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Dynasty League Needs A Name Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1217.94Rhondda Pirates 201810
2191.58Rhondda Pirates 20184
3179.52Super Mariota Brothers20182
4177.96Rhondda Pirates 201812
5177.94Not Sure What's Going On201813
6177.26Case And Points20182
7174.74Case And Points201815
8173.9Case And Points20188
9170.6DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?20189
10170.5DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?20186
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Case And Points20175
222ET Phone Mahome201714
347.96DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?201714
452.228-3 2:12201813
552.9Rhondda Pirates 20173
653.18Mayfield of Dreams201813
753.62DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?201712
862.34Hangin Out With Hernandez20175
964.44Let's Get Riddickulous20187
1067.02The Insane Clowney Posse20186
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
162.34Hangin Out With Hernandez20175Case And Points (62.34-0)
285.54Lambeau Calrissian20178Hangin Out With Hernandez (85.54-82.98)
390.58Not Sure What's Going On20171Rhondda Pirates (90.58-72.14)
492.08ET Phone Mahome20174Let's Get Riddickulous (92.08-67.4)
593.46Rhondda Pirates 201714DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (93.46-47.96)
694.7Mayfield of Dreams20177The Insane Clowney Posse (94.7-93.8)
794.72Not Sure What's Going On20175ET Phone Mahome (94.72-85.84)
899.76The Insane Clowney Posse20172ET Phone Mahome (99.76-78.86)
9100.3228-3 2:1220174Rhondda Pirates (100.32-98.66)
10100.7The Insane Clowney Posse20178DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (100.7-86.62)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1158.38Lambeau Calrissian20188DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (158.38-160.04)
2156.04Mayfield of Dreams201715Hangin Out With Hernandez (156.04-156.92)
3148.36Rhondda Pirates 20181DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (148.36-164.34)
4144.82ET Phone Mahome20173Lambeau Calrissian (144.82-152.48)
5144.42Super Mariota Brothers20187Case And Points (144.42-163.14)
6135.78DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?201810Let's Get Riddickulous (135.78-163.96)
7135.3228-3 2:1220185Rhondda Pirates (135.32-142.32)
8134.9428-3 2:1220177ET Phone Mahome (134.94-150.84)
9134.84DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?201814Rhondda Pirates (134.84-146.56)
10134.28The Insane Clowney Posse20182ET Phone Mahome (134.28-154.04)
Most Combined Points
1346.38Rhondda Pirates vs Super Mariota Brothers (217.94-128.44)201810
2318.42DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? vs Lambeau Calrissian (160.04-158.38)20188
3312.96Hangin Out With Hernandez vs Mayfield of Dreams (156.92-156.04)201715
4312.7DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? vs Rhondda Pirates (164.34-148.36)20181
5307.56Case And Points vs Super Mariota Brothers (163.14-144.42)20187
6303.9Rhondda Pirates vs Let's Get Riddickulous (191.58-112.32)20184
7301.54Not Sure What's Going On vs Lambeau Calrissian (177.94-123.6)201813
8301.48Case And Points vs 28-3 2:12 (167.24-134.24)20183
9299.74Let's Get Riddickulous vs DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (163.96-135.78)201810
10297.3Lambeau Calrissian vs ET Phone Mahome (152.48-144.82)20173
Fewest Combined Points
162.34Hangin Out With Hernandez vs Case And Points (62.34-0)20175
2139.08Hangin Out With Hernandez vs ET Phone Mahome (117.08-22)201714
3141.42Rhondda Pirates vs DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (93.46-47.96)201714
4157.68Case And Points vs 28-3 2:12 (105.48-52.2)201813
5158.14The Insane Clowney Posse vs Mayfield of Dreams (104.96-53.18)201813
6159.48ET Phone Mahome vs Let's Get Riddickulous (92.08-67.4)20174
7162.72Not Sure What's Going On vs Rhondda Pirates (90.58-72.14)20171
8168.52Lambeau Calrissian vs Hangin Out With Hernandez (85.54-82.98)20178
9178.04Hangin Out With Hernandez vs DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (124.42-53.62)201712
10178.62The Insane Clowney Posse vs ET Phone Mahome (99.76-78.86)20172
Victory Margin
195.08Hangin Out With Hernandez201714ET Phone Mahome (117.08-22)
289.84DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?20173Rhondda Pirates (142.74-52.9)
389.5Rhondda Pirates 201810Super Mariota Brothers (217.94-128.44)
487.14Super Mariota Brothers20182Not Sure What's Going On (179.52-92.38)
582.32Super Mariota Brothers20189Mayfield of Dreams (159.42-77.1)
682.24Rhondda Pirates 201812Lambeau Calrissian (177.96-95.72)
779.84Not Sure What's Going On20185The Insane Clowney Posse (167.94-88.1)
879.26Rhondda Pirates 20184Let's Get Riddickulous (191.58-112.32)
972.72The Insane Clowney Posse20176Not Sure What's Going On (157.3-84.58)
1070.8Hangin Out With Hernandez201712DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (124.42-53.62)
Least Victory Margin
10.22ET Phone Mahome201815Let's Get Riddickulous (109.62-109.4)
20.48Mayfield of Dreams201714Case And Points (124.66-124.18)
30.56ET Phone Mahome20184DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (129.04-128.48)
40.88Hangin Out With Hernandez201715Mayfield of Dreams (156.92-156.04)
50.90Mayfield of Dreams20177The Insane Clowney Posse (94.7-93.8)
61.22DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?201713Super Mariota Brothers (128.08-126.86)
71.36Case And Points201816ET Phone Mahome (133.8-132.44)
8 (tie)1.66DEDE!!! Where's My Carr?20188Lambeau Calrissian (160.04-158.38)
 1.6628-3 2:1220174Rhondda Pirates (100.32-98.66)
101.80Mayfield of Dreams20172DEDE!!! Where's My Carr? (110.86-109.06)

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