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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1450.4House Hunter20164
2395.94House Baratheon20157
3391.58House Hunter20169
4387.59House Fowler20163
5382.31House Mormont20144
6379.82House Stark20148
7379.71House Martell20165
8375.36House Dayne20163
9368.96House Baratheon20178
10364.99House Martell20157
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1146.3House Qorgyle 201511
2147.14House Qorgyle 20178
3167.13House Mallister20157
4168.39House Qorgyle 201711
5170.64House Fowler201511
6171.54House Qorgyle 20179
7173.85House Greyjoy20174
8175.22House Blacktyde20142
9175.4House Qorgyle 20169
10176.79House Tyrell20147
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1186.22House Vance201610House Qorgyle (186.22-182.8)
2204.08House Velaryon20174House Vance (204.08-200.62)
3205.05House Blacktyde20174House Greyjoy (205.05-173.85)
4206.22House Fowler20158House Mallister (206.22-198.38)
5220.33House Tyrell20142House Vance (220.33-189.56)
6222.2House Lannister201712House Qorgyle (222.2-191.21)
7222.39House Mallister20164House Blacktyde (222.39-218.6)
8225.83House Blacktyde20178House Vance (225.83-191.43)
9227.99House Mallister20151House Lannister (227.99-213.85)
10229.13House Martell201611House Dayne (229.13-226.44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1349.35House Mormont201714House Lannister (349.35-350.63)
2348.01House of Black and White201612House Hunter (348.01-359.95)
3346.38House Stark20169House Lannister (346.38-349.07)
4320.21House Blacktyde20155House Tyrell (320.21-328.16)
5315.36House Baratheon20152House Qorgyle (315.36-332.64)
6314.9House Dayne20156House Stark (314.9-324.23)
7313.85House Dayne201413House Mormont (313.85-333.36)
8312.39House Fowler201616House Lannister (312.39-325.08)
9311.91House Hunter20162House Stark (311.91-333.48)
10311.76House Stark20168House Fowler (311.76-340.4)
Most Combined Points
1707.96House Hunter vs House of Black and White (359.95-348.01)201612
2699.98House Lannister vs House Mormont (350.63-349.35)201714
3695.45House Lannister vs House Stark (349.07-346.38)20169
4683.32House Stark vs House Tyrell (379.82-303.5)20148
5682.64House Mormont vs House Lannister (382.31-300.33)20144
6678.17House Martell vs House Hunter (379.71-298.46)20165
7677.48House Dayne vs House Lannister (375.36-302.12)20163
8662.3House Baratheon vs House Fowler (395.94-266.36)20157
9655.29House Fowler vs House Blacktyde (348.94-306.35)201610
10652.78House Baratheon vs House Fowler (345.7-307.08)20176
Fewest Combined Points
1369.02House Vance vs House Qorgyle (186.22-182.8)201610
2378.9House Blacktyde vs House Greyjoy (205.05-173.85)20174
3402.31House Hunter vs House Qorgyle (230.77-171.54)20179
4404.6House Fowler vs House Mallister (206.22-198.38)20158
5404.7House Velaryon vs House Vance (204.08-200.62)20174
6409.89House Tyrell vs House Vance (220.33-189.56)20142
7413.41House Lannister vs House Qorgyle (222.2-191.21)201712
8417.26House Blacktyde vs House Vance (225.83-191.43)20178
9418.3House Qorgyle vs House Fowler (232.05-186.25)201510
10425.12House Martell vs House Velaryon (243.41-181.71)201711
Victory Margin
1267.91House Hunter20164House Targaryen (450.4-182.49)
2216.18House Hunter20169House Qorgyle (391.58-175.4)
3183.5House Vance20147House Hunter (363.27-179.77)
4174.15House Lannister201511House Qorgyle (320.45-146.3)
5165.48House Martell20157House Qorgyle (364.99-199.51)
6155.67House Targaryen201711House Qorgyle (324.06-168.39)
7145.22House Fowler201613House Dayne (361.15-215.93)
8140.08House Stark20163House Targaryen (340.43-200.35)
9138.03House Mormont20178House Qorgyle (285.17-147.14)
10136.77House Martell201510House Vance (318.7-181.93)
Least Victory Margin
10.26House Stark20141House Vance (276.98-276.72)
20.98House Lannister20174House Fowler (295.69-294.71)
31.05House Dayne20141House Blacktyde (266.81-265.76)
41.06House of Black and White20175House Fowler (286.67-285.61)
51.28House Lannister201714House Mormont (350.63-349.35)
61.74House Qorgyle 20177House Velaryon (267.76-266.02)
71.80House Mallister20146House Hunter (264.77-262.97)
82.12House Mormont20176House of Black and White (281.31-279.19)
92.24House Vance201411House Mallister (270.82-268.58)
102.39House Targaryen20166House Mallister (232.42-230.03)

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