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2019 GM Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1508.8Green Bay Packers20192
2504Indianapolis Colts201914
3494.2New England Patriots20193
4488.8Green Bay Packers20193
5487.7New York Giants201914
6484.2Green Bay Packers201916
7474.4Miami Dolphins201910
8472Indianapolis Colts201912
9467.6New England Patriots20195
10461.9Indianapolis Colts201915
11461.6Green Bay Packers201914
12457.4Washington Redskins20196
13457.1Green Bay Packers20191
14452.4New England Patriots201911
15444.3Philadelphia Eagles20193
16444.2Denver Broncos 201910
17441.4Washington Redskins20198
18440.5Oakland Raiders201912
19438.5Washington Redskins20195
20436.8Baltimore Ravens201910
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
138.1Washington Redskins20187
260.7New York Giants20186
362.4Washington Redskins20189
468.9New York Giants20188
577.1New York Giants20189
679New York Giants201812
779.2New England Patriots20171
879.7New England Patriots20176
982.9Washington Redskins20185
1084.6Detroit Lions20178
1185.4New York Giants20187
1286.5New England Patriots20177
1387.4New York Giants201811
1488.4New England Patriots201711
1589New England Patriots20173
1691.3New York Jets20194
1791.4Washington Redskins20178
1892.2New York Giants201810
1995.7New York Jets201810
2096.2Kansas City Chiefs 20179
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
198.8Washington Redskins20179Kansas City Chiefs (98.8-96.2)
2110.1Washington Redskins201811New York Giants (110.1-87.4)
3138.1Los Angeles Rams20187Los Angeles Chargers (138.1-135.6)
4146.4New Orleans Saints 20189Cleveland Browns (146.4-125.8)
5146.6Buffalo Bills201810New York Jets (146.6-95.7)
6147.4Cleveland Browns201811Cincinnati Bengals (147.4-121.5)
7148Buffalo Bills20192New York Jets (148-115.8)
8150.9Indianapolis Colts20179Arizona Cardinals (150.9-145.3)
9155.3Los Angeles Rams20179Tennessee Titans (155.3-138)
10156.3Buffalo Bills201711New England Patriots (156.3-88.4)
11157.4Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20179Miami Dolphins (157.4-152.9)
12164.7Houston Texans20188New York Giants (164.7-68.9)
13169.5Buffalo Bills201910New York Jets (169.5-105.7)
14170.6Indianapolis Colts201710Tennessee Titans (170.6-123.9)
15172.8New York Giants20184New Orleans Saints (172.8-167.6)
16174New Orleans Saints 20178New England Patriots (174-104.8)
17174.1Kansas City Chiefs 201812Los Angeles Chargers (174.1-96.9)
18175.9Houston Texans201712Indianapolis Colts (175.9-148.5)
19176.6Miami Dolphins20171New England Patriots (176.6-79.2)
20179Miami Dolphins20177New Orleans Saints (179-172)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1429.5New England Patriots201915Indianapolis Colts (429.5-461.9)
2419.6Washington Redskins201914New York Giants (419.6-487.7)
3389.9Green Bay Packers20196Washington Redskins (389.9-457.4)
4389New York Giants20195Green Bay Packers (389-415.7)
5388Oakland Raiders201914Indianapolis Colts (388-504)
6380.5Miami Dolphins20192New England Patriots (380.5-412.7)
7378Philadelphia Eagles20192Washington Redskins (378-389.1)
8377.6Oakland Raiders20194Indianapolis Colts (377.6-429.8)
9375.4Chicago Bears201911Green Bay Packers (375.4-394.8)
10373.2New England Patriots20197Philadelphia Eagles (373.2-377.6)
11367.5Denver Broncos 20198Green Bay Packers (367.5-386.1)
12364New England Patriots201910Miami Dolphins (364-474.4)
13361.6Detroit Lions201914Green Bay Packers (361.6-461.6)
14 (tie)350.8Arizona Cardinals 20193Seattle Seahawks (350.8-360.4)
 350.8Denver Broncos 201913New England Patriots (350.8-355.5)
16350.5Philadelphia Eagles20194Green Bay Packers (350.5-415.5)
17346.7New York Giants20193Philadelphia Eagles (346.7-444.3)
18344.2Denver Broncos 201912Oakland Raiders (344.2-440.5)
19340.8Minnesota Vikings20199Oakland Raiders (340.8-344.8)
20336.1Miami Dolphins201913Oakland Raiders (336.1-381.6)
Most Combined Points
1907.3New York Giants vs Washington Redskins (487.7-419.6)201914
2892Indianapolis Colts vs Oakland Raiders (504-388)201914
3891.4Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots (461.9-429.5)201915
4847.3Washington Redskins vs Green Bay Packers (457.4-389.9)20196
5838.4Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots (474.4-364)201910
6823.2Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions (461.6-361.6)201914
7807.4Indianapolis Colts vs Oakland Raiders (429.8-377.6)20194
8805.8Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts (484.2-321.6)201916
9804.7Green Bay Packers vs New York Giants (415.7-389)20195
10793.2New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins (412.7-380.5)20192
11791Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants (444.3-346.7)20193
12785.8Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions (457.1-328.7)20191
13785.6New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens (467.6-318)20195
14784.7Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos (440.5-344.2)201912
15770.2Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears (394.8-375.4)201911
16767.1Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles (389.1-378)20192
17766.8Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears (488.8-278)20193
18766Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles (415.5-350.5)20194
19753.6Green Bay Packers vs Denver Broncos (386.1-367.5)20198
20750.8Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots (377.6-373.2)20197
Fewest Combined Points
1195Washington Redskins vs Kansas City Chiefs (98.8-96.2)20179
2197.5Washington Redskins vs New York Giants (110.1-87.4)201811
3226.3Houston Texans vs Washington Redskins (188.2-38.1)20187
4233.6Houston Texans vs New York Giants (164.7-68.9)20188
5242.3Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets (146.6-95.7)201810
6244.7Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots (156.3-88.4)201711
7255.8Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots (176.6-79.2)20171
8263.8Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets (148-115.8)20192
9268.9Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals (147.4-121.5)201811
10271Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers (174.1-96.9)201812
11272.2New Orleans Saints vs Cleveland Browns (146.4-125.8)20189
12273.7Los Angeles Rams vs Los Angeles Chargers (138.1-135.6)20187
13275.2Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets (169.5-105.7)201910
14278.8New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots (174-104.8)20178
15282Los Angeles Chargers vs Washington Redskins (190.6-91.4)20178
16289.2Los Angeles Chargers vs New England Patriots (209.5-79.7)20176
17289.3Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Los Angeles Rams (185.6-103.7)20194
18293.3Los Angeles Rams vs Tennessee Titans (155.3-138)20179
19294.5Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans (170.6-123.9)201710
20296.2Indianapolis Colts vs Arizona Cardinals (150.9-145.3)20179
Victory Margin
1341.8Washington Redskins20198New York Jets (441.4-99.6)
2319.6Green Bay Packers20192Minnesota Vikings (508.8-189.2)
3309.4Carolina Panthers20186New York Giants (370.1-60.7)
4294.4New England Patriots20191New York Jets (390.8-96.4)
5279.2New England Patriots20193Buffalo Bills (494.2-215)
6278.9Denver Broncos 201910Los Angeles Chargers (444.2-165.3)
7266.2Indianapolis Colts201912Jacksonville Jaguars (472-205.8)
8257.2Indianapolis Colts201911Tennessee Titans (429.4-172.2)
9257Oakland Raiders201910Kansas City Chiefs (417-160)
10254.6New York Jets20173New England Patriots (343.6-89)
11252Oakland Raiders201811Los Angeles Chargers (372.7-120.7)
12243.4Dallas Cowboys20181Washington Redskins (358.5-115.1)
13242.1New York Giants20199New York Jets (344.6-102.5)
14241.7Indianapolis Colts201910Houston Texans (423.3-181.6)
15239.7Denver Broncos 20194Jacksonville Jaguars (343.7-104)
16239.5New England Patriots201912New York Jets (364.7-125.2)
17235Oakland Raiders20196Houston Texans (354.5-119.5)
18233.9Baltimore Ravens20194New York Jets (325.2-91.3)
19227.9Green Bay Packers20189Buffalo Bills (368.1-140.2)
20220.1Denver Broncos 20187Arizona Cardinals (335.3-115.2)
Least Victory Margin
10.20Atlanta Falcons201910Carolina Panthers (180.9-180.7)
2 (tie)0.50Tampa Bay Buccaneers 201711Carolina Panthers (259.3-258.8)
 0.50San Francisco 49ers201714Green Bay Packers (240.9-240.4)
41.30Atlanta Falcons201811Carolina Panthers (306.2-304.9)
51.50Miami Dolphins20182New England Patriots (263-261.5)
61.80Pittsburgh Steelers20172Cleveland Browns (273.4-271.6)
71.90Oakland Raiders201714Jacksonville Jaguars (255.2-253.3)
82.20Cleveland Browns20186Los Angeles Chargers (189.1-186.9)
9 (tie)2.50Kansas City Chiefs 201711Los Angeles Chargers (217.8-215.3)
 2.50Los Angeles Rams20187Los Angeles Chargers (138.1-135.6)
 2.50Los Angeles Rams201710Arizona Cardinals (197.4-194.9)
122.60Washington Redskins20179Kansas City Chiefs (98.8-96.2)
132.70Chicago Bears20184Seattle Seahawks (270.6-267.9)
142.80Jacksonville Jaguars20181Indianapolis Colts (263.4-260.6)
153Chicago Bears20198Oakland Raiders (338.3-335.3)
163.10San Francisco 49ers201712Arizona Cardinals (236.8-233.7)
173.20Philadelphia Eagles20176Seattle Seahawks (276.9-273.7)
18 (tie)3.60Washington Redskins20183New York Giants (183.8-180.2)
 3.60Buffalo Bills20194Cleveland Browns (211.8-208.2)
203.70Indianapolis Colts201711Jacksonville Jaguars (223.6-219.9)

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