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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1268.98The Urge to Purge20186
2261.86The Urge to Purge201813
3260.8Alderaan Wookies20188
4251.75I Go Deep201810
5247.33The Gremlins20182
6241.7NC Titans20181
7238.32Hyde Yo Wife20161
8231.05NC Titans201811
9230.44Maclin on Dat Ass20181
10230.17Alderaan Wookies201811
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
141.6Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs!20159
261.9JUICE'S and BERRY's20159
362.4Da South20157
565.22Breakin Tackles20171
666.44Phlying High20157
768.02NC Titans201815
870.32Breakin Tackles20165
971.06Breakin Tackles20166
1074.62Da South201814
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
183.8House of Cards20157Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs! (83.8-74.94)
294.98I Go Deep201510JUICE'S and BERRY's (94.98-84.54)
396.62Phlying High201511Beer, Cheese, & Brats (96.62-94.78)
497.14Clam Diggers20154Alderaan Wookies (97.14-90.76)
5103.48JUICE'S and BERRY's20158San Diego Goats (103.48-99.24)
6104.3BUCKNASTY BOYS20157JUICE'S and BERRY's (104.3-80.74)
7 (tie)105.76Carolina Hitmen20154The Urge to Purge (105.76-101.08)
 105.76Carolina Hitmen20154Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs! (105.76-96.32)
9105.99Surprise Scorpians201710NC Titans (105.99-96.93)
10106.76Beer, Cheese, & Brats20174Surprise Scorpians (106.76-97.23)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1209.88Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood20182House of Cards (209.88-213.94)
2209.03Carnival of Pain201811Alderaan Wookies (209.03-230.17)
3204.525I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks20188Maclin on Dat Ass (204.525-229.45)
4199.44NC Titans201612Beer, Cheese, & Brats (199.44-211.7)
5198.41The Urge to Purge201812Maclin on Dat Ass (198.41-204.96)
6198.37Maclin on Dat Ass201810Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (198.37-223.81)
7197.86Feeling Green20184Surprise Scorpians (197.86-201.21)
8195.56Breakin Tackles20186The Gremlins (195.56-214.385)
9195.32House of Cards201610Soul Snatchers (195.32-207.04)
10193.78House of Cards20184The Gremlins (193.78-228.96)
Most Combined Points
1453.07The Urge to Purge vs Hyde Yo Wife (268.98-184.09)20186
2439.2Alderaan Wookies vs Carnival of Pain (230.17-209.03)201811
3433.98Maclin on Dat Ass vs I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks (229.45-204.525)20188
4423.82House of Cards vs Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (213.94-209.88)20182
5422.74The Gremlins vs House of Cards (228.96-193.78)20184
6422.18Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood vs Maclin on Dat Ass (223.81-198.37)201810
7421.42I Go Deep vs Hyde Yo Wife (251.75-169.67)201810
8420.38Feeling Green vs The Urge to Purge (227.09-193.29)201811
9418.32Hyde Yo Wife vs The Gremlins (238.32-180)20161
10411.7Feeling Green vs Wellington Wells Whifflers (226.58-185.12)20182
Fewest Combined Points
1158.74House of Cards vs Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs! (83.8-74.94)20157
2179.52I Go Deep vs JUICE'S and BERRY's (94.98-84.54)201510
3185.04BUCKNASTY BOYS vs JUICE'S and BERRY's (104.3-80.74)20157
4187.9Clam Diggers vs Alderaan Wookies (97.14-90.76)20154
5188.66Da South vs BUCKNASTY BOYS (124.66-64)20159
6191.4Phlying High vs Beer, Cheese, & Brats (96.62-94.78)201511
7194.48Alderaan Wookies vs Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs! (152.88-41.6)20159
8201.68Clam Diggers vs BUCKNASTY BOYS (113.7-87.98)201511
9202.08Carolina Hitmen vs Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs! (105.76-96.32)20154
10202.72JUICE'S and BERRY's vs San Diego Goats (103.48-99.24)20158
Victory Margin
1135.02Alderaan Wookies20188Smoked Salmons (260.8-125.78)
2125.4The Urge to Purge201813I Go Deep (261.86-136.46)
3118.88101001101020153BUCKNASTY BOYS (201.06-82.18)
4117.16Alderaan Wookies20189House of Cards (213.915-96.76)
5114.08Fear The CAT201511House of Cards (191.1-77.02)
6112.91Alderaan Wookies20188BUCKNASTY BOYS (260.8-147.89)
7111.28Alderaan Wookies20159Famous' Crablegs & Bootlegs! (152.88-41.6)
8110.2Alderaan Wookies20174Breakin Tackles (207.26-97.06)
9108.26The Urge to Purge20177BUCKNASTY BOYS (195.59-87.33)
10105.56Alderaan Wookies20187Surprise Scorpians (211.04-105.48)
Least Victory Margin
10.06Beer, Cheese, & Brats20152Alderaan Wookies (123.96-123.9)
20.22NC Titans20172House of Cards (139.5-139.28)
3 (tie)0.32Clam Diggers20176I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks (158.91-158.59)
 0.32Alderaan Wookies201612The Gremlins (165.6-165.28)
 0.32NC Titans20158Surprise Scorpians (144.96-144.64)
60.46The Gremlins20158Phlying High (132.8-132.34)
70.54Maclin on Dat Ass20169Breakin Tackles (134.66-134.12)
80.58NC Titans20164I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks (164.76-164.18)
90.67Alderaan Wookies20183Hyde Yo Wife (169.29-168.62)
100.78The Urge to Purge20157San Diego Goats (130.34-129.56)

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