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Legends of the Fall Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
199.94Eric Porter20066
290.125Jeff Tratt200613
388.335Marty Smith20096
484.788Gabe Hausler200915
584.75Adam Wells20026
684.6Ben Hausler200215
783.96Joe Wodek20077
883.92Mike Jersey200516
983.42Greg Garms200114
1082.865Jeff Tratt20069
1182.715Travis Mulhauser20026
1281.99Eric Porter200210
1381.865Jeff Tratt20067
1481.775Mike Jersey20099
1581.15Joe Wodek20056
1681.095Jeff Tratt200816
1779.935Greg Garms20086
1879.81Adam Wells200012
1979.365Eric Porter20055
2079.185Adam Wells20077
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
122.755Greg Garms20037
226.135Jeff Tratt20075
327.21Greg Garms20035
428.205Ben Hausler20059
529.005Adam Wells20011
629.095Matt Wells200611
729.46Ben Hausler20097
830.205Marty Smith20062
930.56Greg Hausler200213
1030.61Travis Mulhauser20075
1130.65Marty Smith20001
1230.665Jeff Tratt20076
1330.77Ben Hausler200510
1431.09Ben Hausler20058
1531.65Jeff Tratt200514
1631.67Jeff Tratt20033
1731.68Jeremy Rohrs200411
1832.09Matt Wells20059
1932.535Eric Porter200412
2032.73Dan Corcoran200011
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
138.465Travis Mulhauser20076Jeff Tratt (38.465-30.665)
238.525Jeff Tratt200813Mike Jersey (38.525-36.51)
338.81Jeremy Rohrs200412Eric Porter (38.81-32.535)
439.85Greg Hausler200611Mike Jersey (39.85-39.175)
541.563Gabe Hausler20095Ben Hausler (41.563-40.093)
641.855Eric Porter20028Greg Garms (41.855-38.76)
742.415Mike Jersey20044Andy Wolf (42.415-35.145)
842.58Eric Porter20005Jeremy Rohrs (42.58-39.93)
943.22Ben Hausler200210Greg Hausler (43.22-41.19)
1043.41Jeremy Rohrs20078Greg Garms (43.41-40.625)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
176.635Greg Hausler20062Jeff Tratt (76.635-78.315)
271.03Joe Wodek200413Travis Mulhauser (71.03-71.73)
369.95Gabe Hausler200713Andy Wolf (69.95-70.44)
469.785Ben Hausler20026Adam Wells (69.785-84.75)
569.73Jeff Tratt200615Andy Wolf (69.73-73)
669.585Marty Smith20056Adam Wells (69.585-70.865)
769.3Matt Wells20076Gabe Hausler (69.3-75.995)
868.715Jeremy Rohrs20054Marty Smith (68.715-69.545)
968.03Eric Porter20069Joe Wodek (68.03-73.33)
1067.935Ben Hausler200213Greg Garms (67.935-71.25)
Most Combined Points
1154.95Jeff Tratt vs Greg Hausler (78.315-76.635)20062
2154.57Eric Porter vs Marty Smith (99.94-54.63)20066
3154.54Adam Wells vs Ben Hausler (84.75-69.785)20026
4150.65Marty Smith vs Joe Wodek (88.335-62.315)20096
5149.78Mike Jersey vs Travis Mulhauser (83.92-65.855)200516
6146.81Jeff Tratt vs Andy Wolf (81.865-64.94)20067
7146.66Matt Wells vs Jeff Tratt (78.745-67.915)200313
8145.3Gabe Hausler vs Matt Wells (75.995-69.3)20076
9144.88Ben Hausler vs Joe Wodek (78.12-66.76)200313
10143.82Adam Wells vs Greg Garms (79.185-64.63)20077
Fewest Combined Points
169.13Travis Mulhauser vs Jeff Tratt (38.465-30.665)20076
271.35Jeremy Rohrs vs Eric Porter (38.81-32.535)200412
375.04Jeff Tratt vs Mike Jersey (38.525-36.51)200813
476.66Eric Porter vs Ben Hausler (47.203-29.46)20097
577.56Mike Jersey vs Andy Wolf (42.415-35.145)20044
677.61Mike Jersey vs Jeff Tratt (45.935-31.67)20033
778.66Matt Wells vs Greg Garms (55.9-22.755)20037
878.82Eric Porter vs Matt Wells (49.72-29.095)200611
979.03Greg Hausler vs Mike Jersey (39.85-39.175)200611
1079.45Marty Smith vs Jeremy Rohrs (47.77-31.68)200411
Victory Margin
146Joe Wodek20077Jeff Tratt (83.96-37.96)
245.31Eric Porter20066Marty Smith (99.94-54.63)
343.14Jeff Tratt20069Andy Wolf (82.865-39.725)
442.71Gabe Hausler200915Andy Wolf (84.788-42.08)
540.54Adam Wells200012Eric Porter (79.81-39.27)
638.44Jeff Tratt200213Greg Hausler (69-30.56)
738.13Greg Garms200114Jeremy Rohrs (83.42-45.29)
837.57Ben Hausler200215Jeff Tratt (84.6-47.035)
937.19Mike Jersey20009Eric Porter (76.23-39.04)
1036.8Jeff Tratt20024Andy Wolf (75.075-38.28)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Matt Wells20035Eric Porter (50.48-50.46)
20.03Travis Mulhauser200010Jeff Tratt (47.8-47.77)
3 (tie)0.05Eric Porter20016Ben Hausler (52.705-52.655)
 0.05Jeff Tratt20014Gabe Hausler (58.295-58.25)
50.06Matt Wells20083Jeff Tratt (65.005-64.94)
60.09Eric Porter20046Travis Mulhauser (63.72-63.625)
7 (tie)0.10Joe Wodek200910Mike Jersey (57.113-57.013)
 0.10Greg Garms20048Jeremy Rohrs (66.145-66.04)
90.11Matt Wells20074Marty Smith (50.815-50.705)
100.14Eric Porter20026Matt Wells (56.22-56.08)

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