer Guru vs *Eleven Very Afraid of One (144-116)20082
 260*Inch and a Halfers vs *Mother's Milk (139-121)200711
 260*PackerFan 2 vs *Inch and a Halfers (135-125)200713
 260*POLACK NATION vs *THE PATRIOT (136-124)200412
Fewest Combined Points
1110*Mother's Milk vs *Packer Guru (63-47)20033
2120*THE PATRIOT vs *Tacoma Killers (71-49)20035
3121*Tacoma Killers vs *Packer Guru (66-55)200311
4 (tie)127*KnackersWackers vs *Jokerz (76-51)200713
 127*Eleven Very Afraid of One vs *ALL FAULKED' UP (65-62)20033
6128*Tacoma Killers vs *Packer Guru (69-59)20041
7130*Dazed and Confused vs *Packer Guru (92-38)20037
8131*POLACK NATION vs *Packer Guru (77-54)20031
9136*Mother's Milk vs *Inch and a Halfers (93-43)20044
10137*Dazed and Confused vs *Packer Guru (77-60)200513
Victory Margin
194*Eleven Very Afraid of One20045*Inch and a Halfers (172-78)
289*Sly's Studs20046*Mother's Milk (163-74)
388*Eleven Very Afraid of One200612*ALL FAULKED' UP (177-89)
486*Crusaders200611*KnackersWackers (124-38)
584*Eleven Very Afraid of One20067*Dazed and Confused (148-64)
683*Sly's Studs20043*Packer Guru (140-57)
781*POLACK NATION20034*Dazed and Confused (167-86)
880*Eleven Very Afraid of One20078*PackerFan 2 (145-65)
979*Tacoma Killers200413*Eleven Very Afraid of One (164-85)
1078*Eleven Very Afraid of One20086*Mother's Milk (146-68)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1*ALL FAULKED' UP200512*Crusaders (97-96)
 1*ALL FAULKED' UP20035*Crusaders (111-110)
 1*Mother's Milk20074*KnackersWackers (72-71)
 1*Mother's Milk200811*THE PATRIOT (89-88)
 1*Eleven Very Afraid of One20048*Dazed and Confused (99-98)
 1*Eleven Very Afraid of One20054*Sly's Studs (104-103)
 1*BrownsROCK G2200313*Eleven Very Afraid of One (96-95)
 1*THE PATRIOT20043*Crusaders (108-107)
 1*Packer Guru20051*BrownsROCK G2 (100-99)
 1*Dazed and Confused20068*Packer Guru (75-74)
 1*Inch and a Halfers20043*Dazed and Confused (100-99)
 1*POLACK NATION20046*Packer Guru (101-100)
 1*KnackersWackers20077*Jokerz (86-85)
 1*Warriors20088*Mother's Milk (92-91)
 1*Warriors200815*KnackersWackers (98-97)
 1*PackerFan 220072*Dazed and Confused (92-91)

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