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Gallitzin Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1341.7Vince's Team201916
2341.32Dylan's Team201916
3338.8Josh's Team201816
4313Vince's Team201816
5221.92Gib's Team201816
6216.94Josh's Team20199
7204.24Vince's Team20182
8197.32Joe's Team201816
9197.06Pat's Team20193
10196.52Dylan's Team20195
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
131.26Dylan's Team201711
254.52Dylan's Team201710
360.74Dan's Team201710
462.6Dauber's Team201910
563.04Pat's Team20175
663.36Dan's Team20186
766.28Dauber's Team20199
867.06Gib's Team20194
968.46Dylan's Team20179
1068.66Dylan's Team201713
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.74Dan's Team201710Dylan's Team (60.74-54.52)
287.18Pat's Team201711Dylan's Team (87.18-31.26)
396.48Josh's Team20197Pat's Team (96.48-93.54)
498.8Gib's Team20198Dauber's Team (98.8-88.58)
5 (tie)104.12Dan's Team20196Dollar's Team (104.12-77.48)
 104.12Joe's Team201913Gib's Team (104.12-95.62)
7105.74Gib's Team20179Dylan's Team (105.74-68.46)
8107.04Derek's Team201912Dollar's Team (107.04-99.08)
9107.3Dan's Team20194Dylan's Team (107.3-98.3)
10109.84Dollar's Team20193Dauber's Team (109.84-104.46)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1341.32Dylan's Team201916Vince's Team (341.32-341.7)
2221.92Gib's Team201816Josh's Team (221.92-338.8)
3197.32Joe's Team201816Vince's Team (197.32-313)
4176.42Josh's Team20195Vince's Team (176.42-183.5)
5175.82Vince's Team20193Josh's Team (175.82-183.14)
6168.16Derek's Team201812Dylan's Team (168.16-178.82)
7164.8Gib's Team201912Joe's Team (164.8-169.62)
8161.66Derek's Team20196Joe's Team (161.66-177.3)
9160.28Joe's Team20186Vince's Team (160.28-173.22)
10155.46Dollar's Team20198Josh's Team (155.46-187.14)
Most Combined Points
1683.02Vince's Team vs Dylan's Team (341.7-341.32)201916
2560.72Josh's Team vs Gib's Team (338.8-221.92)201816
3510.32Vince's Team vs Joe's Team (313-197.32)201816
4359.92Vince's Team vs Josh's Team (183.5-176.42)20195
5358.96Josh's Team vs Vince's Team (183.14-175.82)20193
6346.98Dylan's Team vs Derek's Team (178.82-168.16)201812
7343.3Vince's Team vs Pat's Team (193.94-149.36)20198
8342.9Gib's Team vs Derek's Team (191.1-151.8)20181
9342.6Josh's Team vs Dollar's Team (187.14-155.46)20198
10338.96Joe's Team vs Derek's Team (177.3-161.66)20196
Fewest Combined Points
1115.26Dan's Team vs Dylan's Team (60.74-54.52)201710
2118.44Pat's Team vs Dylan's Team (87.18-31.26)201711
3174.2Gib's Team vs Dylan's Team (105.74-68.46)20179
4177Josh's Team vs Dan's Team (113.64-63.36)20186
5181.6Dan's Team vs Dollar's Team (104.12-77.48)20196
6182.06Derek's Team vs Gib's Team (115-67.06)20194
7185.52Dauber's Team vs Dan's Team (112.44-73.08)201811
8186.84Dauber's Team vs Dylan's Team (118.18-68.66)201713
9187.38Gib's Team vs Dauber's Team (98.8-88.58)20198
10188.58Gib's Team vs Dan's Team (115.74-72.84)20189
Victory Margin
1130.28Josh's Team20199Gib's Team (216.94-86.66)
2116.88Josh's Team201816Gib's Team (338.8-221.92)
3115.68Vince's Team201816Joe's Team (313-197.32)
496.78Vince's Team20182Dauber's Team (204.24-107.46)
583.3Dylan's Team20178Joe's Team (156.08-72.78)
681.68Dylan's Team20195Gib's Team (196.52-114.84)
780.36Vince's Team20175Pat's Team (143.4-63.04)
880.02Joe's Team20194Dauber's Team (188.82-108.8)
978.68Derek's Team201910Dauber's Team (141.28-62.6)
1078.34Pat's Team20193Derek's Team (197.06-118.72)
Least Victory Margin
10.22Dollar's Team20171Vince's Team (121.92-121.7)
20.38Vince's Team201916Dylan's Team (341.7-341.32)
30.84Derek's Team20187Vince's Team (134.62-133.78)
41.02Dauber's Team20189Dollar's Team (135.36-134.34)
51.32Joe's Team201814Josh's Team (118.22-116.9)
61.46Dollar's Team20173Gib's Team (147.36-145.9)
71.74Gib's Team201810Joe's Team (134.8-133.06)
81.78Dollar's Team20187Pat's Team (128.94-127.16)
92.04Dauber's Team20186Derek's Team (145.46-143.42)
102.74Vince's Team20185Dollar's Team (146.94-144.2)

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