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The War Room Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1328.9Evil Franchise201813
2328.56El Dorado20136
3318.84Evil Franchise201712
4317.64No Flex Zone20181
5314.4The Entourage20132
7299.76Evil Franchise201811
8295.92Rick the Ruler20189
9294.98No Flex Zone201815
10294.36El Dorado201613
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
177.84The Money Team20135
285.8Drinkin' Bruschis20184
4110.68The Money Team20144
5112.64The Money Team201713
6113.62Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads20189
7115.56Drinkin' Bruschis201810
8116.7Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads201713
9117.7Drinkin' Bruschis20175
10119.3Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads20144
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1119.3Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads20144The Money Team (119.3-110.68)
2124.78PF Flyers201713The Money Team (124.78-112.64)
3137.04Drinkin' Bruschis201614No Flex Zone (137.04-131.98)
4148.58PF Flyers20154Rick the Ruler (148.58-139.94)
5154.8Drinkin' Bruschis201610Shadynasty (154.8-99.4)
6156.14No Flex Zone20158PF Flyers (156.14-147.24)
7162.74Rick the Ruler201711PF Flyers (162.74-129.32)
8162.86PF Flyers201810Drinkin' Bruschis (162.86-115.56)
9163.62The Money Team20179Basement Dwellers (163.62-136.34)
10164.78Basement Dwellers20183Drinkin' Bruschis (164.78-146.92)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1273.7Showtime201813Evil Franchise (273.7-328.9)
2264.06Rick the Ruler20186Shadynasty (264.06-264.1)
3259.34Basement Dwellers20131Showtime (259.34-262.86)
4256.26Rick the Ruler201312El Dorado (256.26-272.44)
5250.74The Money Team201811No Flex Zone (250.74-261.84)
6249.34Shadynasty20148Basement Dwellers (249.34-252.62)
7247.86No Flex Zone20144PF Flyers (247.86-287.34)
8247.26El Dorado20156The Money Team (247.26-259)
9246.6PF Flyers20147Basement Dwellers (246.6-267.56)
10246.24The Entourage20183Rick the Ruler (246.24-269.42)
Most Combined Points
1602.6Evil Franchise vs Showtime (328.9-273.7)201813
2555.72Showtime vs The Money Team (313.02-242.7)20163
3535.2PF Flyers vs No Flex Zone (287.34-247.86)20144
4533.04Evil Franchise vs El Dorado (299.76-233.28)201811
5528.7El Dorado vs Rick the Ruler (272.44-256.26)201312
6528.16Shadynasty vs Rick the Ruler (264.1-264.06)20186
7524.58Shadynasty vs El Dorado (283.94-240.64)20131
8522.2Showtime vs Basement Dwellers (262.86-259.34)20131
9517.74Shadynasty vs El Dorado (274.92-242.82)20141
10515.66Rick the Ruler vs The Entourage (269.42-246.24)20183
Fewest Combined Points
1229.98Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads vs The Money Team (119.3-110.68)20144
2237.42PF Flyers vs The Money Team (124.78-112.64)201713
3254.2Drinkin' Bruschis vs Shadynasty (154.8-99.4)201610
4269.02Drinkin' Bruschis vs No Flex Zone (137.04-131.98)201614
5272Shadynasty vs The Money Team (194.16-77.84)20135
6278.42PF Flyers vs Drinkin' Bruschis (162.86-115.56)201810
7288.52PF Flyers vs Rick the Ruler (148.58-139.94)20154
8288.54Showtime vs Drinkin' Bruschis (202.74-85.8)20184
9292.06Rick the Ruler vs PF Flyers (162.74-129.32)201711
10299.96The Money Team vs Basement Dwellers (163.62-136.34)20179
Victory Margin
1150.44No Flex Zone20181El Dorado (317.64-167.2)
2142.94El Dorado20136The Entourage (328.56-185.62)
3142.86Evil Franchise201712PF Flyers (318.84-175.98)
4132.42El Dorado20177The Money Team (263.18-130.76)
5132.06The Entourage20132Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads (314.4-182.34)
6130.32No Flex Zone20157Shadynasty (288.64-158.32)
7125.92Evil Franchise20139Basement Dwellers (262.7-136.78)
8124.1Rick the Ruler20142Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads (248.24-124.14)
9120.94Evil Franchise20145PF Flyers (250.86-129.92)
10116.94Showtime20184Drinkin' Bruschis (202.74-85.8)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.04Shadynasty20186Rick the Ruler (264.1-264.06)
 0.04PF Flyers201812Evil Franchise (215.06-215.02)
30.24No Flex Zone20153Showtime (221.34-221.1)
40.34No Flex Zone20149El Dorado (195.9-195.56)
50.46No Flex Zone20146Evil Franchise (208.72-208.26)
60.52Evil Franchise20182Showtime (231.82-231.3)
70.94Basement Dwellers20157Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads (190.84-189.9)
81.12The Entourage20175El Dorado (190.46-189.34)
91.20El Dorado20182Shadynasty (226.04-224.84)
101.32Rick the Ruler20136Drinkin' Bruschis (175.32-174)

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