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Project Mayhem Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1202Mike D'Agostino20105
2198Willis Alexander201011
4185Harry Crumb Allstars20102
5182Juan Guzman20103
7171Willis Alexander20101
8169Dave Strumwasser20103
10165Mike D'Agostino20101
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
169Kevin McNaughton201012
270Dave Ten Eyck201013
373Dave Strumwasser20102
4 (tie)76Phil Leone20103
 76Phil Leone20107
677Dave Strumwasser201015
8 (tie)80Dave Ten Eyck20107
 80Dave Strumwasser20101
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
196Willis Alexander20109Reignmakers (96-94)
297Phil Leone20106Willis Alexander (97-96)
3100Dave Ten Eyck20108Phil Leone (100-97)
4101Dave Strumwasser20104Mike D'Agostino (101-83)
5104Reignmakers20103Phil Leone (104-76)
6105Mike D'Agostino201010Juan Guzman (105-97)
7 (tie)106Dave Ten Eyck20101Dave Strumwasser (106-80)
 106Byron Garcia20101Kevin McNaughton (106-99)
9107Dave Ten Eyck20104Eric Maiz (107-100)
10109Phil Leone201013Eric Maiz (109-99)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1143Juan Guzman20107Byron Garcia (143-145)
2142Byron Garcia201011Mike D'Agostino (142-143)
3141Reignmakers201011Dave Ten Eyck (141-160)
4 (tie)140Dave Strumwasser201010Reignmakers (140-192)
 140Eric Maiz20103Dave Strumwasser (140-169)
6138Dave Strumwasser201011Willis Alexander (138-198)
7137Phil Leone201010Harry Crumb Allstars (137-160)
8136Eric Maiz20106Byron Garcia (136-145)
9134Dave Ten Eyck20109TBA (134-140)
10 (tie)133TBA20103Byron Garcia (133-157)
 133Byron Garcia201016Mike D'Agostino (133-144)
 133Byron Garcia201017Mike D'Agostino (133-144)
Most Combined Points
1336Willis Alexander vs Dave Strumwasser (198-138)201011
2332Reignmakers vs Dave Strumwasser (192-140)201010
3312Juan Guzman vs Dave Ten Eyck (182-130)20103
4309Dave Strumwasser vs Eric Maiz (169-140)20103
5307Harry Crumb Allstars vs Byron Garcia (185-122)20102
6301Dave Ten Eyck vs Reignmakers (160-141)201011
7300Mike D'Agostino vs Dave Ten Eyck (202-98)20105
8297Harry Crumb Allstars vs Phil Leone (160-137)201010
9292Willis Alexander vs Juan Guzman (171-121)20101
10290Byron Garcia vs TBA (157-133)20103
Fewest Combined Points
1180Reignmakers vs Phil Leone (104-76)20103
2184Dave Strumwasser vs Mike D'Agostino (101-83)20104
3186Dave Ten Eyck vs Dave Strumwasser (106-80)20101
4188Willis Alexander vs Dave Ten Eyck (118-70)201013
5190Willis Alexander vs Reignmakers (96-94)20109
6193Phil Leone vs Willis Alexander (97-96)20106
7197Dave Ten Eyck vs Phil Leone (100-97)20108
8 (tie)201Willis Alexander vs Dave Strumwasser (116-85)201017
 201Willis Alexander vs Dave Strumwasser (116-85)201016
10202Mike D'Agostino vs Juan Guzman (105-97)201010
Victory Margin
1104Mike D'Agostino20105Dave Ten Eyck (202-98)
2 (tie)74Mike D'Agostino20101Harry Crumb Allstars (165-91)
 74TBA20101Phil Leone (174-100)
 74Byron Garcia201012Kevin McNaughton (143-69)
570Juan Guzman20102Dave Strumwasser (143-73)
666Byron Garcia201015Dave Strumwasser (143-77)
763Harry Crumb Allstars20102Byron Garcia (185-122)
862TBA20107Willis Alexander (153-91)
960Willis Alexander201011Dave Strumwasser (198-138)
1059Byron Garcia20105Reignmakers (141-82)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Mike D'Agostino201011Byron Garcia (143-142)
 1Phil Leone20106Willis Alexander (97-96)
3 (tie)2Dave Strumwasser20108TBA (129-127)
 2Willis Alexander20109Reignmakers (96-94)
 2Harry Crumb Allstars20105Dave Strumwasser (130-128)
 2Byron Garcia20107Juan Guzman (145-143)
7 (tie)3Dave Ten Eyck20108Phil Leone (100-97)
 3Dave Strumwasser201013Juan Guzman (119-116)
9 (tie)5Phil Leone201012TBA (132-127)
 5Reignmakers20108Juan Guzman (131-126)

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